How To Wear Gold Jewellery

How to Nail the Golden Girl look this Season

I have always been a silver jewellery kind of girl. Gold, to me, always represented the older kind of women. It reminded me of countless aunties who were covered in gold jewellery at every wedding. And god forbid, I wasn’t that old.

And so, I went along in my stubborn rebellion of covering myself in oxidized silver. But this summer, that changed. I found myself attracted to more and more golden hued jewellery. I figured it was a sign- I was finally about to become a grown woman. But slowly, I realized that this had nothing to do with my age and more to do with the way designers are working with gold. Golden statement necklaces and bangles are all over town and the designs have gotten much more modern.

Yes, all that glitters is finally gold. And so, I filled my closet with golden jewellery. Not the expensive. Real gold kinds but the young fun styles.

Here are a few tips on how you can incorporate gold into your wardrobe. All the tips I give are always part of my own style of fashion and all the samples are from my own wardrobe. But don’t be afraid to make your choices. Remember be bold in fashion and have fun. 🙂

Long Golden necklaces: This is the trend that started it all. We can all think of actresses with deep necklines sporting long golden chain. This particular necklace has an owl on it and looks s good worn casually with a jeans and a tee. Owl gold Necklace I picked this up from forever 21 for $3.50. Now, I must tell all of you, F21 is the BEST place to shop for accessories. They are always inexpensive and well made.

Gold Owl Necklace And don’t worry; you no longer have to ask relatives in The USA to get you things from here. Forever21 is opening in India at the end of month.

Layered golden necklaces: These are the perfect option for a formal dress. There are many necklaces from Aldo that play with different textures of golden chains. They look lovely with Indian as well as western and are a good investment. Layered Gold Necklace This particular piece is a thick neckpiece, which has multiple strands in different colours of metals. This necklace has gotten me the maximum number of compliments, especially when paired with a formal outfit like a black dress. A good buy at Rs 700 from Aldo.

Statement necklaces: The only thing I can suggest when it comes to statement necklaces is don’t be afraid. That’s the only way to make a statement. statement necklace This golden and blue necklace has always garnered curious stares. People, Infact, ask me whether it’s a family heirloom. Let me tell you a little secret, it’s an Aldo neckpiece costing Rs 650. I usually pair statement necklaces with plain white shirts or linen dresses for day events. These really help your personality shine.

Bangles: Gold bangles Now, incase you’re a bangle girl, you can choose bangles in every possible design and size. I would suggest you go for chunkier bangles when going with western clothes and thinner ones to go with Indians. Sarojini, Janpath and every other flea market has a range of these priced between Rs 20-100. So, don’t forget to mix and match. If you’re a more formal person, then these Accessorize bracelets look lovely paired with jeans and a tailored shirt. accesorize bracelets Earrings: earrings These are probably, the most common golden accessory out there in the market. Golden earrings come in every shape and size. From hoops to danglers, the list is far and wide. The first two pairs are golden dangling earrings from Promod and Accessorize and cost between Rs 200 and R s650. The third is an intricate circular pair I bought from Janpath for Rs 40 Remember to always choose earrings according to your face shape and size. And the only way to figure out what suits you is to go out there and try it out.

Accessories have always been the make or break point for any outfit. They are the personality of a dress and the makeup of your body. Remember to choose wisely according to your outfit as well as body type. Most importantly, remember to never ever overdo. Let one piece do the talking. If you wear too much, it only distracts from the beauty and pop that every piece offers.

all my golden jewellery
all my golden jewellery

Always remember that every trend is not expensive. This is especially true when it comes to jewellery. You can be budget conscious or not, there are choices for everyone. As always I have tried to include, different price ranges and styles to suit every need. And lastly and most importantly, remember to have fun with accessories. Sometimes, you may not be able to wear certain makeup or outfits because they don’t go with your body or face type. But, that’s never the case with accessories. They always look great on everyone. So go out there and build yourself an accessories wardrobe. Happy shopping, ladies!

Do you wear gold / golden jewllery?


28 thoughts on “How To Wear Gold Jewellery

  1. Aastha,
    I truly like the intricate circular earring.I think it can be worn with almost every outfit, from a jeans to a saree.

  2. I used to have layerd jet black beaded necklace until last year. I can totally imagine how sexy the gold one looks.I have to confess that I am not too much into golden jewelery myself but now I guess I will atleast take a look at them.

    Have been hunting for the owl pendant for quite soem now. I now want to even badly… :silly:

    I am sooooooo :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: this article.

  3. Rati,
    You should absolutely try golden. It looks really young.
    For the owl necklace, wait for f21. Its opening at dlf promenade mall soon.
    Otherwise, maybe some relatives abroad. 😀

  4. I only and only wear gold jewellery because of the only reason that I am allergic to metals and other things. plastic ones are okay, but i invest in gold jewellery a lot…..some mallu gold freak i am …..I would also wanna show my gold jewllery that i bought at the time of my wedding, but I thinking that would become over the top ……… :snicker:

    1. Yes, the f21 board has been there forever!!
      can’t wait anymore. heehee!
      hope it opens before my birthday, which is in two weeks! 😀

      1. oh… when is ur b’day ??? mine is this wed(9th)…hehehe m soo exited !!
        dunno y i feel tht it will take time to open… 🙁 😥 😥 😥

  5. Nice post Aastha, and the pieces you have are really tasteful and nice, I too am a more silver kind of girl, but now Ill surely go and check out the gold jewellery at Aldo and Promod..hopefully soon :-)) .. and will wait for F21 to arrive in mumbai

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