Indian Makeup and Beauty Updates- Select City Walk, New Delhi

I had a long day today. I have no idea how much I walked to discover the new makeup and beauty brands. I discovered so many budget brands. So here you go. πŸ™‚


Launched more vanity kits. πŸ˜› Smaller ones are priced at rs 650 and bigger ones are priced at Rs 850.

Above- Bigger, Below- Smaller square vanity kits
Above- Bigger, Below- Smaller square vanity kits

Fab India:

For the first time I discovered that Fab India also makes hand made jewllery and that too at very nominal proces. I bought this bangle and earring set for Rs 190/-

Fab India Jewllery

Some of the new launches at Fab India are:

Body Washes: Rs 175 – Rs200 for 275 ml

  • Apricot
  • Mint and Rosemary
  • Khus and Aloe Vera
  • Citrus and Lemon
  • Orange and Cinnamon

Face Scrubs: Rs 175 for 100 ml

  • Papaya Face Scrub
  • Guava Face Scrub

Essential Oils – Rs 150 for 9 ml

  • Frankincense
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Musk
  • Cypress

Vitamin E Cream for Oily Skin– Rs 175

Face and Body Gel Scrubs Rs 175 for 100 ml

  • Almond and Cinnamon
  • Orange and Cinnamon

Ambika Pillai Cosmetics

Ambika Pillai Cosmetics

I have been eyeing brand for quite sometime now. Last time I went to their counter to check what they have and the first thing that the SA spoke was ” our cosmetics are made in New York”.Β  And I was like oh okay! πŸ˜› I was in a hurry last time but this time I decided to check what they have. They deal only in lipsticks (rs 750 ), lip glosses (rs 750 ), coloured mascaras and makeup brushes. The only thing that interested me were the makeup brushes. They are of fine quality and are priced decently between Rs 400 – Rs 800. Read more about Ambika Pillai Cosmetics here.

Then there were as this flea market kind of stalls that were set up by an NGO called Happy Hands Foundation. It’s an NGO that promotes rural craft and art. There were beautiful hand made stuff made by artisan, craftsmen, sex workers, underprivileged etc.

Happy Hands Foundation

I decided to support them in my little way. Bought this multipurpose wooden box. πŸ™‚

Jewllery Box

You guys remember my review on Earthen Good lip balm and Apricot Scrub?

I thought I would never be able to find them again. Guess what! they are back with their flashy new packaging πŸ™‚ and increased prices. :pain: This time the range is also bigger. It includes scrubs, body oils, body butters, lip balms, hand and foot cream, body scrubs and candiet fruit. I was so happy to see them . IΒ  didn’t buy anything because I have loads of stuff to finish up already. The range starts from Rs 55 and goes up til Rs 180 (100 ml apricot oil.) Mostly everything is priced at Rs 75. πŸ™‚

Earth Store

Quoting the Earth Store:

β€˜Earth Store’ products are sourced directly from farms, women’s groups and artisans around India following ethical business practices. The products are minimally processed with no artificial preservatives and are often made using time tested handmade processes.

Next was the Jovees counter.

They were testing your skin and recommending your products based on your skin type. It’s a herbal skin care, body care and hair careΒ  range. The packaging is kind of sad but considering all the herbal ingredients that they list on their products, the range seems promising. The products are priced anything between Rs 50- Rs 400


Check out Jovees site here

Next I came across a very cute brand called Nourish

It is a range of hand crafted bath and body products. They have a range of body scrubs, soaps, moisturizers etc. Most of the products are priced at around Rs 300 – Rs 500 (and above) they have a whole lot of range that includes honey as a main ingredient. They have cute names also such as madras Coffee Madness Body Scrub,Β  or Juicy Apricot lotion. The packaging is uber cuteΒ  and aren’t we all suckers for natural products?

Nourish Soaps
Nourish Soaps


53 thoughts on “Indian Makeup and Beauty Updates- Select City Walk, New Delhi

  1. GOD, sexy! I cant believe ur day was such a roller coaster ride….wat r u doing at ths late hours? again skipped ur B sleep? u r unpredictable, girl! how many times did i tell u to go to bed early? i know i am talking too much, but pls dont neglect ur sleep πŸ™ it must be ur way, but cant u change it for better?

    apart from that, i shd say i enjoyed every pic and every word of ur post! i love the way u supported NGO πŸ™‚ I want that yellow tote bag so bad πŸ™‚ I so love that…will u go back ever to that place?

    The wellness products were good, esp. the display! tats wat attracts ppl first πŸ™‚ every word and picture striked the right cords πŸ™‚

    sexy, way to go πŸ™‚ :kissed: come up with more posts like this for my sake…………….

    1. I went off to sleep as soon as I posted it. πŸ˜› I have a weak memory. I would have forgotten everything by today. πŸ™ And moreover it was Sunday today so I could sleep till late. πŸ™‚

      These NGO stalls are temporary and are there may be for a day or two so I am not sure whether they would be at the mall anymore or not.

      I will keep writing such posts. I have become such a journalist. πŸ˜› I think these would become my signature posts. πŸ™‚

  2. Joves n Nourish, I am not so sure of those so I cant talk more πŸ™‚ Didnt we have Loccitane earlier? They are well known for their bath and body works πŸ™‚ kind of high end, I shd say πŸ™‚

    as of my day so far, too busy packing! official packing day assuming we fly coming saturday (May 1) pray i shd come back safe……

    1. Loccitane is there in India since almost and year now but from last one month they have started operating as a stand alone store. They are very expensive.

      I know you are really enjoying your packaging. I am happy for you and for your 9 kg body shop stuff. :rotfl:

  3. Why did u leave the blusher on the counter, baby? Poor thing, u have had enough by now from the nose-picking SAs….

    yaar something shd be done abt these ppl! y didnt u report to the manager saying that I know the company policy better and tell them u r from the media πŸ™‚ show them somthing like ur ID card…may be next time, ration card or voter ID wud be more than enuf to startle those idiots ROFL

    May be, tell them u will write to the company highlighting the issue πŸ™‚ be a brave girl πŸ™‚ dont leave those ppl just like that….nobody or nothing as such is worth ur pain…if they are, they dont hurt u πŸ™‚

    1. I was so pissed by he time all this conversation ended that I couldn’t think of anything better. They may use the product themselves. I hate companies cheating the customers. I mean why did they have to remove the manufacturing sticker if the product was fine? And it was clear from their conversation that there was some problem with the product.

      Writing to the company is a good idea and may be I would attach my ration card along with. πŸ˜€

  4. Great finds! Those Nature lip balms look damn cute :heart: and the Nourish stuff look good too. N wow Colorbar are so into their vanity bags huh hehe…
    Btw, the Inglot SA with the specs n long hair, right? The one at the counter? I’d like to punch her one day! I remember when I went for the first time in 2007-8, she was so sweet and now that she’s made manager I think she feels like she owns the store or something. Last time I refused to take the expired free stuff she said “It’s free so just take it.You’re not paying anything!” She didn’t know that I actually chose another product just so the bill will go over 2000 coz I thought I can pick the free product. So I told her “Hello! I am paying for it!” n then left the extra item. And then she suggested I pick this reddish brown blush to use as a bronzer! When I said it won’t suit me she gave that “I- know- better” look! God! :reallypissed:


    1. I guess I am going to explore more of Nature’s stuff. It looks promising. You know the SA at Colorbar vwas laughing herself when she told me that more vanity kits have come in. πŸ˜€ But they are coming up with cute stuff and they are also going insane with their pricing.

      The specky one wasn’t there yesterday. Rest all were confused. When I bought the stuff, I didn’t even know about this promotional offer. They themselves came up with this. I mean it sucks. You give promotional stuff so that people could use it and get back to you to buy your products. And if this is the kind of “promotion” that they do then I guess they must really change their marketing manager. It’s quite dumb.

      How could they impose such things on us. Don’t we know what looks good on us and what not?

      I was thinking I am having atleast one bad experience everytime I am going out. Let’s see who’s next. πŸ˜›

  5. Wow! Are all these brands in one single mall?! I must check this place out when I get a chance to visit Delhi. And what nonsense is it that a promotional item is a damaged item!! If they have an offer going that for Rs 2K plus u get 1 item free..that means a good brand new item free..not an item they want to dispose. Let Inglot try these tactics in the US – the brand will be wiped out! There you can order an item online, use it, figure you got the wrong shade and return it and its acceptable. Its so totally annoying to hear how customer service is given no importance.

    1. Divya, There are three malls in a row. DT, Select city and MGF metropolitan. They are all connected so you can roam around from one mall to another. I think this makes them Asia’s biggest mall area. I am not sure but I have heard it somewhere. πŸ˜› Return? These guys just know how to sell stuff and not how to manage their customers. They can be rude or nasty to you. It’s high time Sephora comes here.

  6. I loved the way the Nature’s lip balms have been packaged….its a pity there are none of those available in Hyd. Loved the hand-made vanity box……most importantly its for a good cause na. πŸ™‚ I think all of us should do more of such buys.

    1. Aww!! you come to Delhi and spend a day or two here shopping around. You’d love it.

      We spend so much on ourselves , it feels good if we donate some of our money to the good cause. Every single effort counts. πŸ™‚

  7. Where is the jovees counter? ?:-) Tanveer mentioned some jovess stuff on her blog so I wondered where to find it!

    And I had a VERY bad experience with Nourish lip balms… they have yummy flavours like chocolate and choco latte, but they all smell yuck, they form a creepy layer on the lips and don’t moisturise much πŸ™ So i haven’t tried much else from there!!! :-X

    Will check out the nature’s co on my next trip though – tell me how you find it. :-))
    .-= ki.´s last undefined ..Response cached until Sun 25 @ 16:48 GMT (Refreshes in 10.93 Hours) =-.

    1. Thank god Ki you came up with this. I was getting so tempted to pick up their lip balm. Now I won’t. πŸ˜› I started with the safe option- feet. he he

      The Jovees counter is at DT near Costa Coffee. But i think it’s a temporary counter and maybe they are there only for the weekend. Jovees stuff is easily available at the cosmetic stores. You would be able to find it.

      I will tell you how I find the stuff. πŸ™‚

      1. Thankee :))

        I got so excited on seeing their cute stuff that I bought THREE balms… they’re all lying WASTE now!!! :pissedoff: So I thought I better warn everyone! You never know about their other stuff though! πŸ™‚

        I’ll search around for Jovees then… tanveer was recommending their scrub and I need a new one. Have you tried the fab india ones? πŸ™‚
        .-= ki.´s last undefined ..Response cached until Mon 26 @ 5:52 GMT (Refreshes in 22.65 Hours) =-.

        1. I am not surprised that you bought three lip balms. They look way too tempting. πŸ˜› Glad you mentioned this. Let me see how their foot scrub and cream is.

          Fab India scub has just launched in. I have too much skin care stuff with me right now s didn’t pick up any face product. I am loving their coral pack though. πŸ™‚

          1. I think she is talking about Nature’s co. Didn’t see lip balms ar nourish. And she has changed here avatar. I am loving it. πŸ˜›

            1. Poornima did you subscribe to
              I found out by accident I can’t remember exactly
              what I was doing but I was clicking on the text
              between this field and the smileys and followed
              some steps on the website it linked too. just try
              it out and it should work then!
              .-= sunaina´s last blog ..Cheap and cheerful =-.

              1. Oh..Sunaina

                I tried registering in as the last step..But did not work till now..lemme see once again..

                Thank u for the suggestion..maybe i’ll turn lucky πŸ™‚

  8. Nice colorful post, sounds like a good day! Too bad about the blush though.
    I don’t know all the brands and stores you’re writing about but it looks great,
    the nourish soaps are so cute.

    I’ll definitely try the beer again! Today I washed my hair with a normal shampoo
    and I used a normal conditioner for the roots only, next wash is for beer.
    I didn’t oil it this time because I really don’t like that amla oil smell after all,
    We can’t get rid of the odour and it’s been a week. But I think it worked good so
    I will finish the bottle and will experience with other oils, which I have to buy first.
    .-= sunaina´s last blog ..Cheap and cheerful =-.

    1. IT was a lovely day, Sunaina. πŸ™‚ Conditioner is to be used on the tips and not the roots. Read my comment here :

      Glad the oil worked for you. You may oil your hair may be once in two weeks. At least your hair will get regular nourishment. There are a lot of hair oils in market. May be you could try Vatika hair oil if that is available there.

      1. I’m sorry I meant the tips! Thanks for the oil suggestion.
        I must say I’m so much more happier with my hair than
        I ever was before, it feels soft, it never felt soft before! (only when ironing)
        It didn’t shine either (only when ironing) and it looks healthy now, thanks!
        I love your blog :heart:
        .-= sunaina´s last blog ..World inspired colours =-.

  9. Sounds like u had a gr8 day discovering all these exotic brands – except for the crummy encounter at Inglot..

    It is really sad that Inglot treats its customers who shell out so much for their products like they are irritants. The concept of Customer Service is lost in India, these very brands abroad are the epitome of CRM, but once here – they seem to adopt a Chalta Hai attitude.. So what if one customer is so badly treated that she leaves her free gofts behind in righteous frustration.. Uski Jagah koi aur customer aa jayegi.

    1. I know, it sucks. I am their regular customer and they didn’t care about this also. I am sure they didn’t even bother about me leaving the blush behind, they would use it a a tester at their store. I think these brands think that they are doing favour to us by coming to India. After what I faced at Estee Lauder, this is nothing. Inglot is a small brand in front of the so called Estee Lauder group of Companies. Cynthia has faced a bad behaviour at MAC and I at Estee Lauder. Who else is left?

  10. Yes Fab India does have accessories!!! guess what I have the exact same set of bangles and earings!!!!!!!!!! bought it ardn last month…..

    1. Really!! I love wooden bangles. I wore my marriage choora for more than a year so now my bangles shopping would be regular. Apart from earrings, bangles and anklets are the accessories that excite me the most. πŸ™‚

  11. Nice post as always Rati, Its like window shopping from the comfort of my home πŸ˜€ … Fab India has some nice silver jewelery too, last time I was there I picked up a nice silver and ametyst pair of earings.. i looked for their coral facepack too but they didnt have it in stock so I got the sandalwood radiance pack instead, quite nice :yes:

    I always thought Nature’s Co was a pricey brand.. let me know how you liked the foot pdts, altho I have my heart set on Dr.Scholl (after reading Smita’s pedicure writeup of course)

    Its really despicable how some of these brands treat customers, I guess they think that with India’s population they can afford to get away with such behaviour… seriously you guys should write a strong complaint to their higher authorities.. hopefully some of them do care enough about the brand to listen and do something …

    1. Thank you, Renuca. πŸ™‚ yes I did see the silver jewellery there. I am going to pick up up sometime soon. I am not a big fan of gold jewellery so I pick up a lot of junk and silver stuff. πŸ™‚

      I came across Nature’s co for the first time and found it quite reasonable. Didn’t see Dr.Scholl here. πŸ™

      I know. Sometimes I feel that complaints don’t work.but I can surely write on my blog and make their behaviour noticeable. Sooner or later it would start affecting the brands. We don’t visit the stores to take rubbish from the SAs.

  12. Hi rati..i m planning to go to meet my frndz in select city this weekend..saw ur updates and really liked wht u reviewed about Nourish it temporary counter/stall or its permanent counter?? m planning to get those funky and cute smiley looking body products….

  13. i have used nourish soaps n lotions n they are query if i want to order online how should i go ahead for nourish soaps. :toothygrin:

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