Incolor Glimmer Blusher: Nutmeg Review

Incolor Glimmer Blusher: Nutmeg Review

Incolor Glimmer Blusher Nutmeg Review

I have already reviewed one of these that I had, which is in bits now, powdered and broken and I am barely going to use it. The name was “Mild Brown” and I had no idea its going to be coppery. As for this one, I bought it according to the picture on the site as I thought its going to be a light one and hence I can still try to use it some or the other way, but this one was disappointing as well.

The color is a pretty light peachy highlight shade I would say and it’s a shimmer one like the name says.  There are no big chunks of shimmer, but soft fine shimmer. The texture is average, I mean looking at it, its baked kind of a blusher, I had thought its going to be mindblowing soft, but its just fine, nothing great.

Incolor Glimmer Blusher Nutmeg

When you swipe it once, you get enough color, but not really very thick powder there. The feel is a bit gritty, but still not glittery or anything. The shimmer is finely milled, but now here is the problem. The shimmer is not bound well together.  How can I explain this, when you try to spread it on to the skin, the shimmer gets all patchy and doesn’t blend well together like you would see in any other shimmer blush or highlight. This is my biggest turn off about this product. The powder when trying to blend gets so patchy and loses the whole color to it and blends into nothingness.

Incolor Glimmer Blusher Nutmeg

As a blush, I don’t think I will ever use it.  If I do use, its going to be like a highlight.  I would use it on the bridge of the nose, the high cheek bone under the eye and the centre of the forehead, that’s it. Apart from that, I don’t think I am going to use it much either.

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Incolor Glimmer Blusher Nutmeg

Some of the points that I want to point about this very average product is that the shimmer is so patchy and mild when blended, the whole product loses its worth.  The ingredients and the quality really scare me. The texture is average, not  very soft as it would look when you see the pan.  I wish it was better made because it could have been a nice blush. I would still say it would work as a highlight for me.

Incolor Glimmer Blusher Nutmeg

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17 thoughts on “Incolor Glimmer Blusher: Nutmeg Review

  1. i know exactly wat u mean by patchy shimmer! yeeesh! i hate wen th product does tat…but lik u said it sure wud look super as a highlight 🙂

  2. There r nice colors in this range Neha bt sadly u picked the wrong colors… Yes these blushes hv glitter, it says glimmer blusher already!!! These r quite a hit in beauty shop fr Rs. 125 bt I don’t like it that much coz I hv open pores n it xaggerates it 🙁 its good fr those wid flawless skin!!!

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