Huda Beauty Lashes Giselle #1 Review

I hope everyone is doing great! So on my recent trip to Sephora, I finally caved in and purchased one of the most sought after eyelashes by Huda Kattan. She released 7 different pairs, all of which have been named after some important people in her life. Giselle is named after her cute little daughter, Nour Giselle, which has become the best-selling lashes from her collection.

Huda Beauty Lashes Giselle #1

Product Claims:

Made of natural and synthetic fibers, these cruelty-free lashes are lightweight making them perfect for a super natural look, stacking, and all-day comfort. Designed by Lash Guru, Huda Kattan to be the most beautiful lashes you will ever wear. Lashes can be used multiple times, depending on care. Please see our video on how to care for your lashes to improve the quality and usage of your lashes. For best application, please see our quick video on how to apply lashes.

Price and Quantity:

$17.50 for a pair.

My Experience with Huda Beauty Lashes Giselle #1:

The lashes come in one of the most innovative packaging I have ever seen. Yep, those are Huda’s eyes right on the cover! The lashes are soft and sturdy, which are attached to an invisible band. The lashes are made of synthetic and natural fibers, which is what I wanted (I’m extremely uncomfortable with human hair). These lashes do not have an uniform length, making it look more natural. These can be trimmed on the outer corners to suit the length one may require.

Huda Beauty Lashes Giselle #1

Personally, I didn’t do this since it fit my eyes perfectly. Once I put it on my eyes, I couldn’t stop myself from saying Mashallah for my own eyes! It looks so gorgeous and I’m super happy about purchasing this! It makes my eyes look bigger and beautiful. I have never used fake lashes before, so I can’t comment whether these are the best in the market, but this has definitely become a favorite one for me!

Huda Beauty Lashes Giselle #1

They don’t feel heavy, however, I can feel their presence. These lashes are great for those who wish to have fuller and longer lashes. They are easy to remove with an oil-free cleanser, and I can already see myself wearing faux lashes on a regular basis. I think I can use this for at least 10 – 15 times, before they begin to wear off. But again, it depends on how one takes care of it. To ensure its longevity, I make sure to clean the glue and mascara completely and store it in the container. I think this is a little expensive compared to some famous drugstore lashes, but for me it’s absolutely worth it! As a last word, I’m a little bumped up as to why I didn’t try this much earlier! Totally recommended!

Huda Beauty Lashes Giselle #1

Huda Beauty Lashes Giselle #1

Pros of Huda Beauty Lashes Giselle #1:

  • Very soft bristles.
  • Looks quite natural.
  • Oomphs up the eyes brilliantly.
  • Great option if you wish to have fuller and longer lashes.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Easy to clean and store.
  • Made out of synthetic and natural fibers.

Huda Beauty Lashes Giselle #1

Cons of Huda Beauty Lashes Giselle #1:

  • Pricey, considering they are lashes.
  • Availability (but these can be ordered on their website easily).

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase/Recommend Huda Beauty Lashes Giselle #1?

Yes!!! These are lovely and it is always nice to have a pair of faux lashes for occasions that require you to be your glamorous best!

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    1. Thank you KK 🙂 I wasn’t into false lashes either, until recently. Do give them a try and I’m sure you’d love wearing them on a regular basis 😀

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