Indian Bridal Wedding Shoes

This is going to be a major drool fest, I promise!  When it comes to bridal shoes, a lot of brides are usually confused to wear on their special day, do they take comfort into consideration or give into the bling and glamour factor.  Comfort factor should definitely be given importance because of the long hours the bride has to spend “on her toes” on her D-day. I also advocate for the bride looking glamorous from head to toe, shoes definitely should match up to the bridal finery. That’s why all our brides should think about shoe bites (keep band-aids in handy in case), believe me, shoes bites can cause a little soreness on your most happiest day.  While doing shopping for the marriage, check out the shoes first. Pumps, platforms, wedges, peep toes, kitten heels, slings, flats – all look great as bridal shoes.  When deciding on heels, its better you opt for the lowest or medium, high heels might cause a little problem.  Also, keep in mind that the high heels you wear should not make you look taller than your man.  White, blue, cream, red, golden, silver are the usual choices.  The material of the shoe should be according to your comfort.  Here are some great shoes that you would love even if you think its not bridal enough 😛  Check these out:

Starting with golden shoes 😛

Gold and bling, so well they go together.


Bridal shoes 2

Bridal Shoes 3

Bridal Shoes 4

Bridal Shoes 5


Now, white shoes for brides decked in white 🙂

Bridal Shoes 6

Bridal Shoes 6

Bridal Shoes 7

Bridal Shoes 8

Bridal Shoes 9

Bridal Shoes 10


Now, some flats that you can wear for your wedding:

Bridal Shoes 11

Bridal Shoes 12

Bridal Shoes 13

Trust me, hot pink shoes look awesome on any bride.

Bridal Shoes 14

Bridal Shoes 15

Bridal Shoes 16

Bridal Shoes 17

Bridal Shoes 18

Bridal Shoes 19

Bridal Shoes 20

Now, some light pink shoes:

Bridal Shoes 21
Bridal Shoes 22

Bridal Shoes 23

Bridal Shoes 25

Bridal Shoes 26

Now, something unusual, for the experimental and bold bride, you can go for blues, its such a royal shade, you should definitely think about it.

Bridal Shoes 27

Bridal Shoes 28

Bridal Shoes 29

Bridal Shoes 30

Bridal Shoes 31

Bridal Shoes 32

Will a bridal post be complete without the colour red, check these out:

Bridal Shoes 33

Bridal Shoes 34

Bridal Shoes 35

Bridal Shoes 36

Bridal Shoes 37

Bridal Shoes 38


Bridal Shoes 39

Bridal Shoes 40

red-wedding-shoes (1)



All images have been taken from Google Images.

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  4. Drool fest indeed 😛 Amaazing compilation !
    I think golden work best , as they will go with outfits of any colour, and it will suit cuz almost all brides wear gold !!

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