If Exercising Everyday is Tough, Here Are 12 Easy Everyday Hacks To Lose Weight



Our life revolves around work, school, college, studies, work pressure, family friends, kids, spouses, parents and so much more! If you are a busy bee and left with no energy to exercise, we have a solution for you! We’ve come up with 12 super easy life hacks to help you lose weight without exercising. The following hacks can change your dress size and can increase your confidence level, keep reading!

Exercising Everyday is Tough, Here Are Easy Everyday Hacks To Lose Weight

1. Add fruits in your diet: Going on a fruit diet is an excellent way to stay fit, healthy, and lose weight. They are also travel and work friendly. If you are getting late to work or college, simply grab an apple, banana or oranges for a healthy meal. You can devour on any fruit of your choice, be it mango, avocado, grapes, blue berries, papaya, watermelon, mandarins, peaches, cherries. All fruits are good for your body and skin! You can also make yourself a fruit salad for lunch or dinner with pink salt and black pepper. Easy hearty meal with zero guilt.

2. Walk: Shopping with girlies on your mind? Park your car a little far away from the mall. This way you’ll burn more calories as you will walk and come back walking again. Happy belly!

3. Drink lots of water: This is again a super easy way to loose weight, simply keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, not only it will help you loose weight it will flush out toxins and will give you supple skin, stronger nails and better hair. Full body makeover with zero expense.

4. Halve your portions: Simply cut your food size portion by 50% for example if you eat 2 cups of rice eat one cup of rice. This way, you will consume half the amount of calorie you usually consume. If you don’t feel satisfied, add some salads or fruits to satisfy your soul.

5. Add soups: Don’t we all love soups! You can try out almost any soup of your choice, simply switch your usual dinner with a bowl of soups and you will be amazed with the results. Just remember to make your soups at home, we don’t recommend packaged soups as they contain hidden calories.

6. Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol is not only unfavourable for your health but it contains empty calories which will eventually make you fat and shapeless! Completely give up alcohol, and if you can’t quit, commit yourself on indulging it only on special occasions.

7. Move it: Simply walk to the store or to anywhere you go. Instead of watching TV lying on the couch, do some work and move around in the house, take your kids to a park, or walk your dog. Walking is extremely beneficial for the body. The idea is burning calories as much as possible.

8. Sleep well: Sleeping well improves your metabolic rate, fights stress, gives a healthier looking skin and improves energy levels. Instead of watching Netflix and wasting time on Instagram, (Please don’t get offended) we suggest 8-9 hours of beauty sleep!

9. Snack on: Usually in the evening, after lunch, we feel hungry and end up craving over chaat, pani-puri or ice creams. Instead of snacking on unhealthy snacks, munch on dry nuts, protein bars, with green tea. You can also have eggs or any other healthy dishes to full-fill those hunger pangs.
10. Don’t buy any unhealthy stuff: Whenever you go grocery shopping, avoid packaged food like fried foods, frozen or pre-cooked meat, aerated drinks or soda. Because if these items are in your pantry, you will end up binge eating. Instead load your kitchen with healthy food. Food items that are safe to eat are fruits, salads, lean meat, fish, green vegetables, soy milk, tofu, low fat-milk, dried nuts, cottage cheese, lentils, pulses, Multi grain flour, brown rice, wheat pasta, sugar free cookies, oats, green tea, quinoa etc..
11. Skip eating out restaurants frequently: Cook your own meals for hygiene and good nutritional value. Avoid all sorts of fast foods, refined flour (maida), sugars, sweets, soda, foods high in carbohydrates to keep yourself in good shape.

12. Pack your snacks: If you are a college student or if you go to work simply plan your meals and carry it with yourself. It takes a little effort but trust me it is worth a try.

Hope this article inspires you to go healthy and helps you loose some weight. Stay beautiful!


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