7 Impeccable Ways to Master the Minimal Makeup Look

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You might have heard about minimal makeup look. What do you understand by minimal makeup look or no-makeup look? Generally, it is understood that this look does not include the use of all essential makeup products. Other than this, some women consider bare face as no makeup/minimal makeup look.

Realistically, a minimal makeup look is obtained by using selected makeup products that give a natural finish after application. There are few tips to look enticing in minimal makeup look:

1. Highlight your most flattering features
Every girl is gifted with a special feature on her face for which she gets compliments from everyone. It can be your big eyes, well-shaped eyebrows, plump lips or sharp nose. Never forget to highlight grabbing that feature of your face in order to make you look nice instantly with no makeup on.


2. Tinted moisturizer instead of foundation
Why to rush for cakey foundations if you can obtain a dewy finish by a tinted moisturizer. Choose a decent and suitable moisturizer that can provide a significant tint to make your skin look eventoned and flawless. Otherwise, you can use a concealer to hide any blemishes because it is not possible to handle stubborn flaws by applying a tinted moisturizer.

3. Say no to translucent powder
This is one of the most basic steps of an ultimate minimal makeup look. Completely avoid a loose powder after applying tinted moisturizer. Instead of using a loose powder, apply your tinted moisturizer perfectly. For that, you will have to use your fingers for application and blending.


4. Make the most of mascara and tight lining
Mascara and tight lining sound too conventional as a makeup technique, but these are the vital tricks to achieve a naturally pretty look with almost no makeup. Besides mascara, you can use almond oil or any other nourishing oil so that your lashes will look thicker and darker. Tight lining defines the lash line, so you can skip eyeliner without thinking twice.

5. An eye shadow one tone darker than your skin
Nothing can be better than this. If you want to pick an eye shadow, than grab a shade which is just one tone darker than your skintone and that’s it. Golden, beige and diffused brown shades are apt for this look.

6. Bringing eyebrows and undereye corners to the fore
Brow bones are highlighted during eye makeup only to provide a defined texture to eye brows. And if you have small eyes, underye corner highlighting is a must for you.

stained lips

7. Natural lip stains or tinted lip balms
In this point, I will reveal my own secret for naturally stained lips. If you do not find a suitable tinted lip balm, don’t worry. Apply a thick layer of Vaseline on your lips and keep it on lips for at least 10 minutes and then remove it with cotton. Now apply a dark shade of lipstick with your fingers on lips and make sure it does become heavy on lips. You will get a stain finish on your lips.

If you have not tried this look yet, here I give you 4 reasons to try it now:
• It is an apt choice for everyday makeup (especially for workplace) because it never makes you appear over-the-top and harbors your natural beauty.
• It does not consume as much time as the ordinary makeup does. Obviously, nothing can be better than this as time is money.
• It highlights the best features of your face with little to no efforts. So, you can love ‘the real you’.
• As it does not use as many makeup products as used in ordinary makeup, you will save money and your makeup products will last for long.

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