How to Wear Maxi Dress if You Are Short

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I am 5’4 in height and I fluctuate a lot in my weight. So, sometimes I am 58-59 kg and sometimes I am 51-52 kg. And, with this upcoming fashion trends, I always think that there is some or the other fashion trend which is not going to suit me. And that’s the same with maxi dresses too.

maxi dress

But, I tried some style cheats and some major swaps for maxi dresses and, thus, I came up with really cool ways of how to rock a maxi dress when you are short height. So, let’s have a look at some of the easy peasy ways to wear a maxi dress if you are short:

1. Go for Solid Colours:

woman beauty beach red summer

If you are going for a single colored maxi dress, then you must go for solid colors. What solid colors will do to your frame is that they will create an illusion of height in your body and, thus, your entire frame will look better with a solid colored maxi dress.

2. Avoid Colour Block Patterns:

When you wear a color blocked maxi dress then it gives you a look of dividing from the middle. This will make you look much shorter and will look quite unflattering in a maxi dress. Thus, avoid color block patterns. If you want, you can go for a multi color maxi dress. But, avoid a dual colored maxi dress.

3. Prints:

Asian beautiful young girl,wear floral maxi dress and hat, sitting on the ground at spring

Of course, you will land up with printed maxi dresses because they are available in abundance. But, what you can do is that try to wear smaller prints when you have a petite frame. This will give too much of space and you, in turn, will look much taller than your actual height. Thus, keep this in mind when you are looking for printed maxi dresses.

4. Fitting:

Fitting is extremely important in the case of a maxi dress. Try to go for a well-fitted maxi dress which has the shape and cut at your waist area. If you wear a loose and ill fitted maxi dress, then you will end up looking all disfigured and bulky.

5. Stripes and Lines:

Portrait of charming blond long-haired woman in long black and white striped dress with naked back walking along the seaside with thoughtful face expression. Fashion and glam concept. Copy-space

While buying striped and lining pattern maxi dress, try to go for vertical lines rather than horizontal lines. Vertical lines will make you look long and slimmer whereas horizontal lines will give an illusion of cutting you and, thus, making you look shorter and bulky.

6. Fabrics and layers:

Avoid layers and frills in your maxi dress if you have a short figure. Try to go for a straight cut and simple yet sexy maxi dress. This will give you a correct and proper look which will make you look quite dressy and classy.

7. Length:

Dressing in a green Maxi Tank Dress and high heel shoes, a young black girl is sitting on a modern style bench in a park and relaxing. Relaxing Outside

Well, maxi dresses are mostly long but even then some of them come in a midi size too. And, some of them can show a bit of your leg too. But, if you have a short frame, then try to go for maxi dresses which end on the ground. This will give you an illusion of height and will make you look much more dressy and classy.

8. Shoes:

Maxi dresses generally have a laid back look and feel. Thus, go with shoes which are more open and strappy kind. Shoes should be equally comfortable. Many of the fashionistas might advise you to go with pumps to add height but I personally feel that maxi dresses look best with loose strappy sandals.

9. Neck Cuts:

Smiling blonde standing at the beach in white sundress and sunhat on a sunny day

It is always advisable for shorter frames to go with neck cuts which will elongate their entire frame. Thus, go with V cuts. Avoid round cuts as this will add roundness in your body rather than adding an illusion of height. Even one shoulder necklines are also equally flattering for them.

10. Accessories:

Portrait of a beautiful young smiling woman with updo hair wearing long yellow striped baggy summer dress and round mirrored sunglasses walking along the seaside and looking aside. Copy space

Avoid wearing accessories as you don’t want the focus to shift from your maxi dress. Keep your accessories to the minimum and wear belts. This will give a good illusion of slim and taller frame. Also, don’t wear a belt in contrasting colors, as this will again divide your frame. Wear a belt in a similar shade or color. This will go well with your maxi dress and give you a good illusion of height.

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