How To Wear A White Dress

How To Wear A White Dress

White is the color of chastity, of purity, of innocence and of a peaceful existence. A trendy and cool color that it is, white can be the color code for every occasion and times. White dresses can impart an angelic and feminine beauty to your being but, if you fail to wear it in the proper way, white can be the most unforgiving of all colors! With the right tips and tricks, the color white can become the most fashionable color for your outfits. This article is for all your gorgeous ladies who love this color for its serene splendor and would like to feel confident while wearing a beautiful white dress of your choice!

white dress


How to wear a white dress- does white suit you?

white dress


White may not look that amazing on everyone. If you have a warm skin tone, you are definitely going to look great in white! Moreover, if you have a naturally dark skin or a tanned look, white would look quite attractive on you. If your skin is very pale, without a reddish glow, you might look rather washed out; in that case, avoid wearing white.

How to choose the right white dress?

white dress
Before you wear a white dress, you must be careful enough while you buy one. Be wise while choosing your white dress. Often, white dresses end up being transparent. If you want a transparent dress, it is all right; but are you sure you would be able to carry it well? In case you are not sure, try to lay your hands on a solid opaque white dress; the following tips would help you to choose the right one:
1. Hold your dress against light. Place a hand below the dress. Try to figure out how obvious your hand looks! If you find out that the form and the color of your hand are revealed, it will be showing everything underneath.
2. Go for quality fabrics since they are not always so transparent!
3. Try to avoid white dresses that tend to cling to your body as your curves may become too prominent and this is never flattering for your body shape (until you have an hour-glass figure). Go for white dresses that bounce and flow reflecting the cool feel of summer!

How to wear a white dress- the basic guidelines
• Go for undergarments with colors close to your skin tone. This will give a clean look as the undesired colored lines of undergarments would not be visible from under your elegant white dress.
• Now, coming to the shoes and bags you want to carry while wearing a striking white dress, here are a few pointers which is going to help you:

White is a color that connotes simplicity and sophistication at the same time. You can want to bring in a sense of uniformity by pairing your flowing white dress with white stilettos and kitten heels!

white shoes


If you think white shoes and bags would become monotonous when coupled with a white dress (the chances are, they could become tedious if you do not happen to choose the right kind of white shoes), go for colors like soft grey, brown and beige. They would make superb color choices with white!

tan bag

For an attractive look, why don’t you go for a pair of red heels? You are surely going to stand out!

red shoes

Metallic colors, golden and silver shades would look classy and fantastic!

Metallic accessories
• Keep your jewelry simple. Adding a touch of color by wearing a turquoise or a coral or an emerald would disperse the monotony and break the whiteness of the canvas.



If at all you want something in white, go for a chic piece of silver jewelry. However, make sure that you do not end up wearing everything in white. If you choose your jewelry in shades of white, add some color through the purse or the shoes you choose to wear.

silver jewellery


Metallic, wooden and beady accessories also look great with white dresses!



With these simple guidelines, you are going to sizzle in the stunning white dress, no matter what the occasion you want to honor is! White dresses are always so lovely and so feminine; with the right tips, you can make your feminine charm reach the zenith point!

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