Hygiene in Monsoons

There is water everywhere. It’s drizzling somewhere while some are lucky enough to enjoy the feeling heavy downpour. There is water everywhere. 🙂


We all enjoy even the smallest downpour as it gives a relief from hot and humid weather and makes everything green filled with love, laziness and coziness. We are so indulged in enjoying that we forget some basic things which may lead us to several problems. The problems can be related to our skin, body, clothes, hair and what not. All the things are somewhere down the line affected. It is rightly said that everything comes with bright and dark sides.

Here are a few tips and measures you can keep in mind to avoid any ill effects due to water and dampness due to rain. We all know “Prevention is better than cure”.

Anything wrong with our skin and hair bothers us the most. And these are the things which are affected immediately with even the minor changes in the atmosphere.

Due to high moisture levels in the air the environment becomes damp and hence a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi which in turn causes many skin and scalp infections.

Let’s start with taking skin care & hair care then followed by home care.

Tip 1# If by any chance you are drenched in rain or have been in drizzle for more than 10 minutes then your skin has become damp of course resulting in itching and hair loss. The best way to overcome this is to take bath with a mild antibacterial soap as soon as you can and wash your hair with shampoo followed by conditioner afterwards. Do remember to dry your hair completely before tying them into buns or ponytails.

Tip 2# Try to keep you hair tied in a bun or ponytail as much as possible. I know you need to flaunt your tresses but wait! Not at the cost of the health of your hair. The reason being they are exposed less to humid and harsh environment.

Tip 3# Wait and watch the usage of your cosmetics and beauty products. Try to be minimalistic as much as you can with makeup. More the chemicals applied in the form of makeup more chances of attracting bacteria. Keep your products in cool places away from high light and sunlight as bacteria breeds in warm environment. Sharpen all the beauty pencils before using. This will not only give you a precise tip but help get rid of any bacterial residue on the tip. Oh! I did not mention the mandate of using a hand sanitizer every time before touching you skin. Keep all you creams tightly covered and apply them with clean hands only.


Tip 4# Now coming on to hygiene at home and other places. Please do not enter an air conditioned room with wet hands, legs or body. This will help you keeping the air in the room free of bacteria’s attracted by the dampness on your skin. Make yourself dry as soon as possible. Do not walk bare feet in rain water. If you do so clean them with an antibacterial soap and dry them completely before stepping into shoes or slippers. Do not allow water to get accumulated near your surroundings. It is advised to mop your floor with a good disinfectant once a day and twice if the floor has been wet with rain water.

Tip 5# Last but not the least check what you eat. Food is the easiest medium for stomach infections and other diseases common in this season. Say a strict no to water from unsafe places. Buying a packaged drinking water bottle of a reputed brand from outside will not cost more than your health. If you don’t want to spend on that than the best way is to carry a bottle with you always once you leave home. Do not eat street food and try to avoid fresh fruit juices from vendors outside as they do not wash their juicers after every extract and that residue is prone to bacteria attack. It would be better if you wash the fruits properly at home in hot water and eat them whole. Try to avoid the use of leftover food from one meal to another as it can be contaminated by the moisture in the air. Prepare fresh for every meal.

fresh fruit juice

These were the small-small things which can ensure that you and your family can enjoy monsoons to the fullest without affecting the health as it is a well known fact that “Health is Wealth”.
Happy Monsoons!!!!
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6 thoughts on “Hygiene in Monsoons

  1. Excellent tips pallavi. I mostly avoid eating raw foods in monsoons. When i ave to eat veggies i’d stir fry them or steam the whatever but that is one tip i follow eating wise. 🙂 Every tip you mentioned is useful. 🙂

  2. Wonderful tips, Pallavi. I only fall ill once a year and that’s usually during monsoons and that’s why I take particular care during this season. I also wash my towels very frequently and dry them in the sun whenever possible because otherwise, they can wreak havoc on the skin during the rains. I loved the tip about hair. I have noticed that my hair behaves much better when I tie it up on a rainy day.

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