How to Use Essential Oils for Skin Care: Ask IMBB

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Chaitali asks:

Hi gals,

I crossed my 30’s recently & I really want to add essential oil in my daily skin care routine ,since I have an oily to normal skin which oil should I use , how & when to apply..I need your suggestions…

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13 thoughts on “How to Use Essential Oils for Skin Care: Ask IMBB

  1. To be honest I dont know why people ask queries to imbb when they don’t even comeback to reply to the suggestions given by other members. *sigh*

    Coming back to Chaitali’s query, I would like to say that argan oil is supposedly the most precious oil with multiple uses for skin & hair. You can directly apply a drop or two of argan oil daily on face as moisturizer. Since it gets absorbed in few seconds, it is good even for oily skin.

    Wheatgerm oil and carrot seed oils are other options at your age since they prevent and or treat fine lines and wrinkles.
    Hope this helps.

    1. thx shilpa… i was unaware abt carrot seed oil..dat’s gr8 since it has anti aging properties.pls elaborate how to use it ??

    2. Hey Shilpa, I understand when you say people dont come back to reply, but what happened to me was I was totally unable to use comments section and reply to people who gave me suggestions. Tried to reply for almost a week and then gave up..
      No offence..but just stating personal experience.. Some may want to reply but can not due to technical issues..

      1. I was not pointing at anyone amisha. I just meant that when the person who asks queries doesn’t revert back, I’m unsure of whether the person has read the suggestions.

  2. Hi Chaitaly, EOs can play an important part of your skincare regime…if you have oily skin..try and use tea tree oil…it works great on acne….you can also use lavender oil and make it a part of your daily regime…infact tea tree and lavender are the only 2 EOs which can be used directly on skin…other oils need to diluted in some carrier oil/cream. I personally love rose oil…I mix it up with my night cream…not only it moisturizes skin well, it also makes it radiant. Other options could be rosemary which u can add in ur daily toner and use…on the days when u dont feel like loading up your skin with many products..just apply 3-4 drops of lavender oil and you are good to go…it works wonders…all the best!!

    1. hey Radhika..tnx a lot..dat’s gr8 idea to use it with night cream , noted down *clap* *clap* *clap* . btw which rose oil u r using??

      1. I use Blossom kochchar’s (Aromamagic). Its great. Apart from night cream, you can 15-20 dtops of your favorite EO in 100 ml bottle of rose water/toner…that works well too….just remember to shake it before using…also ylang ylang is supposed to be good for anti-aging properties.

  3. Dear Chaitali, here I’m going to give you a detailed procedure as you asked about the carrot seed oil usage.
    This is a recipe of homemade anti aging serum.
    You need1) half cup of apricot oil (carrier oil in which you will add essential oil)
    2) 10 drops of Rosehip essential oil
    3) 10 drops of carrot seed essential oil.
    Take a spray bottle and pour in all the 3 oils and shake well to mix. Use daily after cleansing n toning. Jus shake every time before use and gently massage on face and neck.

    This serum will be enough to last you a month or so depending on your usage.

    Note- I rexommend doing patch test of the essential oils before you use on skin as sensitive skins may react.

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