Incolor Professional Eyeshadow – 824 Bliss Blue

Incolor Professional Eyeshadow – 824 Bliss Blue

Hello girls! By now, all of you must have understood my love for eye makeup. For every eye shadow lovers, the “collection” is incomplete without at least one blue eye shadow. Surprising as it may sound, I just had blue eye pencils but no eye shadow of the same color till date. Recently, I ordered two eye shadows from an online store and will be reviewing both of them. This one is the first one. It is shade “Bliss Blue”. True to its name, the very first sight of this was an absolute bliss!

Incolor Professional eyeshadow 824 Bliss Blue


Rs 165 ( I got it at a discount for Rs. 136)
Incolor Professional eye shadow # 824 Bliss Blue 1

4.5 gms


The packaging is very cute! It has a transparent lid which swivels to reveal a dome shaped eye shadow inside. It looks kind of the baked ones. It has a mirror behind too. Overall, I really like the packaging.
Pigmentation, texture, staying power:

Incolor Professional eye shadow
Incolor Professional eye shadow # 824 Bliss Blue swatch 1
It will be an understatement if I say I like this shade. I am totally in love with this blue! It’s the perfect blue that I was looking for. The pigmentation is awesome and a single swipe does it all. So this huge quantity is going to last me a lifetime. There are very fine shimmers which are almost negligible and which just bring sheen on the lids once applied. The eye shadow is fragrance free and that is another thing I love about it. I used it without primer and it stayed on for 5 hours after which it faded a little. Maybe using a primer will make the pigmentation more intense and increase the staying power too.
Incolor Professional eye shadow # 824 Bliss Blue swatch 2
Summing up:

Pros of Incolor Professional eye shadow – 824 Bliss Blue:

• Quite affordable.
• Huge quantity offered.
• Awesome shades to choose from.
• No fall out.
• No creasing.
• The texture is smooth and not at all chalky.
• Fragrance free.
Incolor Professional eye shadow # 824 Bliss Blue eotd 1

Cons of Incolor Professional eye shadow – 824 Bliss Blue:

None that I can think of!

Will I repurchase Incolor Professional eye shadow # 824 Bliss Blue?
Incolor Professional eye shadow # 824 Bliss Blue eotd 2
Not this one as it will last me quite sometime. But definitely the other shades of this range!
Do I recommend Incolor Professional eye shadow # 824 Bliss Blue? Of course! It is a must-have for blue lovers.

IMBB Rating:


Coming up with the review of the other one soon! Till then, take care! 🙂

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34 thoughts on “Incolor Professional Eyeshadow – 824 Bliss Blue

  1. love your Eotd aparajita 🙂 i don’t own a single incolor eyeshadow but after reading your review, i am tempted to get a few 😛 the color is so pretty 😀

    1. hihihi! these comments makes me so happy that i start giggling 😉 😀 😀 sending next one this afternoon 🙂 but correction, YOU are the best 🙂 :*

  2. ye dekhne ke baad beauty shop here i come…… vow mast color hai… tere eye make up ka kya kehna yaar… too good 🙂 i want green now 😛

      1. Aparajita i would lyk 2 knw dat where frm did u buy the incolor products…can u pls provide d link of that site…and thanks for the review…!!!

        1. my commnt will go under moderation if i give the link 🙁 its frm flpkrt, u can chk it there. but i think this shade is out of stock now 🙁

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