ICM Pharma Witch Hazel Cleansing Toner Review

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Today I am going to review a product which contains an oily-skinned girl’s best friend – Witch Hazel. We all know that witch hazel is a natural astringent and helps in removing excess oil and shrinking pore size. It improves acne condition by reducing inflammation. It also has some benefits that all skin types can enjoy. When applied to bruises and cuts, it controls bleeding, helps in their healing, and also in fading the marks. Another wonderful use of witch hazel is that it reduces the puffy eye bags because of its skin-tightening properties and also helps to improve discoloration around eyes. It is also an excellent post-shave treatment to reduce inflammation and also prevents razor burns.

ICM Pharma Witch Hazel1

Price: 5.95 SGD (Rs 280/- approx) for 120 ml
Shelf Life: 4 years

Product Description:

ICM Pharma Witch Hazel2

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My Experience with ICM Pharma Witch Hazel Cleansing Toner:

Packaging: The toner comes in a white translucent plastic bottle with a transparent cap. It has a medicine feel to it. But I love the twist and turn mechanism of the bottle neck to dispense the product. It’s something new for me. The bottle neck has a white screw cap on which another thin screw cap is mounted with a pointy tip. When the thin screw cap is twisted to open, the pointy tip goes inside revealing a hole from which the liquid can be squeezed out onto a cotton pad. When the thin screw cap is twisted back to close, the tip comes back to position and closes the hole. It is completely leak proof and so can be packed for travel without the transparent cap which comes off loose if placed with other items in a bag.

ICM Pharma Witch Hazel4

I love witch hazel’s properties but hate its smell. I have used many products with witch hazel but the other ingredients in those products must have dominated its scent. But this toner is the first that I used which contains only witch hazel and water. It has a pungent medicinal smell which thankfully does not linger for more than a few seconds. The toner does what it is supposed to do. It absorbs excess oil like a charm when used in the middle of the day. When used just after cleansing, it removes any remnant makeup/product and gives a skin-tightening effect.

ICM Pharma Witch Hazel5

I believe that no matter what we do, our pores do not really alter their size. It is just that they appear big when they are clogged and small when they are clean. So the job of witch hazel is to clean the skin thoroughly and act as a barrier on skin. This toner does that well and also is good in fading marks. I have some post-acne marks and they appear to lighten a bit with the regular use of this toner. I am happy with my purchase but the only downside to the product is the use of synthetic dye in it. The toner has a light blue shade to it. Synthetic dyes irritate sensitive skin and are also toxic to all skin types. Although this product may not have large quantities of dye, but it is important to know the adverse effects of synthetic dyes and then make a choice.

Pros of ICM Pharma Witch Hazel Cleansing Toner:

• Absorbs excess oil/sebum.
• Tightens the skin.
• Helps in fading marks.
• Affordable.
• Innovative screw cap mechanism.

Cons of ICM Pharma Witch Hazel Cleansing Toner:

• Use of synthetic dye.

IMBB Rating: 4/5 (-1 for the dye)

Would I Repurchase/Recommend ICM Pharma Witch Hazel Cleansing Toner?
I will buy a witch hazel toner again but not this one and will check out for other dye-free options.
But I do recommend this. All the oily-skinned girls with large pores can try and benefit from it.

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