Inglot #61 Soft Precision Lipliner Review, Swatch, FOTD

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Hey everyone,

I am really excited about today’s review as it’s from one of my all-time favourite brands, Inglot. The product that I will be reviewing for you all is a fantastic lip liner from their Soft Precision range of lip liners in the shade #61. So let’s hop on to the review.

Inglot #61 Soft Precision Lipliner Review333

Product Description:
Molded type pencil with soft but precise application.


Inglot #61 Soft Precision Lipliner Review111

INR 750 for 1.13 g/ 0.04 US OZ (a little on the pricier side)

My Experience with Inglot #61 Soft Precision Lipliner:

The lip liner comes in a black cardboard carton, common to all Inglot products. The carton has the list of ingredients, date of manufacturing, expiry and various other details printed on it. Inside the carton, lies the lip liner which basically is a colour coded wooden pencil that comes with a plastic cap. It has the shade number printed towards the base. Overall, it’s a very neat packaging and the colour coded pencils make it super easy to find the shade when in a rush.

Inglot #61 Soft Precision Lipliner Review222

The only thing that I don’t like about the packaging is the fact that these pencils are sharpenable and that leads to product wastage, though I know some people (our dear Rati, for example ) who actually love sharpenable pencils as it enables them to work with a fresh tip every time. Further, I hate the fact that Inglot doesn’t name their beautiful products, as remembering numbers is more difficult compared to remembering names; given the plethora of shades that Inglot offers, it makes the job even more difficult.

Inglot #61 Soft Precision Lipliner Review444

Coming to the shade #61, I would start by saying that I am absolutely in love with it. It’s a gorgeous deep plummy pink shade that looks really pretty with a lot of plum lipsticks that I own. The shade is soooo pretty that I actually wear it as a full-on lip colour at times topped with some balm or just by itself to create a matte look. That brings me to the texture and pigmentation part of the lip liner, and I am happy to say that this lip liner really scores high marks in that department too. Despite being a pencil liner (which are notorious for being overtly drying), it glides oh-so-smoothly on the lips without any tugging or pulling whatsoever. It is super easy to work with and colour the entire lips.

Inglot #61 Soft Precision Lipliner Review555

When worn as a lip colour, it doesn’t cause much dryness or discomfort to the lips, which is a plus. Pigmentation wise, these are pretty good as well as I didn’t need to go over and over on the same area more than once, like we often need to with some other lip liners. The staying power of this lip liner is absolutely amazing. As a full lip colour, it stays on for around 5 -6 hours with slight fading as the hours pass by; when worn under a lipstick, it really contributes to prolonging the life of the colour on the lips.

Inglot #61 Soft Precision Lipliner Review777

Inglot #61 Soft Precision Lipliner Review666

Summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of Inglot #61 Soft Precision Lipliner:

• Nice and neat packaging
• Colour coded pencils make it easy to locate the shade in the stash
• Glides smoothly without any tugging or pulling
• Can be worn as a lip colour without experiencing much dryness
• Good colour payoff
• Stays on for a good amount of time
• Paraben free
• Not tested on animals

Cons of Inglot #61 Soft Precision Lipliner:

• Availability could be an issue as Inglot is still not present in a lot of cities, so some people need to rely on online shopping
• Price is on the expensive side as I have come across brands that offer longer pencils at lower rates (Colorbar Definer Lip Liners, for example)

IMBB Rating:

I am absolutely loving this lip liner for the fall season, and I would recommend it to everyone if price and availability aren’t much of an issue. However, this doesn’t qualify as a ‘must- have’ for me as Lakme and Colorbar Definer Lip liners are equally good, come at lower price and offer a lot of shades to choose from.

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