Where to Shop Summer Clothes in Delhi in Winters: Ask IMBB

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Sugandha Asks:

Hi friends..

I am off to Mauritius for this Xmas and New Years (YAYY!!) and its gonna be summers there (not so YAYY!!)..now the real problem is I don’t know where to shop from in this Dill ki Sardi for clothes to wear there (not at all YAYY!!)

Here comes the IMBB gang for my rescue (reason to YAYY!! again)..pls suggest me nice stores where i can get shorts, hot pants, ganjis, summery dresses etc. etc..will be going to ZARA this sunday though!

Pls reply asap..have very lil time..




6 thoughts on “Where to Shop Summer Clothes in Delhi in Winters: Ask IMBB

  1. you can head to lifestyle for dressy tops, casual tshirts and pants from brands such as ginger. they have summer clothes all the year long. you can also check out shoppers stop. you won’t find a good range of shorts/skirts at this time of the year anywhere, so you can go to sarojini for them. they won’t last you very long, but be gentle while washing them and i’m sure you’ll spend your vacations in peace. also check out forever 21 for light, breezy tops. they still have them.

  2. hey rima!!
    my friend visited sarojni last week for me n was very disappointed 😐
    i had totally forgotten about lifestyle..thank you so much..will surely go there tomorrow!!

  3. Hi Sugandha,
    Why dont try Soma boutique! They will have light trendy cotton stuffs . They also have those huge beach hats.
    One of the store is located opposite PVR Plaza (CP) and the other one is in Meher Chand Market, Lodhi Road.

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