IMBB Approved : Best and Worst Sunscreen 2012

Which has been your favourite and not so favourite sunscreen of 2012? Also mention your skin type. 🙂


31 thoughts on “IMBB Approved : Best and Worst Sunscreen 2012

    1. You can try suncote gel by Curatio , I have been using it for a long time it didnt break me out.The silicones in the Lotus one is probably breaking you out. Look for a silicone free sunscreen if you can.

      1. I have very sensitive acne prone skin and Clinique sheer city block spf 25 is the best one out there… Never irritated my skin. and this is not a chemical sunscreen but physical sunscreen containing titanium di-oxide and zinc oxide. Avoid chemical sunscreens if u have sensitive skin 🙂

  1. Dry skin
    Best : shahnaz Hussain with a bit of moisturiser.. Else it wont blend well
    Worst : himalaya. Too oily..excess sweating..

  2. I dunn like any I tried Lotus, Lakme, Garnier etc. but still get very bad tanning with very less sun exposure 🙁

    Will wait for the results here and try some 🙂

  3. For my Oily sensitive skin:
    Best: Clinique City Sunblock SPF 40
    Worst: Neutrogena dry touch sunscreen, broke me out every time i tried it. Lakme – all of them – they just don’t do anything!

  4. Skin type:combi

    Best:lotus(indian summer formula)

    Worst:olay spf 30(darkens my skin by atleast by 3 tones on application) 🙁

  5. Skin Type:Normal to oily

    Best: Neutrogena dry touch sunblock SPF 50 pa+++(On daily basis)and Shiseido perfect UV protector SPF 50+ pa+++(occasionally,under makeup)

    Thankfully no worst sunscreens

  6. Skintype : Sensitive breakout prone oily skin

    Best sunscreen: Clinique sheer city block SPF 25 . never broke me out , never irritated my skin
    Worst: All chemical sunscreens breaks me out

  7. Skin Type: Normal to Oily
    Best: Lotus 3 in 1 matte
    Worst: All neutogena(dry touuch and oil free lotion) sunscreens. It breaks me out badly everytime

  8. skin type : normal to combination

    my all time favourite is Lakme sunblock …….i am using this from fifteen years..

    also tried neutrogena dry touch and loreal uv pefect something …but at the end i like my lakme one 🙂

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