How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

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Welcome to IMBB! Today, we would be talking about how to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss. Apple cider vinegar is known for its beneficial properties for skin and hair. Not only this, but apple cider vinegar is also known to be effective in losing weight. Yes, guys, you heard it right! Raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar can help in weight loss and promote a healthy body. Many people believe in instant weight loss but if you want to see slow yet effective weight loss results, then you should use this method. Generally, it is said that by using apple cider vinegar, you would shed pounds effortlessly and they will not come back easily. So, here we would speak about how to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss.

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When to take apple cider vinegar?

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According to the experts, it is said that apple cider vinegar should be taken before meals. Drinking apple cider vinegar before meals can aid in weight loss issues easily. Also, due to pectin substance found in apples, it can keep your stomach full for a longer period of time, thus, preventing you from over eating. Just like apples, apple cider vinegar also contains the same amount of pectin which can help to suppress hunger and promote weight loss in a person. Also, the acid found in apple cider vinegar can help to break down the proteins in the body, thus, assisting in weight loss.

How much to take apple cider vinegar?

You should consume one glass of apple cider vinegar solution 30 minutes before the meal. Also, if you are having apple cider vinegar for the first time, you should start it slow and steady. It is okay even if you have half glass initially and then slowly move to drinking one glass in a day.

What to add?

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If you are not a fan of the taste of apple cider vinegar, you can enhance the taste by adding few important ingredients to it. Yes, check out some important ingredients which can also help to lose weight along with weight loss issues.

Honey: Honey helps to suppress hunger and also, it increases the energy level in a person. You can add 1-2 spoons of honey to the ACV solution.

Lemon: The pectin found in lemon can help to flush out the toxins from the body, thus, removing extra fat from the body.

Cinnamon: Consuming cinnamon can help to lower bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in the body. It is effective in weight loss. So, you can add a pinch of a cinnamon to the apple cider vinegar.

Cayenne pepper: Cayenne pepper contains essential enzymes which can help in burning fat. You can add one spoon of cayenne pepper to the ACV.

What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar?

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Detoxifies the body
• Reduces insulin level
• Makes your stomach feel full, thus, preventing over eating
• Reduces fat storage in the body
• Enhances metabolism in the body
• Burns fat easily

What precautions to take while consuming apple cider vinegar?

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• You should not drink apple cider vinegar directly. It is advised to dilute apple cider vinegar with water and then start drinking.
• If you have osteoporosis or any bone related problems, you should not drink apple cider vinegar.
• You should not drink apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach. It may prove to be dangerous for your health.
• Direct consumption of apple cider vinegar may cause discomforts like burning sensation, stomach upset and burning in an esophagus.
• If you are already taking medication, you should consult a doctor so that it does not react with any of the drugs.

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