Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss: Cream-Brown 13

Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss: Cream-Brown 13

Hello Lovely ladies,

Today I will be reviewing my last lip gloss from the Incolor lip gloss haul I did some time back. This one is from their “crystal brilliance” range and in shade cream brown. I like wearing softer shades to work and some time back from somewhere I got this craving for a light creamy shade lip-gloss. I wanted a lip gloss to tone down my dark lipsticks and something which I can wear alone also to get natural looking lips.

incolor crystal brilliance lip gloss cream brown


Rs.160 for 6.5 ml

What product claims:
incolor crystal brilliacne lip gloss cream brown wand
Product claims nothing on the packing but this is what I found on the retail site .

• Gives intense definition & glossy finish to your lips.
• Gives a long-lasting effect.
• Contains moisturizing elements.


Not mentioned.

My Experience with Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss-Cream-Brown:

incolor crystal brilliacne lip gloss cream brown swatch
As the other Incolor lip glosses reviewed by me on IMBB this one is also very moisturizing and of creamy consistency. It glides easily on my lips and never dries them out. It has no smell and no irritation it causes to my lips.
Now let’s talk about this shade creamy brown, this is more like a golden + bronze shimmery shade. On my slightly pigmented lips it doesn’t look good as it’s a gives very light coverage. Also I have yellowish skin tone so this shade does not suit me. I guess there will be very few people who can carry off such shade. So wearing this gloss alone is not possible for me, here this lip gloss failed to fulfill one of the two reasons I bought this for.
lip gloss and lipstick combinations
But for the second reason it worked wonderfully. It beautifully toned down my bright lipsticks and gave them a shimmery touch. I also used it on top of my matte lipsticks which are drying in mature and this moisturizing lip gloss saved my lips from drying. By using this lip gloss on top of my dark lip colors I am able to get different shades from the same lipstick which is very nice.
incolor crystal brilliacne lip gloss cream brown lip swatch
Though it needs frequent touchups due to its bad staying power but because of its miniature packaging it can easily come even in your coin purse too. This makes it very easy to carry around. In whole this creamy moisturizing lip gloss fails to impress me when worn alone because of its shade but works beautifully when used on top of other lip sticks.

Pros of Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss-Cream-Brown:

• Very creamy and moisturizing.
• Works wonderfully to tone down dark lipstick shades.
• Keeps lips moisturized when worn on top of matte lipsticks.
• Inexpensive.
• Not very sticky.
• 3 years shelf life.
• Sturdy packing.

Cons of Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss-Cream-Brown:

• Difficult to carry off when worn alone.
• Shade does not suit pigmented lips.
• Bad staying power.
• No ingredients mentioned.

Final Verdict on Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss-Cream-Brown:

This lip gloss is hard to carry off alone but looks good on top of other lipstick shades. It can be used to tone down dark lip colors, it’s inexpensive, creamy and moisturizing. Give it a try if you are looking for a moisturizing gloss to tone down dark colors otherwise ditch it.

IMBB Rating:


Will I repurchase Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip Gloss-Cream-Brown:


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  1. I really wanna know which lipstick have you swatched closest to your palm??the brownish- orangish color??it’s super pretty..I have been looking for that color!!!

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