IMBB Blog Sale Part 3 , 11 Jan, 2013

Seller : Rati

Sale Rules :

1. Everything is in perfect condition. If there is some problem with anything I have mentioned it along with the product.

2. Please make the payments by Tuesday, 15th January 2013. I’d be sending out the couriers on Wednesday.

3. There would be no returns or exchange.

4. Everything is for Flat Rs 2100/-. Almost all the bags are in the price range of Rs 2500 to Ra 10,000

5. You can get in touch regarding the products at imbbteam[at]gmail[dot]com. Just put the subject ‘Rati sale’

6. The bank details for the payment as as follows :

Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank
Account Name: LA Edukreation Pvt Ltd
Account Number: 52105066113
Branch: Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi
Type: Current Account
IFSC Code: SCBL0036033

7. Open only for Indian residents.

Since a few of you would be curious why am I doing this sale. Well! making space for new stuff. πŸ˜› While I have enjoyed using these things, I am more than happy to pass them on. πŸ™‚

Happy Shopping. πŸ™‚

1. Bag : Dhruv Patel. Seen HERE


2. Brand New Jute Bag : Unkown


3. Mango Tribal Clutch . Seen HEREΒ 


4. Zara N*de Bag. Seen HEREΒ 


5. French Connection Sequined Clutch : Seen HEREΒ 


6. River Island Envelop Clutch (the edges are teeny bit off): Seen HERE


7. Brand New Aldo Hobo Bag



8. Vero Moda Chocolate Brown Sling bag. Seen HERED84A5923

9. Charles and Keith Tan handle bag. The edge is slightly off but since it is the inner part of the edge, it is not visible). Check pic below. Seen HERED84A5924


10. Kavita Bhartia Hobo Cloth Bag. Original Price : Rs 6500


12. Hidesign Joanne. Seen HEREΒ and HERED84A5927

13. Aldo Floral print Clutch. Seen HERE Β D84A5928

14. Nappa Dori Leather bag. Seen HERE and HEREΒ D84A5929

15. Zara Fuzzy Bag. Seen HERED84A5930

16. No Name Green Bag. Seen HERED84A5931

17. Vero Moda N*de Travel Bag.Β D84A5933

18. Hidesign Ochre Yellow Bag. Seen HERED84A5934

19. FCUK Sequined Clutch. Seen HERED84A5935

20 : Forever New Fan Clutch. Seen HERE

21. Charles and Keith White Quilted Bag. Seen HEREΒ Β and HERED84A5937

22. Deep coral red Zara Suede Bag. Seen HERED84A5938

23. Asos Black Leather Bag. Original price : Rs 10,000D84A5939

24. : Β Brand New Zara Tan Sling BagΒ D84A5940

25. Promod Coral Bag . Seen HEREΒ D84A5941

26. Zara Tan Sling Bag. Seen HERED84A5942

27. Love to Bag Clutch. Seen HERED84A5943

28. Brand New Dastakar Genuine Leather Bag.


29. Brand New Promod Turquoise BagD84A5945

30. Mango Red Bag . Seen HERED84A5946

31. Vintage Black and White Leather Bag. Seen HERED84A5947

32. Zara Beach Bag. Seen HERED84A5948

33. Zara Black Bag. Seen HERED84A5952

34. Unknown Transparent Bag. Seen HERED84A5954

35 : Grey Black Zara Bag. Seen HERED84A5955

36. Charles and Keith Furry Bag. Seen HERED84A5956

37. Da Milano Peach Bag. Seen HEREΒ SOLDD84A5957

38 : Zara Black Leather and Jute Wedges. Size : 40. Seen HERED84A5965

39. Nine West Brown Pumps. Size 41. Seen HERED84A5966

40. Charles and keith Brown and Black pumps. Seen HEREΒ Size 40D84A5969

41. Nine West Pointy Black Gold pumps. Size 41.Β D84A5970

42. Zara N*de Wedges. Size 40. Seen HERED84A5971

43.. Steve Madden Green Clogs. Seen HERED84A5972

44. Nine West White Heels. Seen HERED84A5973

45 : Size 39.5 . Steve Madden Silver Black Pumps. Seen HERED84A5974

46. Nine West Ochre Sandals. Size 41. Seen HERED84A5975

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131 thoughts on “IMBB Blog Sale Part 3 , 11 Jan, 2013

  1. Rati, me gonna transfer the money for the grey black zara bag.
    Doubt- How much are the shipping charges? How much should I transfer alongwith the 2100?
    And also aftr transferring I ll email the transaction details at the mail mentioned above. Is that fine? Any other instructions?

      1. Thank u for the quick response. Email coming your way πŸ™‚
        <3 <3 u and IMBB.. this sale has made my day(week, month) πŸ™‚

  2. thank you everyone for shopping. :)) Products that are not solds in sale 1,2,3 can still be bid. you may directly get in touch with the sellers. πŸ™‚ Have a good day everyone πŸ™‚

  3. rati di i ahve never ahte d myself more for not being your shoe size! I am euro 38!!!!!!!!!!! and the promod coral bag i am drooling will need approval from higher authorities who are currently at some stupid meeting! the moment he is out i am going to start cajoling so that i can take that bag that is if it is not taken earlier!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Aww.. all sold.. i was loooking for asos black leather bag and pramod coral bag.. πŸ™ Is thr any chance of sale again… πŸ™

      1. aww.. I wish i wud have been in delhi today.. πŸ™ Happy shopping everyone!! Now focusiing on next year bags sale, as am definitely visiting delhi by 2014.. πŸ˜›

  5. Lovely stuffs Rati…. all are eye candies.
    I wish I could have bough something, but I am on a Shopping ban for this month… better luck next time to me πŸ™

  6. Hi Everyone,

    Rati is not online right now but we shall compile the list of who got what in the late evening. You can still bid for the products even if they have been bid for by someone else before. If the bidder before you doesn’t response by the aforesaid time, you’d be given a chance to avail the product. πŸ™‚

  7. Since the ladies are all vying for the bags, let me eye the shoes. Thangawd you are my size!. Are any of the shoes available? I’d like the following, please:
    38 : Zara Black Leather and Jute Wedges. Size : 40.
    42. Zara N*de Wedges. Size 40.
    46. Nine West Ochre Sandals. Size 41.

    The Mango red bag and the Promod coral bag too if they are available.

  8. Hayela!! C&K white quilted bag par my dil aagaya but such a tight budget this month πŸ™ hope i c it in anodr sale *sob sob*

  9. here is the list :

    nappa dori bag, nine west brown pumps – picee
    aditi – hidesign yellow bag
    Jomol -peach bag
    rashmi – hidesign joanne
    rachna – asos black bag
    Pooja P – vero moda choc bag
    Shruti – grey black zara bag
    shilpi – no 33 zara black bag
    ramita – Charles and keith furry bag no 36 and vintage bag no 31
    Deepa – love to bag and mango tribal clutch
    Dhanya : Kavita Bhartia Hobo Cloth Bag, Brand New Aldo Hobo Bag
    Nidhi : Mango red bag
    Deepti : Charles and keith tan bag
    vineeta : promod coral bag
    rekha : zara red coral suede bag
    aruna : Zara Black Leather and Jute Wedges. Size : 40, Zara N*de Wedges. Size 40,Nine West Ochre Sandals. Size 41.
    amel dhruv patel bag

    thanks everyone for shopping. πŸ™‚

  10. Nice collections Rati. I wish i could have got 1 was struc in office all day and bam everything is sold. Even had a size 41 shoes i missed it.

  11. hey rati! dear i wanna buy Steve Madden Green Clogs sandal as well as mango reg bag and asos black leather bag… please tell me status..i really wanna buy all dese…. thnks.. will b waitng for ur reply

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