How to Treat Hair Fall Caused by Hormonal Imbalance

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Who doesn’t want beautiful lustrous locks? It is every girl’s dream, right? But, every girl’s nightmare is hair fall! Hair fall has become so common nowadays. There are so many reasons because of which our hair tends to fall. One of the reasons is hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance is commonly experienced by women during menopause, pre-menopause, pregnancy, or with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). You can not completely eliminate the problem, but you can definitely try to provide a balance to your hormones.

How to Treat Hair Fall Caused by Hormonal Imbalance

To know more, let’s get started with the tips.

1. Don’t Stress!

Stress is the reason for so many problems in our lives; hair fall is just one of them. Prolonged stress results in secretion of stress hormone called Cortisol in our body, which in turn makes the body to secrete more adrenaline, which leads to increased levels of testosterone and DHT. This creates hormonal imbalance and therefore leads to hair fall. So, try to be happy and stay calm in stressful conditions.

2. Birth Control Pills

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Certain medications like birth control pills can lead to hair loss because, they disrupt hormonal levels in our body. If you are experiencing the same, then you must consult your gynaecologist about it. You should consider making use of low-androgen birth control pills to balance your hormones after your doctor’s recommendation.

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3. Reduce your Caffeine Intake

Yes, we love our coffee but, caffeine in your coffee can destabilize the endocrine system and leads to hormonal imbalance. Try to limit your tea-coffee intake to only 1-2 cups a day and not more than that.

4. Say No to Alcohol

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Alcohol consumption causes hormonal disruptions that can cause your system to overproduce DHT, thus causing hair loss and maybe permanent balding. So, if you are experiencing alarming hairfall and nothing seems to work, then that glass of alcohol in your hand might be the reason.

5. Say Yes to Omega-3 Fatty Acids

People suffering from the problem of hormonal imbalance must take diet that is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids as presence of these fatty acids in the body will help to cure the problem of hormonal imbalance. These can be found in food items such as eggs, nuts, poultry, chia seeds or flax seeds.

6. Avoid Sleep Deprivation

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Women who do not get enough sleep suffer from raised Cortisol (stress hormone) levels and the underproduction of hormones needed to combat the resulting overproduction of DHT and thus causes hair fall or worse baldness. So, try to get uninterrupted sleep of 6-8 hours daily.

7. Hair Loss After Pregnancy

As we all know, our hormonal balance goes for a toss when we are pregnant. So, if you are pregnant or you just had a baby, then it is completely normal to experience hair fall. Our hair grows back naturally after a few months of giving birth, but if your problem still persists after few months, then check with your gynaecologist, as there might be some other issue going on.

8. Exercise Regularly

Practicing yoga in the morning

Exercises can help to maintain the level of hormones in the body and also boost up our metabolism rate which works great for our overall health. No matter how busy you are, but incorporating 30-45 minutes of workout in your routine can do wonders to balance your hormones and in turn reduces your hair fall.

9. Basil Leaves to the Rescue

Basil leaves have medicinal properties and it can help to level the amount of hormones in the human body. It contains “adaptogen” that will help to stabilize the cortisol levels. You can directly take some basil leaves and eat them or you can also go for basil tea.

10. Use the Herb Stinging Nettle

Medicinal plant nettles fresh leaves and infusion

Stinging nettle is a herb which contains an inhibitor of DHT that can help minimize and stop hair loss due to hormonal imbalance. Nettle leaf also contains essential nutrients like iron, calcium, potassium and silica which are great for improving overall hair health. You can use it in 2 ways. Simply brew a handful of raw or dry nettles as a tea and then drink it or you can also use it as a hair rinse after you shower.

If after following above tips there is no improvement in your hair fall, then don’t be afraid to go see a doctor to look for any other underlying issue.

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