8 Incredible Bedtime Beauty Tips You Have To Try

This post is going to take about a list of quick, easy, incredible but also somewhat unusual beauty tips that you have to try at bedtime. You are more likely to have the luxury of time at night before you go to bed, which is why this is the perfect time for you to try some of these beauty tips out. However, it is also true that some beauty techniques work best overnight because the products need time to work their magic. Let’s take a look at what these bedtime beauty tips are and how you can reap these benefits while you catch up on your beauty sleep.

Bedtime Beauty Tips

1. To smell incredibly nice when you wake up: The trick here is to apply your deodorant of your choice the night before, just before you get into bed. This will allow the deodorant to work most effectively through the night and make sure that you smell nice and fresh all day long. However, don’t do this on a regular basis because long-term usage of chemical deodorants is not recommended.

2.  To keep your hair looking voluminous and lustrous: Wash your hair the night before and blow-dry it on low heat. Once it is about 80% dry, you could tie up in a loose bun and get into bed. You are sure to wake up with gorgeous, lustrous and naturally wavy hair. This will also save you time in the morning as you won’t have to worry about styling your hair.


3.  For super-soft and plump lips: Exfoliate your lips with a DIY lip scrub (coconut/olive oil and sugar) and apply a DIY lip mask (coconut/olive oil mixed with honey) just before you get into bed. You will wake up with unbelievably soft, supple and nourished lips.

4.  To make sure extreme temperatures don’t affect your skin while you sleep: Using a humidifier in your bedroom is a great idea. It will counter the drying and dehydrating effects of the AC and the heater and will ensure that you wake up with healthy-looking skin.

5. For plump, nourished and radiant skin the next morning: You don’t need a super complex skincare routine to ensure that wake up with soft, nourished and glowing skin the next morning. You could simply achieve this by cleansing your skin and following it up with an overnight facial mask that will work to deeply hydrate your skin while you sleep.

6.  For soft and nourished hands: You must always remember to give your hard-working hands some TLC at bedtime. One of the best and easiest ways to do that is to mix some coconut oil with some aloe vera gel and apply it to your hands before you go to bed. This will deeply nourish your hands and your nails while you sleep.


7.  To de-stress and to prevent signs of premature ageing: A great and simple thing to incorporate into your bedtime routine is a facial massage. Take a little bit of your favourite facial oil and massage your face in lifting, circular motions for a couple of minutes. Not only will this rev up the blood circulation and relax your facial muscles, it will also help prevent signs of premature ageing, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

8.  For incredibly soft and nourished hair: With new hair products flooding the beauty market every single day, it’s even important to take extra care of your hair. One of the best ways to do that is to deeply condition it with some coconut oil overnight. Apply a little bit of warm coconut oil through the lengths of your hair and leave it on while you sleep. This will give you the softest and most nourished hair in the morning.

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