Hydrastase Spa Begamot & Wheatgerm for Normal to Dry Hair

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It has been a while since I did a review for IMBB. I was keeping busy with work and didn’t find time to write but I didn’t miss a single day of reading posts on IMBB! Today I will be reviewing a hair care product which I have been using since a month – Hydrastase Spa Begamot & Wheatgerm for Normal to Dry Hair.

Hydrastase Spa Begamot & Wheatgerm for Normal to Dry Hair

Product Description:
Formulated in Italy Hydrastase is designed for overstressed and dry hair. The deeply intensive supplementing treatment restores vitality and brightness, improves combing and brushing. Hair regains strength shine and is revitalized. Let is set for 5 to 15 mins depending on the intensity of the treatment required, then rinse thoroughly.

Hydrastase Spa Begamot & Wheatgerm for Normal to Dry Hair1

It is sold for Rs. 150 for 200ml. Valid for 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

The Hydrastase Spa comes in convenient blue color tub form packaging with white color lid.

The Hydrastase Spa has a very strong fragrance of rose which is pleasant to the senses.

Aqua, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Cyclopentasiloxane, Excepients, Parfum, Contains No Fruit Extracts, Artificially Flavored.

My Experience with – Hydrastase Spa Begamot & Wheatgerm:
I have chemically straightened hair since a year and my hair are more prone to damage, so I decided to treat them with Spa Treatments for Hair. Since, this was going to be my first experience with hair spa’s, I decided not invest in a lot of money. So, I picked up – Hydrastase Spa Begamot & Wheatgerm.

I use this product on every weekend. I wash my hair and on damp hair I apply the spa starting from roots following towards ends. Then I cover my head with Hot Towel for 10-15 mins so that my pores can open up and the product can be absorbed. After 15 mins, I rinse my hair with normal water. The result I get is a soft, silky and shiny hair. It really works well on hair and enhances the shine but as claimed it doesn’t strengthen the hair! Hair fall has been my problem since I straightened my hair. I was hoping this product will help in controlling the same but it didn’t. I have been using the product since a month but there is no change in hair getting strengthened.

I noticed one more thing apart from shine I get, is the amazing fragrance it lends to my hair and it continues to smell good for few days!

Pros of Hydrastase Spa Begamot & Wheatgerm:
1. Affordable
2. Makes the hair soft and silky
3. Makes the hair shine
4. Fragrance

Cons of Hydrastase Spa Begamot & Wheatgerm:
1. Availability
2. Does not contain Fruit Extracts as the name suggests.
3. Does not revitalize hair strength.

Final Verdict on Hydrastase Spa Begamot & Wheatgerm:

Hydrastase Spa Begamot & Wheatgerm gives beautiful soft and shining hair but it fails to repair the overstressed hair by chemical treatments. The product is merely a kind of conditioner and doesn’t work extraordinarily. Hence, I won’t recommend this product if you are looking for Hair Repair kind of Spa but if you only want a Spa which can give soft and shining hair; it will work wonderfully for you within a budget.

IMBB Rating: 2.5/5.

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  1. You are strict 🙂 gave only 2.5 rating 🙂
    good review priya 🙂 will try it for sure if i come across this product 🙂

  2. This one`s silicone free is it ? I`m using the bodyshop rainforest now , so dont want to mess up the sans parabens sans silicones routine XD nice find though 😀

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