How to Take Care of Dry Skin in Summer

By Apoorva Singh

Hello girls,

Hope you all are doing well. I am writing this post because I wanted to share about my struggle with dry skin. My skin used to become extremely dry in winters and a little less dry in summers. The major problems that I would face were dry patches all over my face and neck, stretchy skin, and itching. I searched a lot to figure out a proper skincare routine for dry skin, but could not find anything helpful. So I figured out skincare tips and products on my own. I hope these tips and products will be helpful for all you dry skinned beauties. So, read on to know what kind of products do we need to take care of our dry skin.


For cleaning, use a mild cream-based face wash. You can either use a face wash specially recommended for dry skin but before buying it you need to notice a few things:
⦁ First, it should have high moisture content. This won’t make your skin dry and stretchy and will also moisturise it at the same time.
⦁ Second, it should be alcohol-free. Otherwise, alcohol content will immediately dehydrate your skin.

During my search for a good moisturising face wash, I tried Dove, Lakme, Garnier, and so many other brands. All of these would leave dry patches on my skin but Dove bathing bar works really well. I just can’t take my hands away from my face after using Dove bar. Himalaya Herbals Moisturizing Aloe Vera Face Wash is super effective during summers, too. It gives a cooling and soothing effect and doesn’t make my skin stretchy for half an hour.


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This step is necessary to get rid of all the flakiness, dirt and impurities from our skin. Use a scrub with very fine granules. The thickness of the granules is directly proportional to the damage of your epidermis. Make sure you are not scrubbing your face everyday. Use the scrub either on alternate days or only two times a week.

For this step I am suggesting a DIY:
⦁ Mix two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of fine sugar. Gently massage your skin with this mixture for around 3-5 minutes and wash it off. Honey is a good moisturising agent and sugar particles will exfoliate your skin well.


Toning not only closes our open pores but also helps in maintaining the pH level of our skin. I can’t rely on the toners available in the market because somehow they contain alcohol in them. So, I prefer to use rose water as a toner. The Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water is a good option, but as it is quite expensive, I use Khadi Pure Rose Water. I have tried Dabur Gulabari Rose Water also but quit using it because it contains parabens. Dabur Gulabari Rose Glow Face Cleanser leaves red patches and it irritated my dry skin a lot.


The ingredients we need to focus on while choosing the moisturizer for dry skin are: cocoa butter, shea butter, and Vitamin E. Your moisturiser need not have all of these but at least one of these is necessary. Along with this, aloe vera or sandalwood are also a must because they soothe your skin in summers. I am using Jovees White Water Lily Moisturizing Lotion these days as it is just perfect for summers. Also for other body parts, I use Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Lotion.


A few of us skip this step thinking sunrays cannot affect us all the time but it is a big mistake. A good sunscreen not only protects your skin from harmful sunrays but prevent premature aging and damage as well. You can either opt for a moisturiser or a BB cream with SPF or you can use a sunscreen separately. I am using Jovees Sunscreen SPF 30 and Ponds BB cream with SPF 15.

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