Incredible Uses of Nail Polish Remover

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We all have nail polish removers at home lying around all the time. We all use this to remove nail polishes, of course! But, there are some other uses I bet you didn’t know about. Read on to know more!

Incredible Uses of Nail Polish Remover

As A Metal Sanitizers

Incredible Uses of Nail Polish Remover

As most of the removers have acetone in them, they help to disinfect our tweezers, razors and the other metal appliances for personal hygiene very well. Just dip a cotton ball in the remover, swipe on them and rinse off and dry.

To Remove Permanent Marker Stains

These markers are definitely hard to remove that is why they are called ‘permanent‘ markers. Rub any cloth dipped in remover in circular motion on the stains and wash it with soap and water. There will be no marks and the surface would be stain free.

To Clean Stains from Chinaware

Incredible Uses of Nail Polish Remover3

If your elegant and expensive Chinaware has developed stains overtime, then fret not. Just rub cotton ball dipped in acetone over the stain and your China will be as good as new.

To Remove Ink Stains from Skin

Do you remember those times when we used to come back from schools and our hands were literally resembling the people from the movie Avatar because of all the blue ink stains? We had to wash our hands many times to get rid of the stains completely. The remover would have helped, if I knew at that time!

To Remove Ugly Marks from Walls and Floors

Incredible Uses of Nail Polish Remover1

If your floor or your walls have any marks on them due to whatever reason then you can just rub that place with a nail polish remover. The acid in it helps to remove any kind of mark very effectively.

For Removal of Stickers from Glass and Metal Objects

This happens with me all the time when I try to remove a sticker and it never gets fully removed.I have to peel again and again. If that happens with you too then you can gently swab some remover on the sticker. The sticky adhesive will come off easily.

To Remove Marks and Stains off Patent Leather Shoes

Incredible Uses of Nail Polish Remover4

Use a Q-tip dipped in remover to use on scuff marks. If you rub too much on a spot, it can destroy the leather of your shoes. So, you need to be careful about when to stop.

To Remove Scratches from Watches

If your watches have scratches then you can take a cotton ball dipped in acetone and rub very very gently on the scratches until they vanish. You have to be careful to not ruin the glass though!

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  1. I had only heard that it could remove scratches from glass but have never tried it. I didn’t know it had so many uses. But, these points are only for acetone one, right?

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