Inatur Herbals Sandal Face Wash Review

Inatur Herbals Sandal Face Wash (fairness face cleanser)

Hey Girls!!! Today the world is getting attracted more towards organic and herbals and so am I, therefore bought this herbal face wash from Inatur Herbals.

About the Product: A creamy facial cleanser with famous Indian sandal to remove all impurities from the face and make you look young and fair. Gives a moisturized and healthy glow to the face.

Inatur Herbals Sandal Face Wash (fairness face cleanser)

Ingredients: Aqua, sodium laurel sorcocinate, coco glucoside,glyceryl,oleate,coco amino propylbetane ,cetocetyl alcohol, myristyl myristate, cocomono diethanolamide , turmeric extract, vertiver oil, sandalwood, liquorice, dmdm hydantoin, phenoxyethanol, T.E.A, E.D.T.A. ,fragrance.


Sandalwood:  Legendary in skin care, anti inflammatory, astringent and toning.

Liquorice: Brings fairness and prevents akin ageing.

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Vertiver: Antiseptic tonic, regenerative for ageing and tired skin.

Turmeric: Cleanse and detoxify, removes dead cells. Increases blood circulation on skin cells and has a glowing effect.

Directions for use: apply morning and evening to wet face, gently rub to create foam. Rinse with clean water.

PH tested 100% soap free.




Shelf life: 30 Months.

MRP: Got erased  but between Rs. 100 to Rs. 150

Amount: 150 ml

My Experience: After I finished off my garnier oil control face wash I was searching for some cleanser which makes my skin oil free but at the same time keeps it moisturized. I tried using Himalaya neem facial cleanser but to my shock it gave me zits, so during a shopping spree at big Bazaar I saw a face cleanser from Inatur. It was relatively a new brand for me but the product screamed of being herbal and that is what caught my attention.

It comes in a flip cap tube which you can easily carry in your bag. The product does not leak but whenever you open the cap there is always some cleanser near the cap and the rim area. It is an off white colored creamy facial cleanser which is not too runny (a very good point about the cleanser) I gently applied it in my wet face and tried to make a lather of it, but it did not foam much. It’s just like when you apply a cream and instantly wash it off so it comes in a slippery way with out producing foam.

It takes a lot of water to cleanse it off completely so that the slippery feeling goes away. After washing I patted my face dry and it was the moment I realized that “THIS IS IT”. My skin was just perfect. I mean the oil went away but well moisturized. It did not give me that stretchy scaly dry skin. I have almost finished the tube and I really like it more than any cleanser I used till date. After washing your face smell of sandalwood lingers (somehow I like fragrance free cleansers).

The Pros of Inatur Herbals Sandal Face Wash:

  •   It is herbal.
  •   Dermatologically tested.
  • 100% soap free.
  •   Not tested on animals.
  •  Packaging is good.
  •   My skin is loving this , as it does not dry and keep it (my skin) well moisturized
  •   Shelf life is 30 months.
  •  It is not runny.

The Cons of Inatur Herbals Sandal Face Wash:

  •   The slippery feeling ( it takes a lot of water to make that feeling go away from your skin)
  •   The cleanser has a sandalwood fragrance that lingers (actually not a con but I like products to be fragrance free as such lingering smell irritates me while breathing)
  • Can not call it totally herbal as contains cetyl alcohol.

My verdict:  I am totally in love with this product (minus the fragrance) will definitely buy another tube as soon as it finishes off.

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IMBB Rating: 4.25 on 5 minus .75 on all the cons listed above)

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22 thoughts on “Inatur Herbals Sandal Face Wash Review

  1. Had never heard of this brand..But after reading your review, i feel like trying out something from them. Will have to keep a lookout.

    Thanks for the review :thanks:

      1. INATURE is made in Delhi for the I Care group in the UAE. Hence the Arabic 🙂
        Very popular in the Middle East.
        I guess now they sell it in India too.

  2. i dont have any big bazaar around. i just finished using my lush and lakme face washes. have to pick another one in a day or two. I will see if i can get hold of this. 😀

  3. nice review pooja :yes: … but getting 1 is a prob.. lets c.. i’ll try it if found anywhere.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  4. This sounds so good! Will try and look fr it in Big Bazaar. Btw I have the red heart pillow too (Except tht it has nothing written on it) 😛

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