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imbb-beauty-panelIn this week’s edition of IMBB Beauty Panel we asked our Panel members about that one body moisturiser that they are stocking up for the upcoming winters. Some of them are going back to the good old home remedies, some going back to their favourite brands and some are sticking to the age oils traditions of using body oils. Let’s see what they have to say and would totally love to hear your favourites as well in the comments below.



Rati : I am going to have many bottles of Jergens Body Moisturisers. They are thick, non greasy, hydrating and apt for my dry skin that gets drier in the harsh Delhi winters. I also go through many bottles of Forest Essentials After Shower Oils. Sometimes my dry skin just refuses to agree to the moisturisers so the good oil oils come into the play. I think FE has just made using oils a whole lot of luxury than just a task.

Jomol : I trust the good old Vaseline Body lotion, but when the temperatures drop and the air gets too dry, TBS body butters come to my rescue.

Shikha : My skin tends to get very dry during winters so only a moisturiser post bath isn’t sufficient for me. Here’s what I do – before going to bed, I warm up some coconut oil and massage my body with it; put clothes back on and slip into the blanket(s). And after taking a bath, I apply a good, thick body butter by TBS. Hence I would say I am stocking up two kind of moisturisers for the winter, and will use them daily to keep my skin healthy, radiant and well moisturised.

PS : I live in Delhi, so you can make out what kind of cold and dryness I am talking about. ”

Rashmita : There is little need of lotions or creams in Chennai but I love the Body Sorbets by The Body Shop. Superb texture with lovely smell.

Priyanka M : I indulge a lot into different brands of body moisturiser, but I always have at least one variant of St.Ives body moisturiser in stock. They are all moisturising, hydrating, absorbs into the skin quickly, stays on long and do not feel greasy at all. They leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and supple, along with a pleasant fragrance. They are paraben free too 🙂 P.S: I do not have oily skin.

Saloni: I am never loyal towards body lotions, but as of now I am layering my skin with Vaseline intensive care essential healing body lotion since Vaseline works the best for dry skin, but I restrict its use to bed-time. Being a fruity fragrance addict, I always have a tub of The body shop strawberry body butter to quench my skin’s thirst during winter days since it makes me smell like a strawberry milkshake!

Guests :

Neetu : Aveeno positively ageless firming body lotion for both hydration & anti-ageing benefits, it does not feel sticky or leave residue hence my go to lotion for hanging out. While TBS body butters for enjoying snowy weather in comfort zone of home 🙂

Priyanka Pendam:  Winters in Mumbai don’t hit till late December or January, so till then I’ll stick with Vaseline Aloe Fresh Lotion. For when my skin gets dry, I trust Vaseline Cocoa glow to heal dry skin and make me smell amazing too! 🙂

Ankita Das : Any moisturizer, even the Nivea body lotion fails when the cold, dry winter sets in. I trust a perfect blend of almond and jojoba oil to moisturize my body.

Neha A : Being a product junkie I never stick to just one product but something I will keep going back to especially during the super dry winter season is the Dove body lotion for all over skin and The Body shop body butters for targeted dry area such as elbows and knees.They are available in so many different scents too !!

Kulpreet : I have an extremely dry skin (except for my face) – so I have been advised by the doctor to use lotion/body butter/oil – something/anything to keep it nourished. So, I have tried way too many body lotions and body butters. However, I was amazed by the results I got from Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil. It is an oil which gets absorbed quickly, does not leave a residue on the skin, does not stain your clothing and leaves your skin looking visibly nourished and healthy. Love it!! The only flip side for me is the heavy smell of chocolates – I am not a chocolate fan!

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18 thoughts on “IMBB Beauty Panel : Fav Winter Body Moisturiser

  1. I love the Nivea body milk works for me.. but my eyes are on TBS body butter and FE shower oils now.. so many positive reviews make me sooo tempted 😉

  2. Wow! Thank you for picking this product this week. I need to pick a body moisturiser and was just preparing to go through the archives to hunt for some good ones. 🙂

  3. I just tried FE soundrya body oil, i also stock tbs cocoa butter body butter, Aroma magic cocoa butter and vanilla body cream, TNC bitter almond body butter, palmers cocoa butter.
    But the best thing ever happened to my dry skin is organic cold pressed coconut oil.

  4. I’ve nver tried tbs body butter but they look like everyone’s fav and i’ll try them this time.. I use vaseline body lotions only ?. Also want to try FE oils ? *making notes*

  5. Vaseline Total Moisturiser body lotion is suitable for Mumbai’s weather … I wish ki kabhi yaha bhi jor ki thand pade .. so I can use Vaseline cocoa butter body lotion … but tab tak Vaseline Total Moisturiser body lotion is my winter saviour !!!

  6. My favourite is the vaseline body lotion and the traditional alternative coconut oil..Being in Chennai, I have never felt the need to use butter n lotions.

  7. I could already smell chocolates, strawberries and what not while reading the post. I vouch for Nivea body lotions and next are the TBS body butters (Peach and starwberry).

  8. Rati – I stock up on Jergens too…they are like my HG product now, be it winter or any other season. Love the different variants they have come up with like Aloe vera. Nothing beats them with the kind of price tag they come with…soooo affordable and works without fail 🙂

  9. Chennai does not get very bad during winters although last time it was a little harsh. So this I am prepared to finish up a bottle VS Hydrating Body Lotion. Otherwise, I would opt for Nivea for body and use it as a hand cream as well. It is also easy to pocket these.I look forward to use the new bottles of Parachute Body lotions that came with a good discount.

    P.S. Used to love IMBB’s ‘currently loving’. Currently loving ‘Beauty Panel’ :). When are discussing winters, I am certain about a lip balm discussion. Happy to look forward to it 😀

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