India Bans Import of Cosmetics That Tests on Animals

India Bans Import of Cosmetics That Tests on Animals

Imported Cosmetic Brands in India That Test on Animals

Well, here’s the big news! India will put a ban on the import of cosmetics from abroad that have been tested on animals. I had earlier compiled a post on a list of Cosmetic Brands That Do Not Test on Animals.  In that post, I had mentioned about how animals like monkeys, rabbits, and mice are put through cruel tests and tortured in the name of cosmetic testing.  Cosmetic companies argue that such tests are mandatory to ensure that the products are safe for humans.  I had also informed you in that post that India had placed a complete ban on animal testing for products that are manufactured in India, but the current government has taken a giant leap and has imposed a ban on cosmetics imported from abroad that are tested on animals.

Imported Cosmetic Brands in India That Test on Animals

India has become the first country in South East Asia to shun cosmetics that test their products on animals. I have mixed feelings about this – while I completely love cruelty-free brands, what about those brands which do not put animals through cruel testing and just do the mandatory bit. The ban is coming to effect from 13 November, 2014, and I am kind of worried what will happen to my favorite products 🙁 Sadly, Clinique is in the list and I don’t want 100% allergy and paraben-free Clinique products to become unavailable to consumers in India. I genuinely hope companies develop an alternative plan and devise better ways to test their products (not on animals) and ensure their safety for human application. Point to note is that not all these brands test on animals cruelly, so…..

Imported Cosmetic Brands in India That Test on Animals

I tried to find out the brands that were in PETA’s list of brands that test on animals in some way or the other.

Disclaimer: The brands listed in this post have been taken from this website which claims to be PETA’s official website.



As much as I am against animal testing, I would be devastated if these brands stopped sending their products to India. We want all brands in India, but please give us products without animal testing 🙂

So, tell us your opinion on this import ban, which brand would you miss the most and why?

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75 thoughts on “India Bans Import of Cosmetics That Tests on Animals

  1. Even though I am completely against testing on animals, it would be terrible if all these brands stopped selling their products in India!

  2. BTW, why can’t I register on Madam Gupshup? I tried quite a few times yesterday, it displayed an Error message and today it is displaying this message. “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it.” Is anybody else facing this problem? Someone please help.

  3. OMG! !there are so many of my favorite products which fall into these brands and at this point of time I can’t think of their alternative. …in fact I don’t want any alternative

  4. Hey thnk u for dis updt. I knew dis wz goin on but i wz not aware of such exact date frm whn ban wud cum to its effect. Actually m a pharmacist n yes in colleges at lab scale animals tests r carried out too but sent percent keeping in mind all d ethics. V r taught on d topics such as euthanasia(sacrifice) of animals wid full strictness n being a human v all have dat sympathy to dem. Evn some studnts totally loose der mind dey even cry out in labs but its all mandatory. I mean der r several drugs several ingredients or i can say chemicals whch r so risky to test directly to human beings. All lives r d same either animal or human but some mild tests can be done widout cruelty nd its a part of clinical trial which is to be done bfr launching n e product in d market. I personally believe dat v shud discovr such facilities whch serves as alternative to test on animals n its no far. Nd regardng dis brands.. Aww m gonna miss many of dis….

  5. Estee lauder, Elizabeth arden, Clinique, Clarins, L’Occitane…..i will miss them all….please stop animal testing and come back to India… 🙁

  6. in essence we are trying to say that brands who do not test on animals are allowed, no matter if it is harmful for the humans? i do not support animal testing but those which claim not tested on animals, use ingredients which have been tested on animals at some point of time, so in a way they are also in the loop, right?

    1. Totally agree Rashmita. Their are brands which use the research done by the Companies which test and then adopt hollier than thou attitude. All Companies are pretty much sailing in the same boat!

  7. Mac benefit lakme maybelline estee lauder !!!! Crap have to stock of loads of benefit products from sephora before 13 th november

  8. Jomol too quick and excellent approach.. (y)
    I too agree with rati.. its gud to say No to brands testing on animals however we will certainly miss our favorite make up items. I also wonder I had loads of cosmetics gift for my relatives and sis which need to be delivered next year. I was suppose to bring them in march but will they threw away my stuff in security now… :O :O had to think of another alternative in that case.. :O

  9. Neutrogena and Clearasil for their amazing oil free skin care products!
    On an unrelated subject, what makeup/fashion items would you recommend I look out for while visiting the States?

    1. Ankita…ELF, NYX, covergirl, almay, bath and body works, victoria’s secret, simple for sensitive skin, nexxus, OPI, beauty blender,

  10. OMG… some of these products are so important part of our daily lives, i dont live in india bt thn also m sad bcoz my family will not have access to these anymore.

  11. While I was freaking out about MAC, Clarins (what will I do without my HG beauty balm), Shiseido (or my White Lucent gel), L’occitane (my signature Rose 4 Reines perfume), Maybelline and Revlon, I completely missed seeing ReNu…
    WHAT will I soak my lenses in now? :O

  12. while I appreciate the eco friendly products which are not tested on animals, even the medicines that we take are tested at some point of time.
    Talking about cruelty ,the animals which are slaughtered for giving them the shape of tastiest cuisines in restaurants, do they come forward willingly as a self sacrifice to be served for us (though I am a hard core non vegeterian). The whole point of disregarding cruelty towards animals falls apart here.

    1. Shraddha, as I said before, I have mixed feelings about this. Most of the brands don’t treat the animals cruelly now. It’s probably the last step before bringing the product out. I support cruelty-free products, but as you said, even drugs are tested on animals, what about that?

  13. MAC , Maybelline, Bobbi Brown, Neutragena, Herbal Essences, L’occitaine, Dove, Olay, Johnson n Johnson, Matrix, Kiehls .. OMG!!!! *shocked* will miss u .. even tho this ban is a good thing.. but i would still miss u… 🙁 🙁

    1. Pia, I would miss them, but I think brands would devise an alternative plan. They would not go away from the Indian market easily 🙂

  14. Animal Testing Policy on Maybelline site:


    Thank you for your interest in Maybelline, a brand of L’Oréal USA, Inc.

    L’Oréal no longer tests any of its products or any of its ingredients on animals, anywhere in the world nor does L’Oréal delegate this task to others. An exception could only be made if regulatory authorities demanded it for safety or regulatory purposes.

    For complete information on this subject, please click here.


    May be few more brands listed above are not doing animal testing :). We just have to wait and watch which brands are banned in India from November 13

    1. Vanitha….I know, the brands do not treat cruelly anymore….they are just doing it as a last step because certain rules have to be met before the product comes out. We should support cruelty free products.

      1. Totally Agree. We should do a check before purchasing any cosmetic. Just hoping all brands should start “no animal testing policy” soon, so that we continue enjoying our favorite brands, at least before running out of current stock we have 😉 😛 😀

  15. Now when I started loving makeup products so much and started using these brands..this cannot happen….no no no!!! What are we left with??? 🙁 🙁

  16. Though I highly doubt if this law will be implemented and most certainly rolled back after these luxury brands have lobbied for support through feeding pockets but if it does I would be one proud Indian as only such laws can make the brand change their policies on animal testing!

  17. Vedhyie….don’t worry, all the brands would conform to the rules 🙂 we would still get them, we cannot live without makeup 🙂

  18. Its a victory for PETA and me!YAY!I had signed the petition and glad to know that from now the poor animals will not be tortured and killed by the chemicals.

  19. Ofcourse its a very sad news for all of us… Keeping another major concern in mind i.e obeying Our PM Modi’s words of stopping to use foreign brands and using completely Swadeshi product. Being citizen of India i think we should also contribute to bring that change for what our PM is working towards. Lets take a oath for not using foreign brands which can get our Modi’s mission of bringing down the dollor price to Rs. 36/- Jai Hind. Lets work towards making our country more strong. Mera Bharath Mahan.. Proud to be an Indian *Salute* * Salute* *Salute*

  20. I am just wondering that how come L’oreal is not in the list? I thought L’oreal is one of the main brand which test on animals

  21. I have an update. With this ban India imposes is similar to the one already in effect in the EU and Israel. Even in my most recent trip to Vienna (May, 2014) I have see MAC, Clinique, Yves Rocher, L’Occitaine, etc.
    Also, MAC amongst many other brands listed here were once PETA certified. They only changed their stance (ie, went from cruelty-free to animal testing) to enter the Chinese market where it is mandatory for all cosmetic products to be pre-tested on animals.
    So it does not seem like a blanket ban on these brands. So no need for spiralling into the depths os despair. 🙂

    1. I remember Pixiwoo or some other YouTuber addressing this once. MAC & Clinique test only their Chinese products on animals. I hope you re right. As much as I hate them for testing their product on animals I wish some of these brands stay.

  22. Too many brands will exit Indian market. Hope they come back soon !!By the way, which are the brands which will still be with us. Knowing that may make us all feel better and happy, happy !!

  23. Please do a compilation post on brands that will still be available in india from now on. i mean, all the brands that i know and use are on thsi list. totally devastated 🙁

  24. There is a small twist to the tale. Some of these brands do not test on animals and were against animal testing. However, to market their products in China (a country which demands tests before they are imported), they have started testing of products sold only in the China market. So, technically, they now DO test, but only for China market – coz that is the regulation. If I am not mistaken MAC is one such brand. So they may still continue to make available the non-tested stuff to India.

  25. This post is really helpful, Jomol ji..
    I fully support animal-cruelty free ethics.
    I just hav 2 be a little bit more careful & selective while buying these products next time, if i want to contribute 🙂

  26. God I was looking for lakme cc cream online while reading this… I meant maybelline.. Oopsie moment ho gaya 😛 why can’t they stop testing on animals instead.. We all use most of these brands 🙁

  27. How interesting.
    I wonder how L’Oreal will fare because it has carved itself a neat niche in the Indian market through clever engagement of popular spokesmodels . . . I suspect it would take a big hit!

  28. P.S have a look at Lush cosmetics’ very recent, very confronting campaign (not sure if I can link here, moderators?) against animal testing. They basically had a volunteer in their shop window undergo the type of treatment animals do as part of testing – she was force fed, had her hair shaved and irritating things put in her eyes (among other ‘tests’). Forces you to think twice.

  29. This is a big news and thanks for giving such a detailed information. I wonder what will happen without my favorite cosmetic brands not being available in India anymore 🙁

  30. I think the ban is a bogus. The ban came to exist on November first week,2014. And I can still those products in the market. I have been searching on net for products not tested on animals. Many are not available in India. and the rest are expensive 🙁

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