Incolor Professional Eyeshadow

Incolor Professional Eyeshadow

Hello Again!

To all my dearies, here I am with a review of a product from the Incolor Cosmetics.  I don’t know why I am becoming a fan of this brand and I feel it is mainly because of the cheap cost and almost fair-to-good quality.

Incolor Professional Eyeshadow

These days, bronzers are quite a rage. Use it on your face or highlight your eyelids, and use it many other ways.

The advent of bronzer happened a few years ago when the makeup artists got bored of gold, silver and shimmer. Plus these shades do not compliment the dusky skin tones as much as bronze.

There are many bronzers available in market and also in varying shades, you can pick the one that suits your skin tone.  Now, in my case, I just wanted to buy something to try if it would look good on me as I have fair skin.

So, I decided to try the cheap options.  A makeup artist friend of mine suggested Incolor.

This product comes as an eyeshadow.


Sorry, none are mentioned.


Only Rs. 80/-, now that’s where I don’t feel bad.  Even if the product is not going to work out for me, I can toss it off in the bin.

Bronze eyeshadow


Very cute packing, its a purple-colored round tub with a sliding lid which opens the case.  Its not the unbreakable type, but would last well I think unless you get overzealous playing with the cute sliding lid.



Its a beautiful bronze-colored shimmer shadow, more towards orange color.  Bronzers are available in different shades with a hint of brown undertone/yellow undertone or even pink. This one is shade No. 811.


Here’s the bummer, it’s not very smooth.  It feels more grainy, so have to take extra efforts to blend well.

Swatch 1

How To Use For a Chiselled Effect:

Use a brownish blusher under the highest part of your face so that becomes the shadow area. Bronzer is to be applied right here blending it well upwards. On the prominent part of your face, you can apply either any other colored blush or best is a beautiful peachy shimmer that will give you the sexiest dewy look.

Other Uses:


I so very love wearing short dresses and even though I got a pretty okay pair of legs, I love to make them look better, so what comes to the rescue? Of course, our bronze shadow!!!Take an ample amount on a big fluffy brush (that you don’t use on face) and trace a line from your knee in the front along the bone right till down. Just blend it a little. The whole idea is to make some light reflect from there, so your legs look more longer and sexy.


Collar Bone:

The beauty bone, why don’t you swipe some along it? Really it looks super!

Pros of Incolor Professional Eyeshadow:

  • Good color if you just want to try.
  • Will suit all Indian skin tones.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Multiple uses.
  • No fragrance whatsoever.
  • Cute packaging.

Cons of Incolor Professional Eyeshadow:

  • Its lasting power, if used with a base or primer, it will stay till 3-4 hours.  Otherwise, the shimmer/shine falls away and you look orange, but on me that’s still pretty.
  • The packaging may give away if mishandled.
  • Limited availability.
  • No ingredients mentioned.
  • No applicator provided.

But, I still feel its a total steal, don’t think, just go buy it. Remember you have to ask for the eyeshadow in bronze color or else the SA will give you a dumb look.

IMBB Rating:

4/5, one point off because it’s not a super brand but it still works wonders.

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25 thoughts on “Incolor Professional Eyeshadow

    1. no incolor is not available online.As I said b4 it is not a super brand they dont market so well..very few ppl have come across this brand.

  1. nice review. I like the brand too. i bought one of their blushes when i was in Bombay recently..i bought it in Andheri (7 bungalows)

    1. yeah Aru u get them in Mumbai….i already hv 6 blushes 😉 he he.,,,, spoilt for the price i guess 😀

  2. wow… nice shadow with multi purpose uses.. and at such a price i think it’s a must buy … But I don’t know where I’ll get it in Delhi.. 🙁

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