How To Take Care Of Your Freshly Waxed Skin

Besides sugar waxing, there are many more alternatives that you can opt for to get a smoother and softer skin. “There are many ways of hair removal, but the most effective, natural and safe way is waxing” says a beauty expert. Inspite of taking some precautions, there are chances that your skin is left with inflammation and redness which will surely make you panic. The following tips are especially for women who don’t wax often or for women with hyper sensitive skin. Let’s see how one should take care of their skin, soon after waxing.

Just Waxed Skin

1. Use an After Wax Cream

How To Take Care Of Your Just Waxed Skin

You might have waited long to get yourself waxed properly. You pay the price for a waxing experience which should be worth of getting the full service in exchange. Ask your expert about the after wax lotion she would be using for your skin. Any cream with aloe vera or lavender will help to soothe the irritation and inflammation on the skin. If the salon does not have any after wax treatment, rub some ice cubes immediately and then wear your outfit.

2. Don’t Exfoliate your Skin

How To Take Care Of Your Just Waxed Skin

You should avoid using any hard soap or porous stone to clean your skin and remove dead skin. Wait for the next 24 – 30 hours before using any exfoliator or hard soap. After you have waxed your skin, all you can do is wash the skin thoroughly with cool water. Sometimes soap or any other cream may react instantly on freshly waxed skin. Exfoliating your skin after waxing is a strict no no. Doing this will worsen your skin condition.

3. Use a Cotton Cloth

Sometimes, when you have super sensitive skin, your skin condition may worsen after waxing. If you find your skin turning red as soon as you get back home, take a cotton cloth (even a handkerchief will work) and keep it under running water. Squeeze the extra water and place it on your skin, this will calm your skin down. You can also use ice cubes as an alternative method to achieve the same cooling effect.

4. Stop Touching your Skin Frequently

How To Take Care Of Your Just Waxed Skin

Frequently touching your freshly waxed skin may cause irritation and redness. Without your knowledge you are actually transferring the bacteria from your hands to your newly waxed skin which becomes more sensitive and prone to infections. If you feel itchy, dab some baby powder over the waxed area. Itching can be a common experience after waxing, especially when you wax your underarms.

5. Wear Loose Clothes

How To Take Care Of Your Just Waxed Skin

Never plan a waxing appointment in a hurry. Tight cloths may be harsh on the skin and stop them from breathing freely. If you have opted for a bikini or Brazilian wax, cotton undergarments are must. Do not allow the sweat to come in contact with the cloths which may cause irritation.

6. Exposure to Sun Rays

How To Take Care Of Your Just Waxed Skin

Most important point here is avoiding sunrays; they can be harmful to your waxed skin. Sunrays can sometimes be good, but the same rays can cause harmful sun burns, inflammation and redness of the skin. If you have to go out on urgent basis, wear full sleeved clothes or wear a sunscreen with the highest SPF you can find.

7. Fresh Juice with Ice cubes

How To Take Care Of Your Just Waxed Skin

This is an innovative way to use freshly squeezed fruit juice and ice cubes together. Squeeze out some juice from your favourite fruit and store them in an ice tray to get those colourful ice cubes ready instantly! Fruit juices are not only beneficial in trimming down your body, but they are also the best drugs for your skin too. A combination of ice cubes and fruit juice will help you calm the skin soon and relief you instantly from the burning sensation.

Hope you found the post helpful and would consider these points the next time you plan a waxing appointment.

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  1. Great tips Rima. I like to wear loose clothes for at least 24 hours post waxing and I massage well with coconut oil as soon as I reach home.

  2. I love wearing loose clothes, they are the most comfortable kind of clothing for me! After waxing, I specially wear my elder brother’s t-shirt, so that my freshly waxed skin doesn’t cause any irritation! 😀

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