Ice Breakers Lip Balm in Bubble Gum Review

Ice Breakers Lip Balm in Bubble Gum

Ice Breakers Lip Balm in Bubble Gum Review

Icebreaker chewing gums are my favourite and the good news is we get it in India too. Though it is very expensive, I get them often and I will have one in my bag always. When I saw these Ice Breakers Lip Balm in Bubble Gum flavour, I couldn’t resist myself and got two of them. I passed on one to my friend who is a gum lover like me and I have the other one for myself. I don’t remember the price as I got it in Dubai and like the gums, I wish we get these lip balms here in India. It has SPF 15 too !!!

The Lip Balm comes in a tiny pot packaging that is wrapped in a stylish sipper glass cover that has the following details in it.

Ice Breakers Lip Balm in Bubble Gum Review

Directions For Use:

  • Apply generously before sun exposure and as needed.


  • Helps prevent dry, chapped, sun and wind burned lips.
  • Screens out the sun’s harsh rays to help prevent lip damage.
  • Provides moderate protection against sunburn.


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This tiny pot has 4.3 gm of the product.

Ice Breakers Lip Balm in Bubble Gum Review

My Take on Ice Breakers Lip Balm in Bubble Gum:

The pot is a very tiny one and the base is raised too!! I wondered whether I will finish the product in just two swipes, but no, there is enough product in the tiny tub to last for a month even if used every day. The blue sticker is the place where the lip balm is filled, so you can roughly get an idea of the amount of product in this tub.

The transparent balm is packed till the rim of the tub and when I applied the balm on my lips, I could smell the awesome bubblegum smell that makes it hard to stop me from licking the balm. The smell is just awesome. I kept applying this once in an hour not for moisturization but for the smell. Yes, the smell lasts for an hour after application !!! The lip balm does good moisturization. I won’t say it is excellent but good. Though I have found my HG lip balm (Burt’s Bees Lip Balm), I will keep buying this for the yummy fragrance and fun part. I like the packaging too that is another reason I bought this lip balm.

Ice Breakers Lip Balm in Bubble Gum Review

Pros of Ice Breakers Lip Balm in Bubble Gum:

  • Moisturizes the lips pretty well.
  • It has SPF 15, I am not sure about this fact but I prefer to use this during summers.
  • Packaging is very cute.
  • Smells awesome like a bubblegum, tastes good too 😉
  • Easy to be carried around, it will fit in your pant pocket.
  • Different variants available – even the sour ones 😀

Cons of Ice Breakers Lip Balm in Bubble Gum:

  • It is just a fun lip balm and not the lip balm which my lips need, especially not for winter use.
  • Very little product. If at all I will finish up any product in my vanity, then this would be the second one after the Lakme Aquashine Lip Color.
  • Limited availability in India.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Ice Breakers Lip Balm in Bubble Gum?

Yes, I would love to try other variants that are available in the market for the fragrance and taste and also because of the reason that I am a huge Ice Breakers Gum lover.

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27 thoughts on “Ice Breakers Lip Balm in Bubble Gum Review

  1. My, MY 😛 this looks like a pretty cute tub of icecream , or as my desi mind would think – my very own delicious lip- koolfi :yahoo: :yahoo: wish it came it swirls of colours :woot:

  2. icebreakers …!! i love their lil mall khatta golis..!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀
    dinno they make lipbalms too..!! it seem cute :)) :))

  3. This is such an adorable little lip balm! I am obsessed with lip balms, especially yummy-smelling ones I wish I could add this to my collection!! Loved the review, Aarthi 🙂

  4. Wow aarthi this is super cute :drool: :drool: I am a sucker for such cute stuff :toothygrin: :toothygrin: BTW is this available in India?

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