How to Use Hair Serums for Maximum Benefits

By Chanchala Bose

Hair is a major concern of every one of us. So, we try to use the best hair shampoos, masks, serums, and God knows what more! But did you know there are some tips and tricks on how to use hair care products for maximum benefits? So let me tell you about some tips and tricks which you must use when it comes to hair serums. I have seen that these days almost everyone uses hair serums. So here’s IMBB at your service, and today I’ll talk about hair serums and how you can use them to get maximum benefits.

How to Use Hair Serums for Maximum Benefits

Ways to use hair serums:

Before you start using hair serums, you must know that what are the different ways in which one should use them –
• Before you begin with blow drying, don’t forget to apply a hair serum. This will act as a heat protectant and also reduce hair frizz and other hair dryness issues.
• Use before straightening the hair. Hair serum will impart shine and gloss to the hair.
• You can use the hair serum after the styling your hair too so that your hair becomes manageable, smooth and shiny.

Benefits of serums:

moisturising serum

Serums have silicon content in them. So make sure that when you are using one, you must derive the benefits that outweigh the demerits of using silicon-based products on your hair. Serums mostly deal with following issues –
• Dry hair
Dull hair
• Shineless hair
• Split ends prone hair
• Damaged hair

Serums on damaged hair

Many of us don’t have virgin hair anymore. What we have is coloured, straightened, rebonded or chemically treated hair. And then, if you want to try blow dry then your hair will turn into a bowl of frizz. So try to use a super moisturising hair serum on your damaged hair. It will give a new life to your hair.

Hair styling and hair serums

hair styling serum

rati beauty ad

Do you use the best hair curler or straightener and still don’t get maximum results? It is because your hair is too dry for anything. So, begin by prepping your hair with a hair serum and then see the difference yourself.

• Post Styling
Use a hair serum post styling. That is – you can use a hair serum after you are done with the hair strengthening and hair curling. You can notice the beautiful shine and lustre in your hair. Your hair will get a new look post the usage of hair serums.

• Humidity Protection
hair serum as per season

These days our surroundings have become prone to pollution, dust and dirt. Also, humidity is at its all-time high. These factors increase the stickiness and hair fall. So don’t forget to apply your hair serum.

• Styling Tips
There are some golden rules when it comes to the application of hair serums. You should use only a small amount at a time. And your hair serum should be used only on wet or damp hair. Also, you can use a serum generously before using hair styling products.

These are some of the golden rules on how to use hair serums. Let me know if you have any more ideas in the comments below.

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