Hun The Hot New Hair Trend Alert

By Shainee Chakraborty

Hello, Hunny Bunny!

Hun aka (the doughnut size) half bun hair style is not something new to we Indians. Our Rishi Munis with long hairs had been doing this since centuries. Even I had done it many times since my college days when it was rather a nameless trend. I remember my dear mommy saying, “Stupid hair style dear.” But now, I can proudly inform her that my stupid hair style has become the latest trend this season and has earned a name too!

Hun, the half knot hair style has recently gone viral after celebrities like Khole Kardashain, Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus were spotted doing it. Often people call it man Hun too for reasons unknown to me. In Bollywood, Alia Bhatt probably is the first celebrity who was seen in ‘Hun’ in a fashion event, according to my Google research.

Step by Step Guide for Hun:-

You need to follow just three simple steps to update yourself with the current trend!
Step 1 – take the front section of your hairs and make ponytail
Step 2 – tie the ponytail in a half bun style
Step 3 – Leave rest of your hairs open.

Pros of HUN:-

• Easy. You can’t go wrong with this.
• Comfortable – Suppose you’ve lots of work to do in office but still you want to look stylish then this hairdo will serve your purpose.
• You will look younger than your age.
• Not time consuming. Can be done daily.
• Perfect for summer.
• Any length (except too short) and texture hairs can do this.
• Savior on bad hair days.

Let’s Take a Look on Seven Most Popular Huns:-

1) The Messy Hun:- This carefree bun looks sexy and can save you bad hair days!

2) The Curly Hun:- for curly beauties or use your hair curler to get this hair style!

3) The Neat Hun:- I wouldn’t be wrong if I call it royal Hun as this royal bun was spotted on royal beauty Kate Middleton (sorry, for overflowing “royalness”, what a royal mess I’ve made 😉 )

4) The Balayaged Hun:- The lovely way to show off your sun kissed hairs like Olsen.

5) The long hair Hun:– Get this long hair Hun like Jennifer Lopez by back combing your hairs or using any texturing spray. It will add volume to your bun.

6) The short hair Hun:- Kate Mara had been spotted in this awesome short hair Hun in the red carpet.

7) The braided Hun:- This is my most favorite. If you have enough time and in a mood to do something different then try this braided Hun.

There is other kind of Huns that is doing the rounds in Instagram. Pick your choice and flaunt it. Do let us know what do you think about this latest trend? Do you like it? For me, I don’t have even a single decent picture of me from our last beach holiday. It was so windy that I looked like “chudail” with hairs all over my face! Therefore, next time when I am on beach or just want to enjoy the wind in my hairs, I know Hun will be there to take care of my hair style without fidgeting with my comfort.

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  1. It’s really stylish and I sport this to the gym. Loved your rishi muni reference! hahhahaaha… I never looked at this hairstyle that way. Seems like this is another ‘Made in India’ thing. Feeling so proud. 😛

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