How To Do Your Own Wedding Hair Stylishly

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Weddings are an extremely expensive affair. Brides hire experts and professionals to make the wedding a memorable affair. But this definitely adds up to the cost. Have you ever wondered about doing some of the elements of your wedding yourself? Well, you can at least do your wedding hair. Given below are some of the easy hairstyles which you can style on your wedding day.

1. Twisted Ornamental Bun:

Twisted Ornamental Bun

This is an easy peasy and stylish hairstyle for weddings. You need to twist your hair and tie in the bun. But leave some hair at the top of the bun. When the bun is ready, then twist the hair available at the top in opposite direction and your twisted hair bun is ready. Decorate it with a big rose or any other ornament and it is perfect for the wedding.

2. Half Braided:

This is another stylish way to flaunt your long hair at the wedding. Braid your hair at the top and tighten it with a hair clip. Leave the braid open at the bottom. Keep your hair loose. This will be the perfect free-flowing and stylish hairstyle for your wedding.

3. Bow Bun:

Bow bun

Buns are always considered to be boring and not so stylish. Thus why not wear a bow bun. This is stylish and is the perfect twist on your wedding day. This is trendy and chic wedding hairstyle which everyone will definitely love.

4. Free-Flowing Curls:

Free flowing curls

This is a traditional yet beautiful hairstyle which you can easily do yourself. Neatly comb your hair and remove all the tangles from your hair. Curl your hair at the bottom and just leave them open.

5. Floral Bun:

This is another traditional way of sporting your wedding hair. Just make a simple tight bun. But later on, accessorize this bun with flowers. This will look extremely traditional and grand at the same time. And it can be done within seconds.

6. Dutch Braid Bun:

Dutch Braid bun

This is another multi-bun hairstyle which looks very beautiful but can be done within some minutes. Just create separate partitions of your hair and then form braids. Just make a low braid and keep the upper section loose and empty. Now, join all these braids together into a bun.

7. Low Bun:

Low bun

This is a trending wedding hairstyle which is gradually becoming very popular. This is a simple loose bun which is made a little lower than any other normal hairstyle. This is very easy to be done and looks extremely stylish at the same time. You can also accessorize this hairstyle further with flowers or ornaments.

8. Hairband Bob:

We have something for short hair also. Short hair looks extremely sporty. So, what you can do is that just wear a headband over your bob hair. This will give a feminine look and is very easy to style on your own wedding.

9. Rolled Inside Hairstyle:

Just make a simple ponytail and then roll it and then tie the lower section with a simple hair clip at the top. And your rolled bun is ready. This is another fab hairstyle which will be ready in seconds and is perfect for your wedding.

10. Messy Side Chic Ponytail:

Messy side ponytail

Messy side chic ponytail is very stylish. You can further glam it by creating a simple side braided ponytail. Take out the hair at the top and ruffle them a bit. This will be the perfect and fast wedding hairstyle which can be done within seconds.

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