How to Use Colored Hair Chalks, Tips and Tricks

This trend is all about colouring your hair with a chalk (or two)! This is a way to color your hair temporarily, and it looks very beautiful. If you want to experiment with your hair, to color your own hair or to save money, hair chalks can prove to be a good option for you. They are available in so many different colors and can add an instant chic look to your hair.

How to Use Colored Hair Chalks, Tips and Tricks2

You Need:
• Soft pastel color chalks
• Protective gloves
• Hair spray
Hair straightener 
• Loose pair of tee

How to Use Colored Hair Chalks, Tips and Tricks4

Step 1: Wash your hair completely a day before you want to highlight the hair. Now, take a bowl filled with water and dip the chalk you need to apply on hair. Take the pastel color of your own choice, and then rub it on the hair you want to highlight.

How to Use Colored Hair Chalks, Tips and Tricks

Step 2: Now, rub the chalk over the hair strand and keep rubbing till you get the desired intensity of the color from it. The more you rub, the brighter or deeper the color on your hair will look. Remember to apply the chalk on dry hair first and then use spray some water using hair spray.

How to Use Colored Hair Chalks, Tips and Tricks1

Step 3: Take a hair straightener or a hair curler can also help to seal the color. It helps the color to stay on hair for a longer period of time. Also, spray water only when your straightener is hot enough to be used. You can also spray some hairspray to make the color stay longer.

How to Use Colored Hair Chalks, Tips and Tricks5

Step 4: Now leave the hair and you are ready with the chalk hair trend. You can use any pastel color of your choice and keep your clothes away from it.

Tips and Tricks:

How to Use Colored Hair Chalks, Tips and Tricks3

• Always use wet coloured chalks on dry hair and spray some water only when the curler/straightener is ready
• Always wear some loose clothes, so that your hair does not come in contact with the clothes
• Do not comb your hair after using chalk; the color tends to come out with the hair brush
• If possible, try to comb and style your hair beforehand; the chalk won’t flake out and will stay in your hair for longer this way
• This works for girls with darker hair too, so you need not worry; just choose the color wisely
• These colors can easily be washed off with shampoo, so is great for commitment – phobes
• You can even add some glitter and rub them over the ends, and then proceed with the straightener to get more glam look

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  1. I have used two brands of hair chalks and quite liked them. I like to use them just add a little bit of fun to my look, though it take time to show up on my dark brown hair. Thanks for the tips. 🙂

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