Importance of Makeup Primers

Importance of Makeup Primers

Hey girls,

Makeup primers come in a large variety for different skin types and skin problems. Some of us tend to skip priming our face before makeup because we are running short of time, are plain lazy or we just couldn’t be bothered to do so. But if you knew what a difference it makes, you’ll never skip priming your skin ever again!

Importance of Makeup Primers

We all know the basics of what a primer does. It holds our makeup in place the whole day, but there’s so much more to makeup primers and I am about to tell you.

For starters, I’m sure some of you and especially those with oily skin find that your makeup just tends to melt off your skin like ice cream or you tend to shine like a disco ball because your skin just secretes way too much oil. By using a makeup primer, those problems wouldn’t be problems anymore. The makeup primer will keep the oil and shine at bay, which means you no longer have to worry about melting makeup or a shiny, oily face.

Importance of Makeup Primers

Another problem would be breakouts from foundation or maybe clogged pores from foundation use – that can so be solved. Priming your face before foundation application will actually help with those mentioned problems above as the primer will act as a barrier between your pores and the foundation, not letting any gunk to clog your pores.

Most primers contains lovely ingredients that can help with refreshing your skin under your makeup. Also if you’ve got sensitive skin, there are primers that contain mild ingredients which won’t stimulate your skin, so it’s okay to use a primer.

Dry skin? Your foundation tends to get flakey and cakey? Your skin’s texture is horrible? Makeup primer is the solution! You will be surprised at how smooth your skin turns out after priming your face. Plus, your skin texture will improve and no more flakey, cakey foundation. Also, under all the layers of makeup, your skin would still be hydrated and protected.

Importance of Makeup Primers

If your makeup tends to streak, crease or fade, a makeup primer will leave your makeup streak-free, crease-free, long-lasting and flawless. Some primers also help with blurring large pores, redness, brightening, getting rid of dull skin and etc. You can easily achieve a healthy glow and complexion.

Those who suffer from fine lines, dark spots and pigmentation will also find makeup primers pretty helpful. Why? It does help to minimize fine lines, temporarily remove dark spots and pigmentation too.  If I have managed to successfully convert you into a “makeup primer believer,” here’s some tips on how to pick a primer:

Tip 1: Skin Tone

Primers sometimes comes in different hues to help with different problems. To name a few, green-colored primers help with redness, mauve/light purple primers help with dull skin tones and light pink primers help with brightening your complexion. There are many other hues and if you’re not sure, you can always ask the shop assistant or check online.

Importance of Makeup Primers

Tip 2: Skin Type

Different skin types require different primers to cater to your skin’s needs. Figure out what’s your skin type. Is it oily? Normal? Dry? Combination? Choose a primer suitable for your skin type.

Trust me, a primer is going to make a whole lot of difference in how you apply your makeup. It’s worth investing in a primer and it’s worth that extra step to achieve a better makeup result.

I hope this has helped you somehow. Good luck girls! 🙂

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  2. this post is like a bible…awesome post…I have a combination skin…any tried and tested primers that someone can recommend that would be of a great help

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