IMBB Beauty Panel : A Secret Skin Care Tip and HG Makeup Product for Festive Glow

As the festive season is round the corner – Karwachauth, Diwali, Weddings, Christmas, New Year parties..It’s a happy-crazy time of the year. We all have our little secret tips that we right before the busy seasons starts. We all go back to the basics picking things from our kitchen counters to bringing our Holy Grail products in full swing during this time of the year. Afterall, we all want to look good and feel good while enjoying the festivities and capturing the moments in our hearts and photos. So, this week our panel shares those lovely makeup and beauty secrets that they’d probably share only with their closed pals . But we are IMBB family right and you gotta share things with family.:)

Hope you enjoy reading this week’s panel and we hope these tips help some of you to get that festive glow. And don’t forget to share your secrets in comments below as well. 🙂
IMBB Beauty Panel

Rati : I have normal to dry skin and sometimes it is sensitive. I am all about the skin care before that festive season. I feel of your skin looks good, a lot of things become easier. Even though it is a bust time of the year, I try to find atleast 4-5 minutes to give myself a little face massage. It relaxes me and takes care of my skin like no other. These days I am obsessed with Clarins Lotus Oil. I absolutely love using Bobbi Brown Cleansing Balm as well. The citrusy fragrance invokes my senses. Plus it cleans my skin from within. 

Makeup Products : The Balm Mary Lou Manizer. Cannot do without it!

Jomol :
I have oily skin type that’s sensitive and also acne prone, so all my products have to be allergy free, hence I trust Clinique Superbalanced Powder to make me look oil free and fresh in this festive season. One skin secret or rather suggestion that I would like put forth is to exfoliate your skin thoroughly – it’s the best and faster way to get smoother and softer skin (MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator) would be my pick.

Rashmita : Tip: Slather face with aloe gel like a mask.Keep for 15-20mins,wash off and you have clean hydrated skin.

Product: Mac studio fix powder foundation, long lasting, survives sweat and keeps fresh looking even after long hours, touching up is fuss free.

Skin Type– Combination to oily. It tends to get dehydrated in air conditioned surroundings, monthly zits on chin….arrrghhh!

Shikha : Skin Type : Normal – Dry
I have already started preparing for Diwali as I want my skin to glow in all the festive selfies. Apart from consuming sufficient water and seasonal fruits daily, I am heavily relying on one home remedy for glowing skin, and in case of emergencies, I fake freshness and glow with my foundation.
Tip : I make a paste of besan (gram flour) + honey + lemon juice, keep it on my face for ten minutes and wash with plain water. I do this every alternate day. It keeps my skin clean, well moisturised, clear and glowy.

Makeup Product : I love my L’Oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation. I just need a pump to cover my entire face and neck, and am sorted as it’s very long lasting. It hides minor blemishes, pigmentation, pores and keeps my skin fresh-looking. I love how well it blends with my skin. Love the fact that it doesn’t make my skin either dry or oily. And how can I forget to mention – it photographs really well, with and without flash.

Saloni : Skin type: Combination skin and acne-prone
Product for glowing skin: Lotus xpress glow 10 in 1 daily beauty creme gives me a healthy glow which looks very natural and flawless. It works just like your beauty editing app, just a second and the skin looks transformed. And I would probably top it with some highlighter.. What could give me a better glow than a highlighter? 🙂

Tip: Just a dollop of fresh pure honey with a few drops of lemon! Use it everyday and you would be glowing during the festive season! If you have acne prone skin, replace lemon with cinnamon powder!

Varsha :
I have a combination skin which means I need to treat my T-zone separately compared to the rest of my face. I do follow the grill that is cleansing, toning, scrubbing and moisturizing. For my skin type I have tried and tested several products through the years and have currently shortlisted a few for my daily skincare regime which does not breaks me out and undoubtedly satisfies my skins thirst totally :-).

Starting from Cleansing I use The Body Shop CAMOMILE Gentle eye makeup remover for eyes as well as all over my face taking a swab of it on a cotton, it does takes away all the dirt and grease off the face. Yes, I do agree it says eye makeup remover but I have been using this all over my face since an year now, it is so light and watery it works for me totally. Secondly, (once in a week) I use KIEHL’S clearly corrective white Skin Brightening Exfoliator which cleans the dirt from the deep pores as well. Third comes the face wash; when I am not using a scrub I use KIEHL’S Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash or when I am breaking out sometimes I substitute my face wash with Clean & Clear deep action oil control face wash. Finally, I apply Clinique clarifying lotion 3,(the product name on the bottle says lotion but it’s a pink coloured product which is a toner) and this mostly finishes my cleansing routine.

Although, I have lately started using KIEHL’S Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and KIEHL’S powerful-strength line-reducing concentrate that is after using the toner at night before going to bed. Honestly, I do swear by KIEHL’S and CLINIQUE products and genuinely believe that they are very good skin food and if used regularly does what the product claims which is it works wonders for the skin and makes the skin healthy from internally and externally. My skin is glowing like never before.

Apart from this I do use a lot of “Beauty Buffet” products once or twice in a month like their Scentio range milk plus bright and white facial scrub, raspberry smoothies facial scrub and many more.Their products smells too good and they are very light on the skin and makes the skin squeaky clean, and yes during the festive season when iI do need that extra glow these are what i use.
Above everything i do make it a point to drink 9 to 12 glasses of water everyday which can never fail from giving my skin a healthy glow :-).

Kulpreet :
My Skin type: Oily/Combination skin which is acne prone.
Secret skincare tip – Hydration and Moisturization!! Thats what gets your skin glowing. Means – ensure you drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated. Add to it by local application of a hydrating product before sleeping – like hydrating masks or face oils. Lastly, moisturise!! Lot of people with oily skin think they do not need a moisturiser. Years back – I was guilty of the same thought. However, every skin needs a moisturization – creams, gel, serum – whatever works for you. And this is not just for your face, but body as well.

Makeup product that I swear by that keeps me looking fresh – You might find the answer very strange but for me, I’ll say Concealer. I feel, this is THE MOST under-rated product in India. People are willing to shell out money for the foundation and the lipstick but feel they do not need a concealer – despite their dark circles. During festive season, we tend to sleep late and it shows on the face in terms of dark circles, tired skin, etc. Covering dark circles can really make the face come alive. And you can go a step further and do a bit of highlighting to make the skin look fresher and wake. But the most important weapon is the Concealer. PLS BUY A CONCEALER!!

Neha A :
Tip for glowing skin:
A few days before any special occasions do drink lots of water to detoxify. On the day of event exfoliate and use a good face mask . I use a face scrub made of oats and a yogurt face mask. You can also use any good store bought face scrub and sheet mask instead.

Makeup product:
Use strobing technique to get amazing glowing face. Build up glow in layers. Moisturizer( I love Charlotte Tillbury Magic cream), then a dewy foundation (Giorgio Armani luminous skin foundation) , add highlighter (Becca shimmering skin perfector in Moonstone) and lastly a dewy setting spray. (Tatcha luminous skin spray) .You can do all or just few steps depending on how much glow u want.

Neetu :
Skin type: oily acne prone and sensitive skin type
My magic tip for skin care is: using homemade vitamin c serum every one month alternatively with store bought AHA/BHA lotions/serums. I rely on ole henriksen walnut scrub before going for any event as it sloughs every trace of dryness, exhaustion, dead skin and oil traces off my skin.
For makeup: I use layer of primer (currently loving make up forever step 1 equalizer smoothing primer) topped with just my staple face powder, Urban decay perfecting loose powder which always add that extra glow freshness to my face when needed 🙂 apart from thick kohled eyes and luscious lip colors and just a confident smile to rock any event or occasion. 🙂

Priyanka P

Skin type- normal
I rely on natural ingredients as much as possible. I recently changed my night time skin routine where I just wash my face with my organic cleanser and then take 3-4 drops of almond oil and massage my face and neck area for about 2 minutes, wipe off the excess oil. This has helped my skin become really soft and supple, adds a glow to my face and gets rid of those small bumps on your facial skin. I’ve been doing this for over a month now and won’t be discontinuing this any time soon.

Also I do a facial using natural ingredients like Gram flour, Multani Mitti, sugar, honey, milk etc once a week for a month before Festivals so that my skin has a natural glow and is free of any breakouts.
Recently I’ve been loving the Deborah Milano CC 8 in 1 creme foundation on me, since it gives a natural coverage and lasts for a long time.

Ankita Das :
My skincare tip for all is making a custom all natural serum for my skin needs. I use a concoction of argan, jojoba, evening primrose and rosehip seed oil with few drops of lavender & geranium essential oil. This brightens my skin, reduces acne, acne marks, aging signs and blemishes.
My go to product is BECCA rosegold skin perfect highlighter and Mary loumanizer which gives my skin a healthy glow.
My skin type is dry hence no need of blotting powders. Highlighter and my serum makes my skin look all healthy. 🙂

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    1. Hi mansi vitamin c serum recipe is shared on IMBB 🙂 the writer made it with vitamin c tablets but how I make it is: 2 tsp lemon juice a tsp of rose water, drops of honey then one capsule of fish oil (ruptured take the oil), and 1 capsule of vitamin e. simply mix and shake well in a dark bottle and keep refrigerated away from sun light. Use this concotion at night for a week or 4-5 days then make fresh batch weekly or as per ur req 🙂 hope this helps mansi 🙂

  4. i apply paste of almond to remove blemishes…. it also removes tan and helps in skin lightening as well
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