How to Turn An Old Tee Into A Chic Scarf

By Soni Mishra

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I was having a super boring weekend and so, was casually browsing the internet when I came across a few DIY tutorials in which t-shirts were used. I quickly got up and took out an old t-shirt that I no longer wear and made this chic scarf out of it. Read this post further if you too want to put your old, dull and drab tee or top to some better use!

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Things You Will Need:
• A T-shirt or a top
• A pair of scissors, needle and a matching thread.

If you are not the sewing type, you may use heat bands. Heat bands help sticking two fabric with the help of heat, so you will also need an iron if using heat bands. I am using needle and thread here for stitching the ends wherever required. You may sew the same with a sewing machine too.

Steps to Follow:

How to Turn An Old Tee Into A Chic Scarf1

1. Lay down the T-shirt or top you wish to use flat on the floor.

I have used a top that is made of stretchable, jersey fabric. The shape of scarf may slightly vary as per the patterns on your top or T-shirt. My top has a combination of two patterns – one plain green and one having black lines along with a triangular patterns at the centre with some stud embellishments.

2. I started with separating the bottom plain green portion with the help of scissors. Keep the edges uniform while cutting. The neater you cut, the more even your scarf will turn out.

3. Now, lie the top facing the back portion. Here, cut across the yellow line at both sides.

4. You get a rectangular shaped cloth having lined pattern.

5. Now, fold the rectangular cloth twice so you have four equal layers.

6. Cut along the longer side of folded cloth so you have four separate strips.

How to Turn An Old Tee Into A Chic Scarf2

7. Next, join the ends of two strips together so that you have two long strips. In case you are having a large size t-shirt, you need not join them. Mine is small size, so I joined to work with longer strips.

8. Next, arrange the two lines strips together. Now, insert the plain green cut out portion from step 2 between the lined strips. In case you are having a mono coloured t-shirt, you may use one strip of contrasting colour. So, we have total three long strips.

9. Now, join the ends of all three strips together, you may use safety pins here.

10. Keep the ends intact by putting some weight over it and start braiding the strips like regular hair braid.

11. Braid the strips till end and after you finish the same, tie the ends together to make round necklace of braid.

12. Now, keep the braided strip separate.

How to Turn An Old Tee Into A Chic Scarf3

13. Now, take the left out portion of the top which is the front side and ends of back side.

14. Separate the triangular portion from the rest of cloth.

15. Trim the edges around the triangular portion for getting the uniform edges.

16. Now, join the ends of the strips we got in step 14.

17. After joining the ends, we get a rounded strip.

18. Twist the strip into two concentric loops.

19. Now, arrange the braided strip we got in step 12 inside the concentric loops. Tie the three of them together with the same cloth material.

20. Now, stitch the triangular portion beneath the tied loops as shown in step 20.

How to Turn An Old Tee Into A Chic Scarf

And we are done!

How to Turn An Old Tee Into A Chic Scarf4

Flaunt your new modish scarf with plain basics. Hope you had fun reading this. Please let me know if you found this interesting enough to try out!

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