How to Turn Thin Wavy Hair into Curly Voluminous Looking Tresses

Kriti Barman

Television has spoilt us for choice and all women have days they want to ditch the straight hair and seek the curly hair look a la Carrie Bradshaw. Since this article goes on to reveal a daily hair care regimen, it would work only on women with naturally wavy hair. I reveal how to get past the ‘frizz ball’ look and achieve more definition for those unruly tresses.

Wavy Hair Tips

Since I have inherited very fine hair I never believed my waves could look voluminous. And with all curly hair care routines out there focussing on women with thicker hair, I had almost no help. But the key, I discovered, is just the right amount of conditioning. Too much conditioner or mousse and you have flat undefined curls, and if your hair lacks moisture you get those annoying flyaways and frizzy shapeless waves.

After 5 years of tying my hair in a bun and straightening them each time I wanted to let my hair down. The perfect combination of trial and error of routines made me realize just how beautiful my waves can be.

Also, I junked my straightening iron since heat straightening thin hair is never a good idea! People compliment my transitioned look and I don’t have to constantly think about touch ups to keep my hair looking straight.

So here is what worked for me:

How to Turn Thin Wavy Hair into Curly Voluminous Looking Tresses

curly hair

Weekly hair oiling. Moisturising is the key to shiny defined curls. And since my hair had already endured so much of heat straightening, oiling really helped repair some of the damage. I oil my scalp and the lengths of hair generously on every Saturday night and wash it out the next morning.

Conditioning (without overdoing). While conditioner washing of hair is recommended for women with thick curly hair, ditching the shampoo altogether and relying on daily conditioning is a bad idea if you have thin hair since it will only make it more flat and limp.

I shampoo my hair roots every other day, (which is necessary, otherwise they end up looking sticky and my scalp starts to show) and the lengths of my hair every 4 days and I follow with a conditioner which I NEVER apply on the roots, only on the lengths.

After wash scrunch. This is the one step that is absolutely necessary for tighter looking curls. After getting out of the shower just wrap a towel around your head and plop the hair to squeeze out some excess water. Never rub hair with the towel!! Or else its buh bye curls! Bring all your hair to the front bend down and shake your hair and part them with your fingers. (it may seem silly now but trust me the results are worth it).

How to Turn Thin Wavy Hair into Curly VoluminousLooking Tresses
Then take some hair in your fist and scrunch them towards the scalp. I use a frizz ease hair spray on damp hair at this point and scrunch them towards the scalp. You can take a drop of leave in conditioner in your palm, spray some strong hold hair spray over it, mix them together and spread on damp hair and continue scrunching. This diminishes the drying action of a hair spray by combating it with a moisturizing leave in conditioner and it also helps my curls hold for longer. If I want shinier curls I mix my hair spray with a few drops of hair oil in my palm and spread them on my hair and continue scrunching.

I use the oriflame hair x ultimate style hairspray and mix it with a few drops of olive oil, then spread it all over the length and finally spend a good 5 minutes using both palms to scrunch hair (daydreaming while I work it! :p)

How to Turn Thin Wavy Hair into CurlyVoluminous Looking Tresses

Air drying: I never use my hair dryer when I want more defined curls. I keep scrunching for 10 minutes under a ceiling fan or near an open window till the dampness is gone. If you are in a hurry and must use a blow dryer, a diffuser attachment helps as it spreads the hot air across the scalp and controls some of the frizz ordinary blow drying may entail.

Brushing: While some people suggest combing with a wide toothed comb while in the shower, these are the women who are blessed with thick tresses. If you have thin hair NEVER brush wet hair as it is more vulnerable to breakage. I personally don’t brush my hair while getting ready to go out. I shower, condition, spray, scrunch, air dry and I’m done. Brushing is overrated if you ask me. Running your fingers through your scalp can provide enough blood circulation and it won’t make your hair frizzy, in turn keeping curls tighter. I brush my hair before I go to sleep, not every day, just 3 or 4times a week. Messy hairdo is in folks! But make sure to keep em clean and nourished. And you won’t have to worry about the wind ruining your hairdo; it will only make your curls look more voluminous and fun!

How to Turn Thin Wavy Hair into Curly Voluminous LookingTresses

P.S: Each person might find certain products and methods suit them better, it is all about trial and error!!

Remember, keep the lengths of hair conditioned and scrunch away!

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6 thoughts on “How to Turn Thin Wavy Hair into Curly Voluminous Looking Tresses

  1. Wow Kriti…finally my hair twin!! Thank you so much for explaining everything in such detail. It’s really very helpful. Kriti..could you also list out the shampoos and conditioners you use. And any particular cut you prefer to keep the curls in shape. Your tresses are beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the welcome kind readers 😀
    Hey tanvi! Im not one to stick to one particular shampoo but i do try to avoid the ones which have sulfates or silicones. Im using khadi naturals for now and they have a good range to choose from. But try and avoid ayur shampoos since it makes hair VERY dry. And i LOVE herbal essence conditioners as they leave just the perfect amount of moisture on my hair. Since i have thin hair, i always try to keep a step cut since it layers out the length and makes hair look somewhat voluminous. Id love for you to post a picture of your hair, hair twin!! 🙂

  3. Kriti thanks soo much. I will check out Khadi shampoos. I am using Loccitane right now and quite liking it. I would try all what you said and definitely post a pic if my curls turn out to be pretyy like yours. Would love to read more tips and tricks related to hair from you.

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