Indian Bridal Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial

Indian Bridal Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello Beauties!

Indian Bridal Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial

Thank you for your response on the Christian Wedding Makeup Tutorial, it was very encouraging and a special thank you to Jomol for the confidence she shows in me, if not for her, I wouldn’t have even attempted more than half the tutorials here!

I wanted to share another bridal look and I thought I would go attempt this one with keeping a color in mind. Pink is a popular bridal color and I know many girls who would prefer a pink look for their wedding. So, this is my take on a pink eye makeup look – with a pop of some different colors too and of course glitter as well!

Products used to achieve this look:

02 Bridal Pink

The types of brushes used for creating this look:

03 Bridal Pink

  • A flat brush – this one is a synthetic brush, a flat brush helps in packing on and placing color.
  • Blending brush – any kind of fluffy brush that would help in blending colors.
  • Small precision brush to draw pigmented, thick lines – used here for the green lines in the corners, the thickness is ideal for picking up good amount of color , the small tapered edge/tip allows in creating a neat wing.
  • An eyeliner brush – this one is from Camlin, yup, the stationery brand. I have been using this for more than a year, so the number of the brush has rubbed off. It is the 2nd or 3rd thinnest brush they have. Check out this article by Aparijita for more information on excellent alternatives to makeup brushes.

Step By Step Tutorial:

Step 1:

Prime – if you don’t have a good primer, just use a tiny amount of cream concealer and pat your regular compact powder over it. I use this almost on a daily basis, it works like a charm. But if you have very oily lids, then do go for a good primer, this is just an alternative for my non-oily lids.

04 Bridal Pink

Step 2:

Gold base – Apply a light shimmery gold color all over the eyelid. The idea behind using a shimmery gold is that even if a matte color is placed over it, the shimmer will still show through.

05 Bridal Pink

Step 3:

Light pink – I then took a light, bright pink and placed it on the centre of the upper lid.

06 Bridal Pink

Step 4:

Reddish Pink Outer V – I then placed a darker color in the outer V and blended it with the light pink.

07 Bridal Pink

Step 5:

Blend Crease – I used a shimmery warm pink, to blend out the crease area. This color is lighter than the color in Step 04 but darker than the color in Step 03. Using different gradations of a similar color gives a very effortlessly complex look to the eye.

08 Bridal Pink

Step 6:

Reapply colors and liner – Blending can take away some colors, so I added more red and pink, and blended it out again and kept repeating till I was satisfied with the look. I also took a bit of the pink and gold on the lower lash line and added a gel liner. The liner need not be super neat just yet, since glitter is going to be applied and in the end the liner can be further intensified.

09 Bridal Pink

Step 7:

Additional pop of color – Depending on the dress, you can choose this color, as an example I chose green here, as it shows up well. You may have blue on your dress or purple, if no other color is there then just a silver or gold depending on the work on the dress can also be used. I used this color below the liner applied in the outer corner to create a wing and also placed some in the inner corner over the tear duct area.

10 Bridal Pink

Step 8:

Glitter it up – Now, the fun part, adding the glitter! I used gold in the inner corner and red on the remaining lid. As a base for the glue, I used eye lash adhesive. It dries color and glitter stick to it very well. If you don’t have different colored glitter, then use silver or gold glitter all over the eye, and below the glue dries completely, pat a small amount of the corresponding eyeshadow color, like here I used pink eyeshadow to dab over the glitter placed in the centre of the lid. When it dries, the glitter has a pink tinge to it.

11 Bridal Pink

I then applied some false lashes and that is the eyemakeup done!

12 Bridal Pink

Just to give some ideas, I kept the cheeks coraly-pink, not just pink as it might get over the top with too much pink and for the lips, I used a light yet deep pink color and in the centre, dabbed some gold eyeshadow and topped it with a tiny amount of gloss. The gold gives a good break from just a flat pink & adds some bridal-y oomph.

I hope you liked this look; until next time bye-bye and Happy Makeuping!

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55 thoughts on “Indian Bridal Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial

    1. Thanku Jomol 🙂 :* i’ve used revlon photoready foundation, it just glows especially when flash falls on it, its more the makeup than my skin 😀

  1. Omigod. This is inspiring me to run away with someone and get married just so that I can make my eyes look like this. On second thought, I could still do it at someone else’s wedding and steal their thunder. 😛 Lovely tutorial, Nafisa! Your eyes look gorgeous. 😀

  2. lovedd your eotd… u look pweety… u have applied eyeliner with so ease and then too its looking so precise n btful.. 🙂

    1. thanks Reema 🙂 i forgot to add that line that after applying the glitter i went back in with a liquid liner & neatened the liner 🙂

  3. You are looking Gorgeous Nafisa… Really glowing!!! Thanks for the tutorial… i’m bad at eye make up but shall try it!:-)

    1. Thanku so much Vidhi 🙂 i learnt so much with time & patience, pehle i dint know much myself, its gud to keep tryin 🙂

  4. omg.. gorgeous, amazing.. wt shud i say!! am running short of words now.. Stunninnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn dear!! i have never seen such flawless pink eyes i swear.. 🙂

  5. Hi.. I have been looking for the lose shimmer powder that you have used. I am unable to get any.. Can anyone suggest where to get this from?


    1. Hi Deepika, I got it from a popular indian online site , multiple sites sell these, u should definitely find it if u google search 🙂

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