How to Use Pantone Colour of the Year 2017, Greenery, in Makeup and Beauty

By Srijita Poddar

Hi my beautiful ladies,

How have all you lovelies been doing? I’m back with another post, and today I’ll talk to you about the Pantone colour of the year 2017, which is Greenery. Beauty and fashion lovers wait every year for Pantone’s declaration of the colour of the year to inspire their runway trends and collections. We, at IMBB, don’t want you to be left behind at all. So here are 8 ways you can use Pantone colour of the year in your beauty, makeup and skincare. Read on to find out more.

Add drama to your eyes with green liner

The black liner is so passé. Give a colourful start to this New Year by stocking up eye liners and pencils in the shade of the year: Greenery. For all you dark-eyed beauties, a colour of liner that is opposite to the colour of your eyes will bring out the shade of your eyes beautifully. Go for a matte liner for daytime, smoky pencil liner for night outs and shimmery liquid liners when you are ready to hit the party. Greenery lined eyes will surely make you the star talking point.

Shadow it up with shades of green

We can never get enough of those gorgeous eyeshadow palettes and this year make sure that you add one with shades of green to your vanity. Green is such a beautiful colour that can be played up or down, depending on your mood. You can blend green shadows with dark undertones to create a sultry smoky effect. Otherwise, all you need to do is add a touch of gold to the inner corners for happy, bright eyes. Therefore, play around with various shades of green to be spot on with this trend.

If you are bold enough, go for a lipstick in green

If you have been following Rati’s editorial series of makeup, you would know that experimental, artistic makeup is now totally in trend. NYX recently launched a range inspired by greenery colored lipsticks. If you are a lover of bold trends, then this one is definitely for you. Keep the rest of your face muted and go all out with the shade of green on your puckers.

Add green colour corrector for that flawless base

Green need not always be catchy, sometimes green is a sheer necessity. Yes, I’m talking about the green colour corrector that will make your base makeup look so flawless. Have you ever tried applying concealer or foundation directly on reddened areas of your face due to acne and pimples? It tends to look ashy or brownish. Right? Well, the green colour corrector will be your best friend. Any kind of red inflammation or acne red scars can be corrected with a colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel, which is green. So go ahead and pick that green corrector up and make your face look radiant and flawless.

Spice up your look with green highlights

Bored of the way you look and want to spice things up? How about highlights? Not in the same old boring brown, red and blue colours, though. It’s time to try something fun and green, being the colour of the season, can bring a glamourous change to your. So embrace green highlights or lowlights in your hair and turn heads wherever you go.

Get cat eyes with green contacts

Another fun way to embrace a bit of greenery into your look is in the form of contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses has been a fashion rage for quite some time and now you get a perfect reason to pick one out in the greenery shade to get the iconic cat eyes. Pair it up with a dark coloured liner or eye makeup and dazzle through, looking like an absolute diva with magnetic eyes.

Pledge to use green products

Let us all say yes to products that are cruelty-free, that are organic and basically give us beauty without being a cause of harm to our beloved mother nature. Therefore, in the year of greenery, let us all promise to use green beauty products.

Add some green to your skin care regimen

Greenery should be a reason for you to pick up products that are soothing and green. Some products that are green and can be great for your skin are neem, mint, aloe vera etc. You can easily include these plus other green products in your skin care regimen.

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