Another IMBB Mumbai Meet :)

Another IMBB Mumbai Meet

After having a gr8 time with Rashmi and Renuca the first time we met, we had another IMBB meet today…This time the special reason being Rajol was visiting Mumbai so there was no way we could miss this chance and yes, we did manage to catch up before she returned back to Bangalore. Renuca sadly couldn’t join us this time due to some other commitments….We missed you Renuca and Aidan ☹

L-R Rajol's Doll, Rajol, Rashmi and HD :)
L-R Rajol's Doll, Rajol, Rashmi and HD 🙂

For me personally…I met 2 MAC Gurus!!!!!!!!! And is it possible that we do not visit a MAC store in the vicinity!!! So as expected we first headed to MAC where Rajol picked up some lovely lipsticks for herself while her little princess was enjoying herself on the makeup seat….I loved one of the shades she picked and am highly tempted to buy it for myself ☺

We then went to the Food Court of the mall where Rajol’s daughter was thoroughly enjoying herself and keeping others around entertained too while we were chit-chatting and suddenly Rashmi surprised us with gifts!! Yes, she had got gifts for me and Rajol…isn’t that sweet of her!!! THANK YOU DEAR!!!! She gifted me a set of 6 ECO Tools brushes!!! What better gift could I have got!!

Ecotools Brush Set
Ecotools Brush Set

Isnt the gift bag beautiful!!

Ecotools Brush Set
Ecotools Brush Set

When these 2 MAC gurus were discussing about MAC e/s n stuff, I was just sitting there quietly trying to sink in as much as I could…Totally awed by their collection!! But atleast now I know whom to go to when I want to anything from MAC…Rashmi was always in the list…you’ve been added now Rajol!

All in all an afternoon extremely well spent and I soo look forward to meeting Rashmi and Renuca soon and Rajol too whenever she visits again!!

Rashmi & Rajol It was a pleasure meeting you and I am so glad to have made such lovely new friends!!!


77 thoughts on “Another IMBB Mumbai Meet :)

  1. rajol, is your daughter’s name doll? so cute! she’s beautiful! you’re glowing yourself!
    rashmi and HD look so refreshing too. how do you manage to look so composed in such humid weather?!
    the gift is wonderful!
    where did you meet this time?
    p.s. – rati, what’s up with the smilies in the post? i’ve been noticing since a few days that they’re tiny and black.
    .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

    1. oh actually when you copy the post directly from the word the smileys come out like this. HD sent a word file and I copy pasted it so that’s why….

      1. that doll’s name is Sia…..she is such a darling princess….was gng to talkin to everyone arnd us when we were at the food court…she even made friends at MAC

    2. thanks rima 🙂 hey u asking abt mumbai mausam … ahh MAC’s blot powder is my secret and hd??? i wonder ??

      hahahah 🙂

    1. Nando’s has some of the greatest chicken 😀
      Its a Portugese style casual dining joint – they do different varities of chicken (wings, legs, full, burgers)with their sauces. Nando’s sauces are (as written) authentic portugese – come in mild, medium, hot and some super hot i think. they taste quite yumm.
      it used to be the easiest closest to indian hot food in the UK. do try it sometime… not sure though where all they have franchisees in india.
      .-= Gaea´s last blog ..Loreal Paris De-maq expert Rich- Ultra-Effective Make-Up Removing Cloths – Beware! =-.

      1. this pic is in the food court of the mall so Nandos in the background!!

        Gaea…yes nandos is famous for its chicken…but I didnt like the veg food there….so not much of a fav with me

          1. Actually tagging along with Sanjeev, he has some seminars to take at our Pune franchisee. 😛 Aisa abhi pakka types nahin hai. Btw how far is pune from mumbai?

            1. Pune is not very far from mumbai…arnd 150 kms….it takes arnd 3-4 hrs by arnd on Pune-Mumbai expressway..hw many days u coming?

                1. wel…yeah can think abt tht too….we’ll plan out something once ur plan gets fixed…just depends wht day of the week..with work n all

  2. You all look pretty! Rajol, your daughter’s adorable! :-* Is it InOrbit?

    p.s: Noticed the guys at the table behind you giggling like a bunch of girls!! 😛

  3. Wow, you guys really did have a lot of fun, I really missed out :(… Loved your brushes HD, very sweet of Rashmi to gift them to you. And Rajol..what can I say like mother, like daughter, both of you are dolls :yes:

  4. Rajol, your daughter is cutie cute…. :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: she looks like an angel O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) …….my son will not even sit still for one second and your sweetie pie is posing for pics…mwaaaahhhhhhhhh…..ohhhh…and you HD, Rashmi, and Rajol…what did you have food-wise….that’s another aspect I am more interested in :plate: :plate: :plate: :plate: :plate:

    1. actually Jomol….i think thats a guy thing…coz evn Renuca’s son was gng all over the plc and we girls anyways like posing for pics na??

      We had juices n french fries 🙂

  5. i cant add any more… Rajol – u need to do that thing they do for “nazar hatana” on your daughter :p not that our nazars here are bad. but generally! 🙂 [tats the granny side of my talking!]
    U all look fresh, happy and nice 😀
    HD – love your kurta!
    the pic of the bag before the brushes – is that how the brushes come? (if so v glam!)
    .-= Gaea´s last blog ..Loreal Paris De-maq expert Rich- Ultra-Effective Make-Up Removing Cloths – Beware! =-.

    1. Thanks Gaeo :-))

      & no thats not how the brushes come…the brush comes in the ziplock bag which is there alongwith the brushes….Rashmi gifted it to me in that bag…its pretty na

  6. I am J…all of you are meeting up so often :alien: :alien: :alien:

    Rajol…no wonder your li’l angel is so pretty..Like mom like daughter 🙂 and she looks like a huggable doll :hugleft: :hugright:

    So sweet of Rashmi to have got you gifts and all…

    HD : Your kurti is gorgeous. Personally, I love that combination a lot

    Rashmi : aap kal full day missing thi..and I was thinking what happened..Now I know..LOL

    Come to BLR na..we’ll have some lovley time and moreover you have wingee also here.

    1. She is totally adorable *touchwood*

      Torquise blue is one of my fav colors too…infact whn I n mom go shpng we hv to make a conscious effort to not pick up much of this color as we already have a lot of it…

      I really want to meet you Poornima….I hope we can someday…

      But right now maybe its time for a BLR IMBB Meet?

  7. @ HD : Yup yup me too wanna meet u…definitely..Need to consult with wingee for a Blr meet perhaps.

    Btw, where is Vidhya? long time since she came here I guess..

    @ Rati : I really want to sweetie..I’m planning an extra day for that..Lets see hw it works..keeping fingers crossed…excited.

      1. After seeing all these pics…I refuse to meet unless the dress code involves wearing a tent for clothes and a matka to cover my head…everyone is so pretty here :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien:

  8. i love your kurtas !!
    & the ecotools brush set looks amazinggg (i’m so J now 😛 )
    btw do any of you think that rajol has very kareena like features??

    1. yessss…

      I agree wid you. Rajol does have Bebo ish features..You know I looked at all the pics again and confirmed…Kareena has a more bony facial structure, whereas Rajol’s face is slightly fuller..And the eyes are very very similar 🙂

      1. yayy someone agrees with me. but a fuller face is so much better than a bony structure. Rajol’s face looks full of life. i won’t be surprised if see her on tv anyday soon 😉

  9. gawd!! seems like you guys had a fun time there!!! and Sia is like little porcelain doll..and BTW…Rajol..where you in Kerala yesterday?at oberon mall?cause i though i saw someone A LOT like you there in Reliance timeout with a baby too…I noticed her because of her pretty ,light eyes…
    .-= fathima´s last blog ..Makeup Neccesities for a teenager =-.

  10. @ rati

    hey we will come to puna no probs .. but if u have any query abt where to stay just let me know dear:)
    @ hd darling we will go to puna … would be more fun … otherwise mumbai to hai hee rati ko khich ke lane koooo

  11. Hey Poorni,,,… know….if you are going to meet Rads…make sure you buy some eladichoornam as a gift….she has a contagious kind of itchy disease :giggle: :snicker: :giggle: :snicker:

  12. Thanks you! all for the compliments…

    Gaea: I usually have to nazar uttaro for my daughter once I get home… it’s become a practice…(the mommy in me, makes me do it by default)

    Poornima: Thanks you, for the compliment 🙂 Post pregnancy, my face has become more fuller… 😀 . Infact, my hubby too will agree with you on my resemblemce to Bebo… :-))
    And, I am based in Bangalore…we can catch up sometime.

    Rashmi/HD: we should do this everytime I come to Mumbai…
    Renuca: the next time you should def. try to make it.

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