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Aruna Asks

I have a BIG FAT family wedding coming up in May in Bangalore. It is a Punjabi wedding complete with the Sangeet and all… I needed some ideas for those functions including makeup. I haven’t started any of my shopping yet. I have put some of my ideas against them.

Just some vital statistics – I am 5’3””, fair, in my early 40’s.

  • Sangeet – churidar/kurta ..Big earrings and matching bangles. Simple necklace.
  • Cocktail party – formal trousers with a pretty top (maybe a floral motif) with a pearl necklace??..not sure how a skirt would be and would that even be a safe bet??
  • Wedding – saree – georgette/silk??? Pink+ blue combo, green+white, peach+ cream, sea green+offwhite…..
  • Reception – saree???? – saw a brown georgette saree with big gold velvet polka dots on it. The lady at the shop offered to stitch a gold blouse for me..she said she would make a gold halter kind for me..eeeeekssss..never worn anything like that before..should i? should I not????

While I have some ideas, I could definitely use the help of all the IMBB bloggers. What a great time to be part of this group!!!.

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Included a pic of the saree I wore for the engagement in Dec, 2010.

FYI- started hitting the gym..just got to be a little disciplined and continue it..want to lose atleast 3 more kgs before the big day.:)

Help from you and/or the others would be a big help


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  1. For reception since you mentioned you can wear skirts. I think you can look for those traditional ghagra type skirts with a plain top and a dupatta. They look very pretty and traditional. you can wear loads of bangles with it a depending on how hgeavy or light your skirt would be you can accessorize your look. Jootis looks pretty nice with this dress.

    For wedding saree I feel it depends on how comfortable you are carrying off certain type of sarees. I just cannot pull off silk sarees one because I am already not thin so i look bloated if I wear silk sarees and two, I don’t find them great for summers.

  2. Also since the marriage is in may, which would be super hot and humid. you must pick up a primer first. If you have an oily skin, look for mattifying primer and blotting powder. Those are the things that would hold your makeup in place and would make you look good in photographs. i’d say less is better.

    1. Thanks firstly for putting up the post. :thanks:

      ya i am not too keen on kanjeevaram either cos firstly it is a Punju style wedding and plus being a south indian myself i have worn silk sarees millions of times..i am seriously trying to avoid them. i love bangles/kadas so one of those options is a must..abt the ghagra i am not exactly slim so am wondering whether it wud look not too tall either 🙂 shud defy try the georgettes as long as they look heavy so the color wud be very important in that case. ?:) ?:)

      I have combination skin so will do the primer for sure and the blotting powder. need to carry it at all times. defy less is better i think cos the makeup can come really garish and very slutty in fotographs 🙂 :toothygrin:

      just wanted to know how imp is footwear at a sangeet? i have like gold stilettos and all so wud that look nice or is it practical?

      (might be coming across a pain here sorry abt that) 😕

      1. oh no problem, Aruna. That’s why I started “Ask IMBB” no.. :-* Actually on Sangeet it depends whether you have to run around to handle things or you are just going as a guest. if you have a work to do I suggest you wear flats. you cna pick up nice punjabi jootis. 🙂

  3. thanks so much for those suggestions..i do like the idea for the cocktail party – trousers with the jewel tone top..i like the colors you have mentioned..since I do have time, i can try out in a few shops where I can try and get a good fitting..perhaps Allen Solly /Marks and Spencer

  4. hi Aruna…
    for the sangeet:i would suggest u wear something like ajkan or nice anarkali or a pleated salwar kameez…wear nice long earings ,skip wearing neckpiece nd wear an elegant bracelet or kada..
    for d wedding:wear alight coloured saree like peach + cream or sea green,it looks nice n soothing in summers.. u shud optfor a brocade saree or a half n half saree as it is in these days…go for a lite neckpiece n earings n bangles wid it
    for d reception- opt for some dark shade like maroon or red dark green,peacock blue etc,opt for a heavy embellished blouse with it,u cn get it made wid ur boutique wali long studded earings,ur long single line mangal sutra and matching bangle set wud luk good..

    for d makeup part d trick is if ur dress is of lighter shade ur eye makeup cn be light n lipstick bright red or maroon,and if ur dress is of a darker shade keep ur lips nude or light nd darker eye make up….

    these r my personal suggestions, for makeup product enquiry contact our dear rati… shez juz d perfect counceller…

    1. Thanks for your feedback Mahira..pretty cooluggestions. I am also leaning towards an anarkali or salwar type outfit for the Sangeet. saree is a definitely a NO No for the sangeet since there will be so much dancing involved and i certainly dont want to be adjusting my pallu or wondering whether the blouse is ok and all (if you know what i mean) 😀 I had worn a sea green with white thread work for one of the occasions at the engagement and that looked very good so for day time thats defy a color to think about.

      as far as make up goes I am getting some fantastic suggestions from you all so i am really thrilled..the primer being of utmost importance to keep the makeup for much depends on how good it looks on the camera..i have a really round face so the contouring is very imprtant else close up wud look atrocious..

        1. good thing you mentioned that. was pretty clueless..wish i had all these tips/advice for the engagement too. 😐 .better late than never.. :snicker:

  5. Heyy Aruna… I would only like to complement that ure a really beautiful woman and come across as really confident. I love that specially in women,…
    and all the best for ur search.. DO post pics 🙂

    1. Thanks for the compliments Bee :blush: :blush: . Will certainly post the pics. I have so much shopping to do. am so excited :happydance: :happydance:

  6. I love your pic, and totally love the saree you are wearing. By the way , why dont you try a Jackie’O look for the cocktails, looks superchic, and different too..

    Wear a dress or a skirt cinched at the waist, complement this with a pearl necklace, nice pair of heels. A small bouffant with a half pony (coz i think your hair is pretty long) and pretty lipstick with tonnes of mascara.. i so love this look its not even funny and i think it will suit you ..

  7. Hi Supriya – firstly thanks a ton for the compliment..feels good and this wedding thats coming up is special for all honesty there is a bit of a low self esteem issue here going on too..bride is abt 20 yrs younger than dont have kids yet so all the more reason that ppl will look at me strangely SO the ony way out is to look as good as I possibly can.:)

    anyways, not sure if u will read my post since it is abt 2 days past your comment date..but if u do, i have a question reg the ‘bouffant’..what exactly is that?

    what mascara do you recommend? i have bought mascaras in the past but they all go onto the lower lid and i look horrendous esp with my dark circles already..:( maybe i am not applying it properly..any tips wud be useful..

    thanks again for your comments and inputs.

  8. o so lovely to see u reply.. and weddings in all indian families are made much fuss of, and i agree are make or break deals..

    bouffant is what a lot of old hindi film actresses sported. basically just gather the hair at your crown , and start back combing it from the underside (hold your hair at the crown straight up, take a fine comb and comb at your roots from the side away from your face,)
    very gently gather your hair in a half pony, and use hair spray to set it..

    i have the maybelline volumexpress, and i have never had any trouble with it. just clean your eye area of any oil or makeup, even desi kajal can make ur eyes oily enough to get ur makeup to slip like there was a landslide (i know this because i wear tonnes of kajal, i am one of those who looks ill without kajal), curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler, or the underside of a spoon, just hold for 5 secs , once u remove the spoon or eyelash curler, be quick to apply mascara . repeat this process for the other eye. i do one eye at a time so i know i am sealing in the curl.

    another vishesh tippani is to take a sponge dab it in your compact and apply it to the ends of your lashes, this will also thicken your lashes . only thing with this technique is to practice it a bit before, often powder can go in the eye. you can easily use double coat of mascara , if you let your first coat dry a bit before you apply your second one.

    go get em girl.. hope u rock the shaadi , steal the limelight , all tht and much more…

    1. Thank you thank you..will do the best i can. i just never thought of looking for the reply since I was a few days behind in replying to yours..i was curious to see if anyone had replied and opened my post again just now:))))

      Those mascara tips are wonderful. Maybelline volume express it is 🙂 will put up the pics once the wedding is over.

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