Incolor Glimmer Blusher: Mild Brown Review

Incolor Glimmer Blusher: Mild Brown Review

Every time someone speaks of “Beauty Center” in Mumbai, I want to fly to Mumbai with a packed wallet :P, but alas that never happens. I have heard that the shop there has Incolor and Jordana Cosmetics as well and when I found this brand online on a website, I thought I must try it.

Incolor Glimmer Blusher Mild Brown Review

Now, I am in a serious blush phase, but mainly matte blushes which I can wear without second thoughts; my recent favorite being the Bourjois blush I had reviewed last month.  So, I was enthusiastic about these pretty-looking, dome-shaped, baked-type blushes and the pictures looked true to life and hence I ordered this blush because the name sounded very wearable, but the mistake I made was that I did not read, “glimmer.” I hadn’t thought how glimmery and shimmery these would be!

Incolor Blusher

I received the parcel in a shattered state, I mean the blush was powdered (that’s another story) and so I had to transfer the powder to some stackable pots I have and the remaining is what you can see.  Actually, the shape of the shadow is in a dome shape like the Bourjois eyeshadows, but the entire thing has come off.

Incolor Blusher

The color is a very shimmery one and it looks like a pure copper color to me unlike what I had imagined it to be. The color turned out to be a bronzer.  In fact, this makes for a great bronzer shade for your body and the face as well sometimes.

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Incolor Blusher

The texture is very soft and it feels almost like any baked blush to me. The powder is a little chalky as in the shimmer is very finely milled, but still falls here and there.  The powder is very tough to blend as well. Contrary to the feel and softness of the blush, the blush is very hard to blend. It gets very patchy on the skin and then it sticks on the skin, not ready to be blended.

Incolor Blusher

For the above reasons, i.e., the patchiness, shimmer, and being a bronzer shade that it is, I recommend this one as body bronzer only. I don’t recommend this for the face, neither will I use it for my face because somehow I find its just not right for the face. Plus it is so shimmery, I would look very tanned when I use this. Also, its so shimmery which makes it only a night wear. Though the shimmer is finely milled, the sheen that it gives would be a disaster for oily skin!

Incolor Blusher

Incolor Blusher

Last Word:

The color is too shimmery and bronzy to be used on the face.  The texture is fine and soft no doubt, but this one has failed to impress me because it has a lot of coppery sheen to it, strictly for the body as a bronzer only!

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30 thoughts on “Incolor Glimmer Blusher: Mild Brown Review

  1. I know “everyone”matlab kaun neha…heeheeheee…So sad u got the product all shattered…should have told me I would have sent it across all bubble wrapped.

    1. arey han tum sab log bombay wale 🙁 and natasha bhi and more ppl 🙁 il send u an empty bag u fill it from beauty centre and send me 😛

  2. Nice review Neha 🙂 I am already so tanned this summer that i can’t even think about using it and its too shimmery to use it as blush, but i would love to use this color as an eye shadow. 😛

  3. Oh that’s really sad to see a pretty powder turn to literal dust like that Neha 🙁 I’m also sorry to hear it didn’t turn as you wanted on your skin, yes shimmers can really accentuate your pores and worse clog them! I would suggest you can use this as an eyeshadow ? Lord knows the colors are pretty enough to use it for a sultry bronze smokey look! 🙂 ALl in all the color is pretty, but you should talk to the company that sent you this and see if they can do some kind of refund or replacement! 🙂 GOod luck!

  4. thats bad come they didnt pack it properly? anyways good you got refund 🙂 can this be used as eyeshadow? just wondering 🙂 definitely too loud and shimmery for face..what were they thinking while making this blush

  5. oh my that’s a sad state of the product. 🙁 but yeah I also didnt like it too much. like there is a difference between getting a bronzed look and coopery look. 😛 good atleast you got the refund. 🙂

  6. U know i got one of these while leaving Mumbai. 😛 Haven’t used it till now somehow. Will try tomorrow and check how it feels. 😛

  7. hi neha

    nicely reviewed! I have a query regarding Chennai, I will be coming there for some purchasing and am looking forward to buying revlon foundation and cosmetics, could you suggest which mall or shop to get this from there where the sales ladies are trained in choosing the right shade. would love to know your recommendation.

    1. for revlon i cant say much…for lakme i love the SA at shopper’s stop
      and serioulsy dont hope for them too help u chose right
      and as such how many shades does revlon have? 😛
      try kryolan at ramee mall for a good match or mac may be at EA

  8. Pretty color…will make for a great eyeshadow..and since its broken, you can scrape off a bit and add it to your foundation to create your very own illuminating lotion!

  9. Hey Neha,

    I have a beauty centre rite next to my house in Mumbai. Its a 10 min drive. Its a 4 floor bliss full of cosmetics and make up goodies…. 🙂

  10. Oh tell me about it… the best part is it caters to spa and beauty parlour business.. so u gt discounts on all products.. u even get bath and body works stuff there..I love that place

    1. ur talking abt the Crawford market waala right deepa??? i also make it a point to go there once in 3 – 4 months 🙂

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