Ill Effects of Facial Bleaching

Ill Effects of Facial Bleaching

We all are very well versed with the concept of Facial Bleaching. Most of us are too scared to make it a regular ritual to bleach our face, so this practice is just restricted to some special occasions and parties. Before attending such an event, we just open up a pack of store bought bleach and without even paying a lot of attention to the instructions, we just mix the powder with cream and apply it on our delicate facial skin. This most of the times, clears out skin and makes us look like ‘Gori Gori’ But, seldom do we think about long term effect of bleach on our skin. So, let’s see what happens to our facial skin in the long run with the constant usage of such bleach.


Generally, we bleach our face to hide soft facial hair, blemishes or moles and to bring some glow to our dull skin. Bleach not only lightens the facial hair it lightens our complexion also. It evens out the pigmentation marks and other spots thereby making the skin look flawless. But the point to be kept in mind here is that this effect stays for just 15-20 days. After this, the natural complexion of your face will come back. And you will again feel the need to apply facial bleach again. Regular use of bleach on your face has some ill effects also:

• Bleaching involves peeling and exfoliation of the upper layer of our skin. Which means the more sensitive inner layer of skin is exposed to the sun and other environmental hazards, making it more prone to wrinkles, age spots and hyper pigmentation. Hence, regular and long term usage of bleach can make your skin saggy and patchy.

• Facial bleach has some very harsh chemicals, which can lead to severe skin discoloration. This would mean that you would be inclined to use the facial bleach more often and aggravate the problem and are stuck in this vicious circle of facial bleaches.


• Bleaching is not a long lasting solution to hide facial hair and other ugly spots.

• Sometimes, facial bleach can also cause severe irritation and itching. A red spot along with burning sensation is also experienced.

• Bleaching just gives a superficial advantage of hiding unwanted facial hair. Though for darker skin tones, bleached hair become more visible.

• Continuous use of bleach can cause liver and kidney damage also.

After reading the above mentioned ill effects, you must be really scared of using facial bleach again. My purpose of writing was never scarring you. It’s just that, we have to be a little cautious while bleaching our face. There are a few points that should be kept in mind:

• Always do the patch test before applying it on full face
• Never over do the timing, thinking it will have a lasting effect if you keep it for 5 minutes more.
• Try to pick bleaches with natural ingredients.

Correction face women

• Don’t apply bleach around eye area.
• After applying bleach, try to stay indoors for a while. Sun rays can cause damage to your sensitive facial skin.
• Don’t use face wash or soap immediately after bleach. Just use plain water to wash off.
• Don’t use it when you are already experiencing acne or other facial problems.
• Try not to bleach too frequently.

Hope the information provided was helpful to you. I would say, try not to make bleaching a regular affair, as it causes more harm than good in long run. Restrict the usage only if there is no other way of hiding the facial hair and adopt other ways to bring natural glow and freshness to your face. Believe in your natural beauty rather than fake fairness. Stay Beautiful.

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7 thoughts on “Ill Effects of Facial Bleaching

  1. Thanks shilpa for such an informative article 🙂 …agree with your point on natural beauty….m 26 but till date I haven’t used any chemical on my skin all natural stuff n I have seen the wonders thy did to my skin…..will forward this to many of my friends who r kinda addicted to bleach … *announce* *announce*

  2. Bleaching never suits my sensitive skinb *nababana* *nababana* *nababana* *nababana* *nababana* it does more harm for me than good *headbang* *headbang*

  3. gr8 article… everything you listed down is so true…. i read it somewhere earlier also and completely stopped using bleach on my face.. to my surprise my face is even more better now…
    i think nature is best when not interfered with… *nababana*

  4. Hello,

    It is really good article but my question is,
    Is there another way to hide hairs on face instead of using bleach?????

  5. The article claims that bleaching causes kidney and liver damage without citing any evidence to support the point. Is there a credible source to support this claim? As far as I know the liver and kidney damage are known to be caused by some bleaching products that use either hydroquinone or Mercury. It would be fair to classify all bleaching agents as liver and kidney damaging agents only if backed by evidence.

  6. Also there are many people who do not use bleach to ‘fake fairness’ but just to feel normal. I have had the opportunity to work with severe cases of PCOD or Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder/ PCOS. Most of them have severe hirsutism or hair growth on their face and are often ridiculed by our society. Many of them can’t afford laser and many are not suitable candidates for laser. Dermatologists also in such cases advise them to go ahead and bleach the hair to lead a normal life. Being a natural beauty doesn’t help the case there. Not everyone has the confidence to go out and about their lives with a beard or sideburns on their face. So to each her own. The best thing would be to educate yourself well. Ask the right questions and don’t judge people.

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