7 Incredible Face Revitalizing Techniques You Can Try At Home

We’ve all heard a fair bit about the merits of following a proper skincare routine that incorporates the CTM ritual. Using quality products and the right blend of DIYs can really go a long way in enhancing the way your skin looks and feels. However, in the never-ending game of finding the right products from among the countless items available in the market, we tend to overlook the benefits of doing some small and simple things that can instantly and almost miraculously renew and revitalize your skin. Let’s take a look at some of these simple face revitalizing techniques that you can try at home. Many of these are followed and recommended by the experts.

Revitalizing Techniques

1. Refrigerate your sheet masks and eye masks: Both facial sheet masks and eye masks work best when they have been chilled in your refrigerator. If you really want to get the best out of these masks, then make sure to always stock them in the fridge and pull them out just before you need to use them. These cooled masks will reduce the size of your pores, calm and revitalize your skin.

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2. Deeply cleanse your face with sunflower oil: Sunflower oil is the new superhero on the beauty scene. A truly all-round beauty star with countless skin enhancing benefits, sunflower oil can make for a great facial cleanser. Apply some sunflower oil directly onto your face and gently massage it in. Now take a face towel that has been dampened with some warm water and gently wipe the oil away for deeply cleansed, nourished and revitalized skin.

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3.  Try some yoga with a face mask on: This one is a real winner. Don’t just lie on your bed when you have to kill those 20 minutes while your face mask dries. Do some yoga in the meantime, which will get your blood pumping and make your face mask work its magic at least three times more!

4.  Revive your facial muscles with a quick massage: Have you been waking up with a puffy face, tired eyes and dark circles that are too dark to cover up? All you need then is a simple facial massage. Instantly revive your face and reduce puffiness by massaging it gently using a few drops of your favourite facial oil. This will enhance the blood circulation and make your face glow with health.

5.  Detoxify your face with steam inhalation: Steam inhalation is one of the best ways to deep clean your face and unclog your pores without using any product. It will make your face look healthy and radiant within minutes. It’s also a great idea to inhale steam to unclog your pores just before you cleanse or apply a face mask.

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6.  Add baking soda to your masks and cleansers: If you’re suffering from acne or even an occasional breakout, then all you need to do is add a hint of baking soda to your facial cleanser or to your face mask. This will help the acne breakout subside and heal it faster.

7.  Exfoliate your lips on a regular basis: When we think of our facial skin and the adequate skincare routine for the same, we tend to ignore the care we need to give our lips. To keep your lips soft, supple, pink and plump, it’s a great idea to use a DIY lip scrub (using coconut oil or olive oil and sugar) at least thrice a week. Soft and rosy lips play an important role in keeping your facial skin looking and feeling healthy and radiant.

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