IMBB Diwali Bazaar 2016

Heylo everyone,

So, our favorite festival, Diwali is just a few days away and aren’t we all excited!! It’s sale time everywhere, so we thought why not bring back our hugely popular blog sale/Sunday Bazaar concept this Diwali! If you have been dreaming of owning your first MAC lipstick this Diwali or that much-hyped Real Techniques Expert Face brush, chances are high, you might end up getting those from genuine buyers on IMBB, that too at reduced rates! If you are new here, read on for more details 🙂 Our Diwali Sale would take place on October 28th, 2016.


What is IMBB Diwali Bazaar?

A kind of multi-sale happening that would take place on October 28th, 2016,  Friday, and is open to Indian residents only. Readers who want to sell any of their products- cosmetics, handicrafts, self-made products, etc. can send us the details of the products and users who want to buy can wave their wallets. Simple? Not really.

To prevent any misunderstandings, grudges, hair-pulling, name-calling, or death threats from occurring here, we have made some rules for both buyers and sellers. These rules have been made because in the past blog sales, a few buyers had some issues with the sellers. Hence, we are taking some necessary steps to prevent such happenings. I would list the rules one by one. Please note that ALL the rules are compulsory. Please note that all the rules are COMPULSORY!

Rules for Sellers

1. The fixed entry fees for sending your products to be sold in IMBB Sunday Bazaar is given in the following chart. The reason we have kept the fees is that the past sales were taking a lot of our time, energy  and effort. At the end of the day, we were not gaining anything out of it. Hence, a nominal fees is kept for hosting a sale here from this time onwards. 🙂


rati beauty ad

Please remember that this is a non-refundable fees for uploading and maintaining your product details, and it has to be submitted to us in advance. Please note that the price category your products would lie in would be determined by the price of the costliest product in your sale. Also, price = selling price of the article and NOT the original price.

2. To be eligible for the blog sale, you will have to scan and send the following-

  • Your Landline Phone Bill (with address) OR Your Last Month’s Bank Statement/ Credit Card Statement (with address). This is needed for seller’s authentication. Your Aadhar card will also do.
  • Your Current Mobile Number. This would be authenticated by us and we can pass this to the buyer in case of a dispute.
  • Contact email (to be mentioned along with the products).

3. The following details have to be sent for each product and clearly mentioned on the product’s picture wherever applicable (Some points may not be valid for self-made products)

  • Two images (one of swatches in case of cosmetics)
  • Original Price (Write this on the photograph).
  • Sale Price  (Write this on the photograph)
  • Shipping Charges (write this on the photograph)
  • How Old is the Product (Write this on the photograph.
  • How many Times it Has Been Used (write this on the photograph).
  • Product Condition (write this on the photograph).
  • Expiry Date of the Product (Write this on the product).
  • Size (write this on the product)>

4. You can send products for sale in any of the following categories:

  • cosmetics and beauty products
  • handicrafts
  • Accessories
  • Art
  • Bags and Shoes
  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Housewares
  • Jewelry

5. You have to send details of all the products by October 26th, 2016.

6. Only females can sell their products in Sunday Bazaar. It is not open for Males.

7. You are obligated to provide all the required information correctly about a product. Failing to do so would permanently ban you from future blog sales. Also, the responsibility for the courier reaching the buyer safely and in perfect condition lies with you. You have to email the courier details to the buyer. In case the buyer has a dispute about courier-related issues or the condition of the product, we can pass on your contact to her. Although you are not obligated to take back the product once sold, we would like you to address the concerns of the buyer. If we deem the buyer’s concerns to be genuine we would be forced to ban you from our future sales. Also, the buyer would be within her rights to take whatever action she deems necessary.

8. In every sale, you would have to post the names of the buyers who would get the first, second and third chance to buy respective products.

Rules for Buyers:

1. Sale for any product would be on a first-come-first-serve basis through the comments section. If someone is interested in a product, she can still bid for it even if it has been already bid for by someone else. So, we can have bidder 1, bidder 2, bidder 3 etc. for some product. The chance to buy that product first will go to bidder 1; if bidder 1 does not respond bidder 2 would be given a chance to buy the product, and so on.

2. You have to confirm that you are purchasing a product of a seller by emailing the seller within 24 hours. Also, you need to transfer the amount in the seller’s account within 48 hours of receiving the seller’s bank account details. In case of a lack of confirmation or a lack of transfer of funds in the seller’s account, the seller has a right to offer the product to the next bidder.

3. Only female buyers can take part in IMBB Diwali Bazaar. The sale is not open to male buyers.

4. If you have transferred the amount in the seller’s account, you cannot cancel your order with the seller. Also, you cannot return the product once it reaches you. In case you have issues about a product once it reaches you, please contact us and we shall provide you the seller’s contact details. Please note that you are buying the products at your own risk and the seller is not liable to refund your money. However, you are free to discuss your concerns with the seller.

Disclaimer and Statutory Warning!

IMBB is in no way associated with any of the buyers or the sellers. IMBB is only playing the part of a facilitator between the buyers and the sellers. Note that any dispute between a buyer or a seller has to be settled by both the parties without involving IMBB into it. IMBB also reserves the right to prevent any buyer or any seller from taking part in the sale.

Well what are you waiting for? If you want to sell your products in our first IMBB Diwali Bazaar, that would be held on October 28th, 2016, Friday, send us details of your products by 10:00 pm Thursday, 26th May, 2011.

Note that we would be fine-tuning the rules of the IMBB Diwali Bazaar in the coming days, so if you have any doubts or queries, please voice them here.

Happy Buying and Selling! 🙂

Some Valuable Tips:

1. Images: Take pains to shoot tempting images of the product. Take the snaps during the day and take clear swatches wherever necessary. Remember that attractive images and swatches would really help the buyers to make their decision.  Also mention all details about the product on the photograph itself.

2. Description: Note down all the good points about the product in bullet points and send them to us. If you don’t tell good things about your products who else will? Many sellers fail to stress the good points about a product. As I said in my earlier post, make your product look like a superstar.

3. Prices: Well, you can argue incessantly with me on this point but the sum of product price + shipping should be less than the actual price of the product by Rs. 30- 50. We Indians are highly price sensitive, and sometime the only reason we would buy a product online would be that we are getting it for cheap and with less hassles. If your sale price + shipping is comparable to the actual price why wouldn’t someone go and buy the product from the shop? Please fix the prices of your products wisely. Remember, since you are not using it anyway, it is of zero value to you.

4. Shipping: Please DO mention that if a buyer is buying more than one product the shipping charges would not be per product but only for one product, or whatever the total shipping charges would be.

5. Your Presence: Be present at the time of the sale. You’d not only be able to answer possible queries buyers might have but also push the buyers into buying your products just out of courtesy. At the end of the day, people are always nice to each other. And sometimes it’s all about relationships. And being present is a big part of your relationships, no? ?

6. Product Usage: Right. Good image. Good description. Good price. Still the buyers won’t touch the product. Why? Because you forgot to mention how many times the product have been used! Don’t let doubt creep into the minds of your buyers. Tell them about the past usage of the product. Be honest. They should know what they are getting so that they don’t feel cheated when they receive the product.

7. Freebies: Well, we all love freebies! If you can offer some freebies with your product, please go ahead and do so. Everyone loves freebies. And they might be tempted to buy your product even if they do not need it. ?

8. Everything can fail: Well, it can all fail at the end of the day. Simply because the product is not needed by any of the buyers. You can offer tastiest of beef to a Vegan and he’d say no just because he doesn’t need it. Same can happen with your product.

Well, all those who want to participate in this IMBB Diwali Bazaar need to send in all details this week itself, max by October 25th, 2016. They have to send us their product details, entry charges (see the table), and address proof’s scanned copy asap to this mail id

That’s all people. Please do send in your entries for this Diwali Bazaar 🙂

Important Dates to Remember:

Diwali Bazaar Date: 28th October 2016
Send Details by: 25th October 2016
Last Date to Transfer Money: 26th October 2016


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  1. Oh wow…This is the first time I am seeing this kind of sale on IMBB and sooo excited about itt… 🙂 eagerly awaitnig the sale…

    1. Hi Pallavi, Rati is in Paris, so she will be unable to sell this Diwali bazaar and we will try to conduct such bazaars more often 🙂

  2. Hi jomol, if I want to sell 5 items costliest being 900, how much I have to pay. Do u calculate on basis of total of all 5 items.

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