Incolor Glimmer Blusher in Brick Brandy Review

Incolor Glimmer Blusher in Brick Brandy Review

By Amropali N.

Hi Everyone,

This is the very first time I am going to review a product on IMBB. I am so excited!!! Hope you like it!  Recently, I purchased an Incolor Blusher in Brick Brandy from an online shopping site. Though the color is somewhat darker than what I had expected while purchasing it online, but still I like it. The cake started breaking off into pieces just after a few days, maybe there was a packaging issue. However, I thought of sharing my experience with this new color with all the lovely ladies on IMBB.

Incolor Glimmer Blusher in Brick Brandy Review


Original price was Rs. 225 for 9 gms; I got it for Rs. 191.


The packaging was disappointing. This was the major set-back about the product. Well, blushers are something which a girl always carries in her bag and if it ends up breaking into bits and powder, your bag is going to love it more than your cheeks.


The ingredients have been mentioned at the back, but the stamp from the company covered almost all the ingredients name 🙁

Image 2

My Take on Incolor Glimmer Blusher in Brick Brandy:

Well, this is not the best blusher I have with me, but it’s not that bad as well. It is mostly wearable in the evenings and girls with a lighter skin tone can flaunt it well. It will not be a great choice for the girls with darker skin tone. Though the name of the product says “Brick Brandy,” it is more of a baked pinkish shade.

Pink Blush

If you are going for a late night party, this blusher can be a perfect choice with your little shimmer dress. However, the shimmery effect can turn out to be problem sometimes, as a thick layer can make it look patchy. This can be a turn off with many. So, I would suggest that just a light swipe should be enough. The packaging is also not satisfactory. The lid is not that tight.

Pink Blusher

Pros of Incolor Glimmer Blusher in Brick Brandy:

  • Pigmentation is good.
  • Has a shimmery dazzling effect.
  • Inexpensive and is a good option for experimenting with the other colors as well.
  • Perfect for an evening look.
  • Gives a glam look for the party.

Pink Blush Swatch

Cons of Incolor Glimmer Blusher in Brick Brandy:

  • Lasting power is not too strong and stays up to 4 to 5 hours maximum.
  • Water resistant.
  • Can become patchy with excessive application.
  • Not much can be mentioned about this product.

Would I Buy Incolor Glimmer Blusher in Brick Brandy?

Yes, I may purchase Incolor Glimmer Blusher, but I am more keen towards getting the other colors and trying them out as well.

IMBB Rating:


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11 thoughts on “Incolor Glimmer Blusher in Brick Brandy Review

  1. its a nice shade dear,,, sad it broke into pieces.. its pricey on the website coz we get it in less than 150/- in mumbai… welcome to imbb 🙂

    1. Thanks Natasha… I believe the price differs from place to place and Mumbai is always a fashion hub.. will definitely try buying a few other shades when i will visit Mumbai next time 🙂 🙂

      1. sure dear…. u will get better deals here fr sure n u get to see the product too unlike online shopping….so start saving fr a few months so that u can get lots of stuff … lol :p
        welcome to imbb

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