How to Take Care of Leather Jackets and Accessories

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How have you all been? Since it is winter, most of you must be relying on leather bags, leather jackets, leather shoes and other leather goods. But, the only drawback of using leather goods is that you need to take care of them very strictly. From cleaning and conditioning the leather to storing in ideal conditions, there’s a lot you have to do to preserve the beauty. So, if you want your leather goods to always look great and last you a lifetime, you must follow these tips.

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Leather Bags

You should always keep your hands clean while handling leather bags. Leather tends to absorb oil very easily, which darken the leather over time leading to various black patches. You should keep your bag away from any oily substance. If you are keeping your makeup products inside the leather bag, it is always better to keep them in a separate pouch. This will prevent your bag from staining.

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You should always avoid overstuffing your bags because overstuffing can actually permanently alter the shape. Remember, prevent your leather bags from coming in contact with hairsprays, gels and other hair products. Such products can prove to be damaging to leather. Also, other products like body lotions or perfumes can actually destroy the leather in the long run.

Storage of Leather Bags

Whether you are using your handbags or not, it is very important to take care of your leather bags. Before you store your bag, stuff the compartments with tissue paper or bubble wrap. Make sure the stuffing is firm, and it should not stretch the seams.

Also, you should never store your bag in a plastic bag or any other such material that will not allow your bag to breathe. Instead, wrap your bag in a paper and then store it in a box with holes. This ventilation will help the leather to retain its beauty. For ink stains and other dirt, quickly use a white eraser right away. Use light pressure and check continuously to see if the stain is fading.

Leather Boots

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Leather boots are my favorite and hence I would like to take care of them properly and would suggest you too. Leather boots, whether they are being used or not, should be cleaned using a slightly damp sponge or leather cleaner. You need to condition your boots two or three times in a season as this will prevent fungus from growing. If you are cleaning your leather boots after too many days or even months, here is a trick for you – combine 1/3 cup of white vinegar with 1 cup of water, and apply softly with a sponge.

Leather Jackets

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When it comes to leather clothing, leather jackets are the most important element of everyone’s wardrobe. You should never store leather jackets near heat or in plastic bags because it is very important for leather to breathe. Before using any type of cleaner on your jacket, give it a quick wipe with a damp wrung-out cloth. Also, consider using a proprietary leather stain-removal spray. You should read the instructions written on the leather jacket and follow it thoroughly.

Follow the proper guidelines mentioned on your leather jacket. To remove a grease spot from your leather jacket, act as quickly as possible and use cornstarch on the area. The cornstarch will draw a large part of the oil to the surface. Now, you can lightly brush the powder away. Also, you should know the type of leather you are dealing with.

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