Inglot 66 Silver Body Sparkles Review

Hello lovelies,

I am back with another review after a long time and this one is from Inglot, my favorite brand and I am sure it is a favorite brand among most of you. I bought two body sparkles from Inglot and I use these as body sparkles and also as eye pigments as it works amazing. A very tiny size of product does wonders for you. So let’s quickly jump into the review.

Inglot body sparkles 66 silver tub

Price: Rs 1350; I got it for Rs 1170 |BUY THIS PRODUCT HERE|
Availability: Available at all Inglot stores and online too.

My Experience With Inglot 66 Silver Body Sparkles:

Packaging: The product comes with transparent glass round bottle with black lid on top. It comes in various shades and hence is difficult to choose. So I decided to simply pick up the basic silver and golden shades which can be used everywhere.

Inglot body sparkles 66 silver packaging

Inglot Body Sparkle is a great buy because according to me the sparkles are very tiny in size and smooth like a powdery texture so these do not irritate the eyes unlike other products and can be topped over any eye shadow to achieve an amazing eye look for a party evening. Also the best part about these body sparkles from Inglot is, these are travel friendly and handy due to their tiny size. Also I thought a lot before buying this expensive thing because I thought it is very small in size according to the price. But trust me girls, this bottle would go for years with you. Just a tiny dab of this glitter covers both your hands and legs.

Inglot body sparkles 66 silver back

These body sparkles come in oil free and light weight formula without any fragrance and that is why these can be used as great eye pigments. Talking about the shade, it is a warm fine silver color that would go with all skin tone. I also use this glittery shade as a highlighter for my collarbones, neck etc and I am too much in love with this multi utility product. I grabbed this basic shade as it can be used all the time and everywhere.

Inglot body sparkles 66 silver

Pros of Inglot 66 Silver Body Sparkles:

• Don’t go on the word body sparkles as it is a great multi utility product.
• Very fine powdery texture that does not irritate.
• A little quantity does miracle.
• Travel friendly pot.
• A light weight fragrance free formula that comes in various shades.

Inglot body sparkles 66 silver swatch

Cons of Inglot 66 Silver Body Sparkles:

• Heavy on wallet.
• The name body sparkle is completely wrong for this multi product.
• Does not stay for more than 2-3 hours.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Inglot 66 Silver Body Sparkles ?
I would definitely go for other shades of this product category and I highly recommend these tiny lovely sparkle pots.

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