Inglot 546 AMC Lip Gloss Review



By Orianna Jessica Dcruz

Hi, guys!

So this product was actually a gift from a friend. At first, I cringed because I’m really not a fan of lip glosses, but after giving this a try, I think I actually like a good lip gloss. The lipgloss I will be reviewing today is from Inglot. As far as I know, Inglot only has two ranges of lip glosses: the Sleeks Lip Glosses and the AMC Lip Glosses. This one is from the AMC range and doesn’t really have a shade name.

Price: $16
Product Claims: Lip gloss with soft and re-hydrating formula to ensure smooth and even application. Mixtures of liquid crystals react to skin color or lip color underneath creating a stunning 3D effect.

My Experience with Inglot 546 AMC Lip Gloss:

All the glosses in the AMC range seem to have this galactic sheen to them. They remind me a little of holographic stickers and come in 6 variants. The lipgloss is in a rectangular tube which is transparent and shows the product inside. Other than that it’s pretty plain with “Ingot” printed on one side. The galaxy vibe of the lipgloss is pretty much all the jazzing up the packaging needs.

The lip gloss itself is surprisingly not as sticky as most lip glosses I’ve tried. It has a doe foot applicator that applies the product smoothly onto the lips. In the tube and on the wand the colour looks like it has a holographic sheen to it with hints of rainbow colours in metallic. When I swatch it on my hand you can still see the metallic tints but only when it hits the sun. On my lips, however, it just looks like an extremely shiny transparent lipgloss with a hint of pink.

I don’t know about the 3D effect but it definitely has a stronger shine than most lip glosses. The colour itself does me no good. I don’t like transparent lip glosses or any lip gloss for that matter because of my lip pigmentation and this gloss does nothing to cover it. But I love the formula as it isn’t too sticky and doesn’t feel heavy on the lips. I wear this either over a lipstick or over a nude liner.

The staying power is average for a lip gloss. It lasts around 4 hours without meals; if you do have a meal the gloss is gone by 80% and requires a touch-up. It’s easy to travel with and sturdy enough that it won’t leak in your purse. I don’t reach for it often but it’s definitely one of my favourite lip glosses.

Pros of Inglot 546 AMC Lip Gloss:

• Holographic gloss is eye catching
• Non-sticky
• Comfortable to wear
• Hydrating formula

Cons of Inglot 546 AMC Lip Gloss:

• Barely has any colour
• Comes off with a meal
• Pricey

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Summary: There’s not much fault with this product and I love using it when I’m going for a soft, natural summer look. It really makes your lips look shiny like you’re the epitome of glowing health. It does come off easily, but in any case I don’t mind touching it up.

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